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RIP John Callahan


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I see Nancy went on damage control offering to be a shoulder to cry on for her followers. I don't think she's a bad person. She needs help, IMHO. I have no reason not to believe the story of him being a "showy" guy (or other things; he probably was a playboy because the fame goes to folks head, not an excuse but an observation), but holy cow. Show some tact and class and compassion. Nancy girl ... maybe have a few less glasses of wine or when you do, stay off of social media.


RIP John. I really loved him as Edmund. It was so disgusting to see him discarded. It was fun when he popped up on DAYS. I'm very happy it seems he and Eva were able to happily co-parent their daughter Kaya. My thoughts are definitely with them. I was glad we heard from Susan Lucci and especially Sarah Michelle Gellar. He clearly left them with very fond memories and he was a father figure to Gellar. Eva's posts and photos have been beautiful. I'm really happy they seemed to be in a much better place. 

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Basically, Nancy Lee Grahn used the occasion of John Callahan's passing to spill a spot o' tea about his allegedly exposing himself to several actors on the SANTA BARBARA set.


And now, it seems, the buzz from her wine has worn off, and she has deleted the tweet in question.

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The thing with NLG that bothered me, is that we KNOW any actor in soaps as long as her knows of serious allegations of sexual assault/harrassment. Hell, as fans we know of stories bigger than this that simply aren't reported bc it's about soaps. If she really cared, in all this time why has she never called out anybody alive? Why didn't she support Sarah Brown? You can't convince me nobody on the GH set knew about what happened to her. It just is incredibly odd she would use this opportunity to attack someone who is dead, who has a family and friends grieving over him. 

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