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  1. Pick up Volume 1 now through Nov 8th for .99! https://www.amazon.com/Cape-Heights-Time-Drama-Opera-ebook/dp/B07QHD462Z/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2B42YWR553S12&keywords=cape+heights+volume+1&qid=1563849399&s=gateway&sprefix=Cape+Heights+%2Caps%2C187&sr=8-1#customerReviews At the same time, pick up Volume 3 for FREE now until Nov 5th! https://www.amazon.com/Cape-Heights-3-Michele-Ceron-ebook/dp/B07XL74D8D/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= Volume 2 is still at the regular price of 2.99. Also pick that up at the same time and get all 3 books (63 episodes) for only 3.98. Or, after reading Vol 1 if you like it, get Vol 2 later but still take advantage of getting Vol 3 right now as well and get 2 books for only .99!!!!
  2. Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know of the new promotion for my books that will be starting on November 1st. Cape Heights Volume 1 will be available November 1-8th for .99 for Kindle! Can't beat that price for a 600+ page book! From November 1-5th Cape Heights Volume 3 will be available for FREE for Kindle! Cape Heights Volume 2 is not eligible to go on promotion right now because it was on promotion last month so that will be at the regular price of $2.99. BUT, if you haven't tried my books yet or you have read Volume 1 but have not gotten Vol 2 and Vol 3 yet, now is the perfect time to pick up all of them together! All 3 books which totals around 1800 pages of soap opera goodness for just $3.99 in total! You can't beat that deal! Check out my facebook page to see photos of each character, sneak peek of scenes and character spotlights https://www.facebook.com/Cape-Heights-Book-Series-A-Soap-Opera-Drama-714251092304879/?modal=admin_todo_tour
  3. Love the daytime tv soap style of storytelling? Then Cape Heights is for you! This soap follows the basic soap opera format but takes it an extra step further by avoiding most soap cliches and instead presenting more realistic but still juicy and controversial stories! Realistic, gritty dialog not inhibited by tv censorship. Here are some reviews for Cape Heights Volume 1: Plain Jane of the Midwest 5.0 out of 5 starsAll the Intrigue, Hook-Ups and Break-Ups Expected in a Day-Time TV Soap!! July 22, 2019 Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase Michele Ceron’s book, Cape Heights. If you enjoy soap operas and enjoyed the days of the afternoon cliffhangers, or the likes of the night soaps of Dynasty and Dallas, with a wide array of characters like Falon, and Bobby, Blake and Crystal, as well as the counterpoint characters such as Alexis and JR, and all the glamour that goes with it, you are going to love this book!! There is literally someone for everyone to love or hate. And Ms Ceron does not sidestep alternative relationships either as she is refreshingly inclusive but not obtrusively so. Modeled after soapie scripts, you’ll get an inside view of the way soap storylines are written, with all the complicated interwoven tangled relationships, and much of the fascination of the genre. Ms Ceron’s very believable characters and crisp dialog never have a dull moment as characters’ scenes breeze from one to the other erupting in collisions and showdowns, clashes and truces, loves and rejections, and a mysterious sinister plotline brewing in the background. Get a big bowl of popcorn and settle in to devour the entanglements. Nothing escaped Ms Ceron’s soap-romp through the complicated labyrinth of the relationships of the cleverly created characters that circulate in and out of various settings in her seaside town of Cape Heights. Lisa 5.0 out of 5 starsEngaging & Entertaining! August 16, 2019 Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase This was just like a soap opera, I couldn't put it down-I had to find out what was going to happen next. And fortunately, unlike a TV soap, I didn't have to wait until the next day to find out what happened, I just kept reading! So glad there is a volume 2 as I need to know what happens with some of the characters I really came to like! Avid Reader 5.0 out of 5 starsI'm Impressed! October 3, 2019 Format: Kindle Edition To start, I've never read a book like this before. Going in, I wasnt sure what to expect but soon found myself flipping the pages...wanting more! What intrigued me most is that i could envision each part as if I was watching an actual soap opera on television. The author did a great job of bringing daytime television into literature format. I've already started Pt.2 and loving it! Casey Hutchison 5.0 out of 5 starsNot Your Average Soap! September 18, 2019 Format: Kindle Edition Gripping. Powerful. Heartfelt storytelling. Daytime dramas have been around for almost 90 years. However, for almost 15 of those years, the genre has gone downhill resorting to plots like doppelgängers, back-from-the-dead, and baby switches. When I opened up “Cape Heights” for the first time, I expected it to be a run-of-the-mill soap opera. HOWEVER, it is so much more! Michele put in work to create a world full of drama, strong family bonds (one of my favorite families is the Chinese Chow family), diversity in every sense of the word, and of course one filled with passion. If you liked the timely writing of Agnes Nixon, the daring writing of Bill Bell, or the family writing of Sally Sussman, YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK! Here is a sneak peek scene from Volume 4, which should be released in December! Scene 2: La Mirage-Noelle’s Boutique Darius He has been with the baby all morning