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Most Iconic Frenemies In Daytime

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There have always been those relationships on soaps where the parties cannot stand each other, yet go through phases where their friendship is just about unbreakable (perhaps because they know each other so well). For me, Kendall/Greenlee on AMC is the prime example of that.


Who would be the ones that stand out most to you, across all of the soaps past and present?

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Do correct me if I’m wrong here, but I was under the impression that Viki and Dorian were enemies for a looooong time (as in a couple of decades), and the friendship aspect only started to occur *after* Dorian was ultimately cleared of Victor’s “death”. In saying that, I have seen clips from the later OLTL years where there was a genuine friendship there.

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Barbara Ryan and Lucinda Walsh (ATWT)

The richest woman in Oakdale, Lucinda, a business mogul started out as a mentor to Barbara Ryan, who was building a fashion/design empire. The two also became the proverbial thick as thieves duo who wreaked havoc on a number of unsuspecting residents of the town. Then Barbara became the prime suspect in the apparent murder of her ex-husband and Lucinda offered to take Barbara's soon to be struggling company under the Walsh Enterprises umbrella until Barbara was released from prison. Unfortunately, Lucinda decided that she wanted to keep "Simply Barbara", which, was generating surprisingly robust profits and when Barbara's fiance, a detective, managed to clear her name, found she couldn't get her company back, as it was now folded into W.E. To add insult to injury, Lucinda wanted Barbara to work for her, which set off animus between the two, especially when Barbara decided to start a new fashion design company, Barbara Ryan Originals (B.R.O.) with the intent of destroying "Simply Barbara". Later in their history, they would come to a detente and when each was diagnosed with cancer, one would comfort the other but they did clash more than once.

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Do Brooke and Erica count from AMC?  Or were they more outright enemies?  It seemed to me they were connected even if they hated each other, always at the same events too.


Laura and Bobbie on GH, especially in the 90’s, would vacillate between having nice interactions to almost yelling at each other. I loved that Labine had Bobbie questioning their parenting style with Lucky and always taking Luke’s side if he and Laura were on the outs.  Because that’s how Bobbie would be!


Tracy and Monica are always great.  Monica and Lesley are fun too, although after the affair story is over they were almost a little too cordial for my taste.  The way Lesley says Monica always makes me laugh a little- sort of mild annoyance.

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Kenlee from AMC was more of an exercise in masochism. They de-powered a force of nature (Greenlee) down to the level of a "mild annoyance" to Kendall. I don't think Kendall ever fully apologised to Greenlee for taking away Greenlee's chance to be a mother and driving Greenlee to a mental breakdown (with Spike paying the price). The last few years of the show has been Greenlee being pushed to be a "heroine" to suit a friendship with Kendall, and never allowing her a chance to win...ever.  I wonder if TPTB secretly resented Rebecca's Greenlee being more of a natural heir to Erica than any of her daughters. 

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I don't think it was resentment so much as trying to put together two halves to make a whole. Alica's Kendell had the natural romantic affinity and chemistry to serve as a romantic leading heroine, while Rebecca's Greenlee had the tough as nails soap bitch exterior that exceled in driving business storylines, and paid off dramatic climaxes seamlessly. They were both short on what the other had in excess. Both were needed to produce a powerhouse dramatic soap lead. TPTB wanted both and couldn't find it. So they made them friends. 

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Amc Brooke and Erica.


Atwt Barbara and Lucinda.


@skin you hit the nail on the head with greens and Kendall. I agree with all this even though I believe Alicia grown tremendously by the end of her run. She just was never given the chances to showcase her talent. Both could have still been soap superstars with the write writing, Amc failed their next generation imo. They didn’t need to be friends though, they became in laws that’s all you need to ground their feud.  I’ll take family drama over those forced romances anyday.


Idk about this one, I always felt they were forcing Rebecca/Greenlee to be the clear lead, aka the new Erica. They didn’t seem to want Erica’s girls to replace her. It was a mistake imo, she didn’t cut it for me, always needed to be in B/C storylines. 

