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RIP: In Memoriam Thread


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Massive icons like Aretha Franklin or Donna Summer will certainly continue to get their own threads when they pass, but I figured it might be worth having a place to honor lesser-known celebrities who have left us, especially because we can’t see status updates (which is where a lot of those announcements were made on here previously).

But the great actor Ian Holm has died at 88:



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17 minutes ago, DRW50 said:

I think @Vee mentioned that interview to us here last year...a great read. 


He was certainly a one of a kind director. 

Indeed on both counts. He had such an eclectic body of work, including writing three of the most iconic black films ever, Sparkle, Car Wash, and The Wiz.

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RIP William Wintersole died Nov. 7, 2019 (88) who appeared as Y&R's "Mitchell" for over 20 years



RIP John Callahan died Mar. 29, 2020 who appeared, probably most famously as AMC's Edmund Grey, also acted on DOOL, also was married to & had a daughter with Eva La Rue, also “Santa Barbara” and “Falcon Crest” passed away at his Palm Springs home Saturday night reports Variety. As of now, his death is attributed to a stroke and not any complication of the coronavirus.

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