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3 minutes ago, DRW50 said:

Didn't his brother pistol whip her at Sam's funeral? Or have I gotten that all mixed up? 

Sorry, I hit my paywall limit. 

You can always copy/paste the url in archive.is

There was no mention of pistol-whipping but she did show up with his protegé Bobby Womack, who apparently wore Sam's clothes, that she married four months later. The obituary also mentioned that she shot Womack when she found him in bed with her teenage daughter (who later married Womack's brother Cecil). The bullet grazed Bobby Womack's temple. 

A few people have expressed irritation for rehashing these details in the obituary, especially since the family hadn't publicly announced the death.

Also, I had heard of the duo Womack & Womack but I didn't know that they were compromised of her daughter (who changed her name) and Cecil Womack.

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A great anecdote on how a hit song came together.


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