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------All My Children(AMC)------

Erica Kane and Ruth Martin

Erica Kane and Myrtle Fargate

Mona Kane Tyler and Myrtle Fargate

Myrna Murdoch Sloan and Donna Tyler

Natalie Hunter Dillon and Donna Tyler

Natalie Hunter and Pat Baxter

Brooke English and Skye Chandler

Jenny Gardner Nelson and Dr. Angie Hubbard

Ellen Dalton and Myrtle Fargate

Donna Tyler and Dr. Angie Hubbard

Opal Gardner Cortlandt and Ruth Martin

Opal Gardner Cortlandt and Myrna Murdoch Sloan

Opal Gardner Cortlandt and Dixie Cooney Martin

Dixie Cooney Martin and Cecily Davidson

Dixie Cooney Martin and Nina Cortlandt Warner

Dixie Cooney Martin and Gloria Marsh

Natalie Hunter Dillon and Hayley Vaughan Santos

Brooke English and Livia Frye

Livia Frey and Mimi Reed

Natalie Hunter Dillon and Skye Chandler

Hayley Vaughan Santos and An Li Chen Bodine

Hayley Vaughn Santos and Gillian Andrassy Lavery

Myrtle Fargate and Ceara Connor

Myrtle Fargate and Rae Cummings

Julia Santos Keefer and Erin Lavery

Julia Santos Keefer and Di Henry

Kendall Hart and Danielle Frye

Kendall Hart and Mia Saunders

Kendall Hart and Simone Torres

Kendall Hart Slater and Greenlee Smythe

Kendall Hart Slater and Amanda Dillon Martin

Kendall Hart Slater and Madison North

Opal Gardner Cortlandt and Amanda Dillon Martin

Opal Gardner Cortlandt and Krystal Carey

Hayley Vaughan Santos and Dr. Maria Santos

Hayley Vaughan Santos and Julia Santos Keefer

Bianca Montgomery and Amanda Dillon Martin

Bianca Montgomery and Marissa Tasker


------As The World Turns(ATWT)------

Lisa Grimaldi and Barbara Ryan

Lisa Grimaldi and Jessica Griffin

Lisa Grimaldi and Lyla Perretti

Lisa Grimaldi and Margo Hughes

Lisa Grimaldi and Shannon O'Hara

Kim Hughes and Lyla Peretti

Kim Hughes and Margo Hughes

Barbara Ryan and Jessica Griffin

Kim Hughes and Betsy Stewart

Margo Hughes and Betsy Stewart


------The Bold and the Beautiful(B&B)------

Stephanie Douglas Forrester and Caroline Spencer Forrester

Stephanie Douglas Forrester and Dr. Taylor Hayes 

Stephanie Douglas Forrester and Amber Moore

Stephanie Douglas Forrester and Sally Spectra

Sally Spectra and Felicia Forrester

Sally Spectra and Lauren Fenmore Baldwin

Sally Spectra and Darla Einstein Forrester

Sally Spectra and Amber Moore


------General Hospital(GH)------

Dr. Monica Quartermaine and Dr. Leslie Webber

Dr. Monica Quartermaine and Dr. Gail Baldwin

Dr. Monica Quartermaine and Bobbie Spencer

Lois Cerullo and Brenda Barrett

Lois Cerullo and Lucy Coe

Anna Devane and Felicia Jones Scorpio

Felicia Jones Scorpio and Lucy Coe

Dominique Taub Baldwin and Lucy Coe

Tracy Quartermaine and Lulu Spencer Falconeri

Maxie Jones and Lu Lu Spencer Falconeri

Maxie Jones and Sam McCall

Bobbie Jones and Tiffany Hill Donely

Elizabeth Webber and Dr. Emily Bowen Quartermaine

Alexis Davis and Diane Miller

Anna Devane and Felicia Jones Scorpio 

Anna Devane and Jordan Ashford


------Guiding Light(GL)------

Alexandra Spaulding and Vanessa Chamberlain

Alexandra Spaulding and Lillian Raines

Alexandra Spaulding and Beth Raines

Alexandra Spaulding and India von Halkein

Alexandra Spaulding and Reva Shayne Lewis

Reva Shayne Lewis and Mindy Lewis

Reva Shayne Lewis and Samantha Cooper

Holly Lindsey and Gilly Grant

Holly Lindsey and Tangie Hill

Vanessa Chamberlain and Jenna Bradshaw Cooper

Kathryn Speakes and Bridget Reardon

India Von Halkein and Beth Raines

India Von Halkein and Blake Thorpe

