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General Hospital: August 2021 Discussion Thread

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The tops of today's things I read on Social Media"


"Where is Martin?  He and Laura could use some brother/ sister bondage"  Hoping they meant bonding and not S&M

"Michael and Willow have been through so much. They are so full of passion"  Full of...Passion?   When?

Why are they keeping Franko and Elizabeth apart?"       (Mostly because he's dead....")


There were others, but I just couldn't keep going.






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Spencer lives on an island, yet goes to the Metro Court to hang out at their pool. And the Corinthos family is in such danger from the Novak family, but it's somehow perfectly cool for Trina to stay at their house. Sprina are so sparkly and I love them but can Trina PLEASE talk about something besides Portia? Why do these 18 year olds have no life outside of their parents? It's why I just laugh whenever Spencer talks about throwing this "rager" party. With Cam, Joss, and Trina on the guest list, I'm sure it'll be about as wild as bingo night at the retirement home. But Trina was adorable laughing at the "kick me" she wrote on Spencer's back.

Harmony tells Nik that tampering with mail is a federal crime and his reaction was basically, "IDGAF, I'm rich!" I appreciated that. LOL at Alexis - "Spencer's a ham, not a homicidal maniac."

I really don't care about this Hayden stuff. This is way too much story revolving around an off-screen character who was never that important to begin with. I'm thrilled that her mother seems to be dead. I was afraid we were actually going to waste airtime on her.

Austin: Do you need me?

Nurse: No.

That nurse was the voice of the audience. But gosh, isn't it refreshing having Howarth as a brand new character, mixing it up with new people, like Kin Shriner? This is just so different from Franco. The ponytail has completely transformed him.

"The day he takes five steps is the day I dump him." WTF? Are we supposed to be rooting for Willow/Millow when she says this crap? She sounds so horrible. Flashbacks to Mildew sex. GROSS. They have to be trolling us, especially with the line about Michael being vanilla. "He's anything but vanilla..." oh Willow sweetie we saw the love scene, yes, yes he is very much vanilla. Brooklynn looked so disturbed watching them interact. Same, Brooklynn, same.

"I just wish Michael and Willow never existed." Best line ever!

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It's so embarrassing.


And I am so sick of this show being deliberately tone deaf. The Willow propping is disgusting.


But man, they are using Monica so much lately it's great. I'll give them that. Sometimes it's the little things ...


And how much better would Chase/Austin be if this were Lucas instead? Of course not ...

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I've been enjoying GH lately, especially these last couple of episodes. I like Sam and Shawn together. Shawn really does have good chemistry with a lot of people. I hope they find more to do after this "Who shot Hayden/Where is Hayden" storyline wraps up. Shawn is very likeable and deserves to be utilized more. 

I don't like the way that Michael/Willow are treating chase, but it was nice to see Felix/Elizabeth be supportive of Willow while she's beginning her nursing career. Also, Austin continues to try and manipulate things with Chase. Chase knows what he's up to, but it seems like's he's getting closer to wanting to do Austin's bidding. Especially since Austin continuously brings up that Michael/Willow are cheating. It does sound like Edward may have changed his mind regarding disinheriting Jimmy Lee Holt during the last few months of his life. And that there may be evidence of that in the mansion.

I wonder who killed Naomi's Hayden's mom. They brought her back as a recast just to kill her off. I do think this actress looked a lot like Rebecca Budig/Hayden.

And I continue to enjoy Sprina. There scenes yesterday were really good and romantic. Trina watching Spencer sleep at the pool and him waking up happy to see her. Them being playful and romantic with each other. They are like the best couple on the show right now. They continued showing more of that bond in today's show when they were being playful by the pool. I also thought that the scenes with Nikolas/Spencer were good and intense. You can sense the anger between the both of them.

It's going to be even worse when Nikolas can really prove that Spencer was stalking Ava. I had figured that Nikolas would try and set Spencer up/embarrass him during his party. And that's where it looks like we're headed. It looks like he is pretending to go out of town, and will hide in PC and then set a trap for Spencer. Embarrassing him in front of Trina and other people. Those scenes should be interesting and I could see them pushing Spencer/Nikolas even further apart, while pushing Spencer/Trina closer together. 

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lol it's so bad. The propping is unreal. You waste Elizabeth on this creature? And drag out Felix to prop Sabrina 2.0? LOL. This show is deliberately tone deaf. Willow makes me MISS Sabrina. My God, make it end.


And Austin, as a character, has a lot of potential. Shame it's played by long checked out Roger Howarth with that awful manbun. Siiiigh. The character should be younger. JMO. Brando's actor would have been better as Austin. The storyline is also like 5-7 years too late IMHO


And Cameron Mathison would have made a better Steven Lars recast. But of course he's Drew. Although Drew, unfortunately, makes more sense, story-wise, at the moment.


Nothing says "General Hospital" more than featuring Todd, Ryan, Greenlee and John McBain. Brian Frons would be so proud.

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