so that Noelle can get caught up at the boutique while Naomi works in her office. Things have been strained between Naomi and them. Darius and Noelle have been walking on eggshells with her over the last week. Naomi has purposely been trying to avoid them as much as she can by immersing herself into her job. Though she has been spending time with the baby, it has been at a minimal. Walking into the boutique with Trina strapped to his chest, he smiles at Noelle who is behind the counter. “Hey there, my gorgeous wife…..” He leans over the counter and gives her a kiss. “Trina, say hi to your mama…..” He takes one of her little hands and waves it at Noelle. Noelle She smiles warmly at Darius when he comes in. “What a welcome surprise!” She says to him after he kisses her. “Hi my baby girl!” She says in a high pitched voice as she takes Trina’s hand around her finger. “You came at a good time. I just finished catching up on accounting and inventory.” She says with a slight sigh. She looks at Darius with a bit of sadness. “I am going to take it that you also came here to talk about Naomi? It is really starting to get frustrating, Darius! It has been a week and she still is acting distant…….I really am starting to think that she is contemplating leaving our marriage.” Darius “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Noelle. Why do you always have to see the worst side? Stop being pessimistic. Naomi is not going anywhere.” Noelle “I am not being pessimistic, I am being realistic! That is the vibe I am getting. You just refuse to admit that is what you are sensing as well. You keep saying you know her better than me yet you keep living in denial. It isn’t going to just go away on its own, Darius. If that was the case, she would be back to her normal self by now! What is going on with the adoption, anyways? You haven’t mentioned that in a while.” Darius Taking in a deep breath “I am not living in denial. You are right, I thought she would be back to her old self by now…..I am getting more concerned.” He pauses for a moment when she asks about the adoption. He looks at her gravely “I guess I should tell you. But keep this between us for now…..the adoption is null and void. It is unlawful.” Noelle “What? Why?” Darius “The state does not recognize a marriage with more than 2 people which means it also doesn’t recognize more than 2 parents for a child. You and I are not giving up our parental rights…..therefore Naomi cannot be an adoptive parent to Trinity. At least for now…..Marcus encouraged me to contact our state rep to get the law changed.” He says as he rolls his eyes. Noelle Folding her arms across her chest and shaking her head “Our state re------“ She makes a tsk sound. “[!@#$%^&*], Darius.” Darius “Yea, you see now why I have been keeping quiet about it? I don’t know when will be a good time to tell Naomi about it, but I know that right now would be a terrible time.” Noelle “Yea…..no [!@#$%^&*]…..” She looks like she is in deep thought. An idea comes to her mind. “Hey, maybe I can have my mom spend some one-on-one time with Naomi. She really likes and respects my mother. Maybe she will confide in her or listen to her advice. What do you think?” Darius Looking encouraged “I think…..that sounds like a decent idea. Naomi doesn’t have any close friends that she can really talk to outside of us.” Noelle “Perfect! I will call my mother now to see if maybe she can invite Naomi out to lunch today….” She picks up her phone and starts to call her mother with a smile on her face.
  4. I need to get back to reading this! I am so far behind!!!!!
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Cape-Heights-Daytime-Styled-Opera-ebook/dp/B07SSVXX67/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=
  6. Volume 3 has just been published on Kindle. The paperback will be available within another day or two! Find out everything that goes down at the fundraiser for Elliot in Volume 3!!!! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XL74D8D/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Cape+Heights+Volume+3&qid=1568203096&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  7. Cape Heights Volume 3 is going to be released sometime next week. In anticipation of the new release, Cape Heights Volume 1 will be available FOR FREE (for Kindle only) Sunday Sept 8th-Sept 12th. Pick up your free copy to try out this addictive soap opera! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QHD462Z?pf_rd_p=183f5289-9dc0-416f-942e-e8f213ef368b&pf_rd_r=EG53QNXTWMR4WQZGHSG4
  8. Meet Trisha Davis, the woman with the voice of an angel. An aspiring singer who wanted to become a famous recording artist, Trisha had an unplanned pregnancy 5 years ago with her boyfriend, Adrian Emerson. It was the worst time for her to have a baby so she was heavily contemplating an abortion, the problem was, Adrian is a staunch pro lifer and she knew he would NEVER agree to aborting their baby. She kept her pregnancy hidden from him........5 years later after tryin to make it big in LA Trisha has returned to Cape Heights with one goal in mind: to win back the love of her life
  9. Character Spotlight: Meet Darius Hilton. Five years ago he was caught up in a sticky love triangle. He was in a new relationship with Noelle Emerson while at the same time trying to help get his ex girlfriend, Naomi Chang, out of an abusive relationship with the town psyhopath Wayne Chow. While being there for his ex/best friend Naomi, they started to fall for each other again. How did Darius end up solving this love triangle? Not in any conventional way, that is for sure!!!!