Mindy Lewis and Beth Raines

Harley Cooper and Samantha Cooper

Alexandra Spaulding and Lucy Cooper

Harley Cooper and Eleni Andros

Harley Cooper and Blake Thorpe Maler

Harley Cooper and Dr. Mel Boudreau

Blake Thorpe Marler and Dinah Marler

Olivia Spencer and Natalia Aitoro


------The Young and The Restless(Y&R)------

Lori Brooks and Ashley Abbott

Julia Newman Martin and Nikki Newman

Nikki Newman and Katherine Chancellor

Katherine Chancellor and Jill Abbott

Katherine Chancellor and Madame Dina Abbott Mergeron

Katherine Chancellor and Mary Williams

Christine "Cricket" Blair Williams and Nina Webster

Nina Webster and Mary Williams

Nina Webster and Drucilla Barber Winters

Nina Webster and Dr. Olivia Barber

Nina Webster and Lynne Bassett

Nina Webster and Lauren Fenmore Baldwin

Lauren Fenmore Baldwin and Traci Abbott

Esther Valentine and Christine "Cricket" Blair

Esther Valentine and Nina Webster

Esther Valentine and MacKenzie Browning Hellstrom

Esther Valentine and Brittany Hodge Guittierrez

Ashley Abbott and Dr. Olivia Barber

Lynne Bassett and Mary Williams

Lynne Bassett and Christine "Cricket" Blair

Lynne Bassett and Nina Webster

Katherine Chancellor and Elizabeth "Liz" Foster

Katherine Chancellor and Esther Valentine

Katherine Chancellor and Christine "Cricket" Blair

Katherine Chancellor and Nina Webster

Katherine Chancellor and Brittany Hodges

Katherine Chancellor and Drucilla Barber Winters

Katherine Chancellor and Dr. Olivia Barber

Katherine Chancellor and Amber Moore

Colleen Carlton and Lily Winters

Sharon Newman and Drucilla Barber Winters

Sharon Newman and Mariah Copeland

Sharon Newman and Brittany Hodges Guittierez

Ashley Abbott and Madame Dina Abbott Mergeron

Traci Abbott and Madame Dina Abbott Mergeron

Ashley Abbott and Mamie Johnson

Traci Abbott and Mamie Johnson                       

Jill Abbott and Lily Winters

Lauren Fenmore Baldwin and Phyllis Summers

Phyllis Summers and Hilary Curtis Hamilton

Phyllis Summers and Amanda Sinclair


Nikki Newman and Avery Bailey Clark



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I always felt AMC (and honestly all the ABC soaps during the 00's) ran on a three tiered leading actor/actress framework, and you could kind of tell from the way the airtime was distributed that ABC soaps worked by having a first, second and third preference actor/actress assembly line on who would drive story or story would revolve around.


I always felt through out all of the 2000's it was decided very purposefully early on that Kendell and Greenlee were the top 2 actresses of All My Children, and would be aired most frequently. It was sort of up to debate based on writer preferences on who would fill the eventual third "leading actress slot". Be it Anna, Erica, Bianca, Babe, Annie, Dixie or Liza but it was always clear who the top 2 were, and that Kendell and Greenlee were the leading actresses/characters on AMC, if they ever left everyone else was just a placeholder until AMC could get them back on screen. 

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I Just Want You Guys To Know The Last Message Board List That I Made Above, I Just Realized That I Put It In The Wrong Message Board By Mistake, I Should've Put It In Iconic Soap Opera Friendships Message Board and Not her In The Iconic Soap Opera Message Board, So Please, Disregard My Honest Human Mistake and I Put Up A New Message Board List Later!! Thanks!! Have A Good Day!!

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