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  1. oh damn I missed Malcolm and Olivia and Nick and Phyllis???!!!! Boo!
  2. Hey I forgot to watch Y&R today and yesterday I was at work. Which classic weddings aired yesterday and today? I must admit, Danny and Cricket's wedding was terrible.
  3. God Christine's wedding dress is hideous, even for the really early 90's. I totally forgot that Scott was her brother
  4. today's episode........Shemar was at his yummiest! Good lord! And also during this period Neil was better looking. I think he looks better with a goat tee then a clean shaven face. I LOVED the brief romantic relationship between Neil and Victoria and I remember being PISSED that it didn't go anywhere grrrrrrr. The only person I liked Heather Thom with. Speaking of Victoria......loved seeing a classic episode with Amelia's refreshing face and portrayl rather than Heather's sour puss face
  5. Wow, yea they dont even come close to Shemar. Especially Steve Burton who is ugly IMO
  6. Today's episode took me right back to that day in 1994 when my eyes saw the most beautiful man in the world and I never looked away..........yum yum yum. Shemar is still beautiful even at like 50 something years old. I know. I think that every time Adam is on the screen. How is he Hope's son?
  7. I know there were a lot of back and forth of all of them hopping from working for Jabot to Newman and back and forth. It might as well been all one company! lol
  8. Yup, so true! In the soap I write my largest family is a black family and they are wealthy, as well. I also have several other black characters outside that family and they are all successful people in a variety of careers.
  9. I agree, early Dru was really cringe. thank god she grew as a character. Anyone else LOVE Brock? God he has the sexiest voice, I could listen to him talk 24/7. I wish he was a more prominent character
  10. YEEESSSSS!!!!! I was SWOONING seeing Malcolm on today's classic episode!!!!
  11. I wasn't watching Y&R in 2012 so its nice to see a "classic" I have never seen before. However, seeing Victor and Sharon together makes me vomit. Could there have ever been a more pairing that should have never been? Makes me cringe even more than Victor and Ashley The Sharon/Nikki fight was funny but it was very fake looking. They could have done a better job to make it look real. Nikki was hardly fighting back and Sharon's slaps you could tell she wasn't actually hitting Nikki
  12. Maura West played Diane????!!!!!! I don't recall that at all! Yikes! I can't picture that in the least! I could see her being a blonde Phyllis, though
  13. I honestly think that the best part of YR through all the years is the Jill and Katherine feuding! Their fights were THE BEST! Its a shame that JC is deceased she will forever be the icon of this show
  14. Okay, I can give you the fury part! LOL
  15. Its so funny how when I watch these old eps I remember watching them before and it felt like it was just yesterday when it aired the first time but it was over 20 years ago! I actually like that short hair cut that Nikki had in this ep. Even though I love her long hair, this hair cut also works for her I don't miss her at all. Never liked her
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