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RIP: In Memoriam Thread


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Congressman John Lewis.  Someone posted something to the effect that some lives speak for themselves and are beyond words.  That's how I feel about the life and legacy of Mr. Lewis.

Still, it feels like a world of loss when the day is bookend by the loss of both C.T. Vivian and John Lewis, two giants of the civil rights era.


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Such brave and strong men, fighting a battle it's too easy to cast a hazy glow on today. I was reading that only 22% of the public supported their fight. They risked their lives for a basic freedom many take for granted, and spent their last years watching this country slide back into what they never wanted it to be. I'm glad they are at peace and I hope current and future generations can learn from their fight. 

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There are photos of President Obama bestowing both men with the Presidential Medal of Freedom and I am so glad that both men got to experience being honored, appreciated and valued for their dedication and sacrifice while they were still here to enjoy it. It also reminds me of how considerate of history and time Obama is/was awarding these medals to people like Lewis, Vivian and Katherine Johnson while they were still alive.

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RIP to Regis. My family would have Regis and Kathie Lee on for years, just background noise, but Regis could never just be background noise. I tended to prefer the times that classy Joy was with him. 


Peter Green was a legend. I will post my favorite Mac song of his in the music thread. 

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Didn't Regis have an adult special needs son he didn't take care of? While his kids with Joy enjoyed his millions. My mom loved Regis and Kathie Lee. They always felt so fake to me.  Like all those people do. https://www.celebitchy.com/28253/regis_philbins_disabled_son_is_broke_and_often_cant_afford_groceries/ https://www.nationalenquirer.com/photos/regis-philbin-dead-son-scandal/ 

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