  10. Marissa is in a bit of a pickle amongst several men. Her criminal abuser ex husband is about to be sprung very early from prison, and he knows about her secret relationship with his brother and nemisis, Eddie Chow. Eddie and Marissa had to end their love affair to keep Marissa protected. But now Marissa finds herself faux-dating DEA agent Mike Covington. Mike is working undercover as Marissa's boyfriend to help protect her from Jeffery and hopefully to collect evidence against him and his link to the Morales cartel. Will Marissa and Mike's relationship go from fake to real? Will Marissa and Eddie ever be able to be together again? Will and how will Jeffery exact his revenge? Follow the story in the Cape Heights book series!
  11. Character Spotlight: Pilar Alvarez Pilar is on the verge of having it all: her dream guy Brad Rutledge and her are finally getting their life together truly started as they renovate the motel they made love in the first time 5 years ago into a bed and breakfast and they start to plan their wedding. But Pilar has an undeniable and unexplainable attraction for the enigmatic Jordy Costa and Jordy has a major jones for Pilar. So far she is doing well at fighting her urge to befriend Jordy, but how long will that last? Especially when she still feels insecure about Brad's ex-wife, Sarah? Find out by reading Cape Heights Volume 1, 2 and soon to be released Volume 3!!!!
  12. Character Spotlight: Elliot Mitchell Elliot doesn't have much going for him at the start of Volume 1. A loner without any friends or anyone in his his life besides his daughter Lori and his granddaughter Isabel, he is mostly responsible for his current bad state of affairs. He stole money from the Emersons while he was VP of their company, he kept Lori in the dark her entire life about her identical twin sister Amber. He also tried to first have his son in law Chris deported and then tried to kill him which led to Elliot himself being in a wheelchair. His girlfriend Amanda and his long lost daughter Amber stole most of his money then skipped town, leaving Elliot penniless, unemployed, disabled and with no one in his life to love and care about him other than his daughter who still loves him and looks out for him despite the fact that he tried to kill her husband. Will Elliot ever become gainfully employed, independent, get out of his apartment, and possibly even find love again and actually become nice? Find out in Cape Heights Volume 1 and 2!
  13. Jordan has quickly become one of my favorite characters and that is because there are so many layers to him and I keep coming up with new layers to add! lol. He is the most enigmatic character of Cape Heights, a man of many talents! He is a professional hacker, a professional killer as well as a sketch artist. He is also highly proficient in the art of sex 🤣🤣 a highly skilled lover, Jordan likes to stick to casual relationships only. However, Pilar has captured his attention and is making him feel things that no woman has for many years! Even so, it doesn't stop him from sleeping around! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 As memories of his parents murders keep recently haunting him, will that cause him to move to the good side, or will he stay a bad boy? Continue to read Cape Heights to find out!
  14. Hi Everyone! My name is Michele and I am the writer of an original daytime styled soap opera, Cape Heights!!! Cape Heights was originally an online message board soap opera created by myself and a few other fellow writers back in 2003. We wrote the soap for about 2 1/2-3 years before it faded out. We had created over 40 characters and were in the middle of a bunch of great stories but we got too busy and didn't have time for it anymore. Late 2018 I started thinking about Cape Heights a lot and I started thinking about a bunch of new stories for the characters if some time had passed from where we left off. I got the urge to write it again, so I started writing and eventually I decided to publish it in a book series. Cape Heights is the name of the town which is a fictional town on the coast of Oregon. It is a racially diverse cast of characters with over 50 characters. I brought back almost all of the old characters plus created some new ones. The three big families are the Emerson Family, The Chow Family, and the Rutledge Family with many other smaller families such as the Alvarez's, The Wesley's, and the Davis's. The main locations of the town is the university, Coastal Cliffs University as well as two competing hotel/casinos La Mirage and The Bedrock Hotel. In my book I do not shy away from any kind of relationship nor storyline. I have almost every conceivable sexual/romantic type of relationship you can think of including a polyamorous relationship. There will also sometimes be storylines dealing with controversial topics such as abortion. There is also casual drug use as well as colorful language sometimes used by my characters which include cursing and sometimes lewd comments or jokes. I try to make my soap as realistic as possible while still be captivating and interesting so I make the dialogue and stories as real as possible. So if you are a PC person or someone who is easily offended, my soap may not be for you. Volume 1 was published in April and it contains episodes 1-22 Volume 2 was published in June and contains episodes 23-39 I am currently working on Volume 3 which should be published in late August or early September. Each volume will most likely contain 1 major get together or event that will involve 15 or more characters, sometimes the entire town. My books are available in paperback, kindle and kindle unlimited. Check out my facebook page for photos of the characters, sneak peeks of scenes, and character spotlights! https://www.amazon.com/Cape-Heights-Time-Drama-Opera-ebook/dp/B07QHD462Z/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2B42YWR553S12&keywords=cape+heights+volume+1&qid=1563849399&s=gateway&sprefix=Cape+Heights+%2Caps%2C187&sr=8-1#customerReviews https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1073104362/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0 https://www.facebook.com/Cape-Heights-Book-Series-A-Soap-Opera-Drama-714251092304879/notifications/ Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and for checking out my soap opera! I hope you enjoy it! Here is a sneak peek at a scene from Volume 1: Scene 4: Oregon State Minimum Security Prison Eddie Eddie got a phone call from the prison. Jeffery had requested that Eddie come see him. Eddie has no idea what Jeffery wants to see him for, but he feels nervous to find out. He really doesn’t want to see his older brother, but Jeffery has got him curious, for sure. He checks in and goes through all the security clearances. A corrections officer takes him to a small room with a table and two chairs. Eddie sits and waits for Jeffery to appear. He has his hands interlaced together and he is looking down at his hands, trying to remember that no matter what; keep his cool, keep a poker face. The door opens and Jeffery enters in hand cuffs; that was Eddie’s request that he be handcuffed due to Jeffery’s previous attempts on Eddie’s life. Jeffery Entering the visitor’s room with an amused grin on his face, he sits down across from Eddie. “Hello, little brother, how are you today? It is good to see you.” Eddie Sucking his teeth and shaking his head a little, he gives a stone cold look to Jeffery. “Please, enough with your BS, Jeffery. What do you want? Why am I here?” Jeffery “What’s the matter, little brother? You don’t want to know how I am doing? I am doing great, fantastic. Thanks for asking!” He says with a chuckle. “Why are you here? You are here because I wanted you to be the first to know my great news. I am coming up for a parole hearing in 6 weeks.” Eddie Stunned, a look of shock and horror came over his face. “What? No that is not possible! You have only served 2 and a half years of your 12 year sentence! You are not supposed to be considered for parole for at least 6 more years!” Jeffery With a continuous smirk on his face, he smugly relaxes back into his chair. He loves watching Eddie get all fired up. “What can I say? Overcrowding problem and I have been on my BEST behavior, so my parole hearing has been pushed up about 5 years. What luck, eh?!” Eddie “No way! That is not possible, I don’t believe you!” Jeffery Chuckling from his amusement over Eddie’s reaction “Don’t believe me? Go check it out yourself. Speak to administration, they will confirm it.” Eddie He stands up and leans over the table, yelling in Jeffery’s face. “This is BULLSHIT! I am going to speak with the parole board directly! You cannot be released, you are a danger to society! I will do whatever I have to in order to keep this from happening, I can promise you that!” Jeffery “Tsk, tsk, baby brother. Why are you so hostile? Mother did not raise you to be like that! We are family! Family is the MOST important thing in this world, isn’t it, Eddie?” Eddie “You are not my family! We may share DNA, but nothing else!” He starts to walk over to the door to leave. Jeffery “Oh I think we share WAY more than DNA, little brother!” He says with a laugh. “It seems we also share my wife, as well.” Eddie’s back is turned to Jeffery with his hand on the door knob, about to leave. Jeffery has a mischievous grin on his face, waiting to see Eddie’s reaction to what he just said. Eddie He was about to open the door when he was stopped dead in his tracks by what Jeffery said. He slowly turns around. “What did you say?” Jeffery “Oh I think you heard me the first time, brother. Are you [!@#$%^&*] my wife, Eddie?” Eddie He walks back over to the table, putting both hands down on the table, hunching over with his head in Jeffery’s face. “You don’t have a wife, BROTHER.” Jeffery “Ooohhhh but I do. See in the eyes of the law, we may not be married anymore. But in MY eyes, once a wife, always a wife. Did you really think I was not going to keep tabs on my wife while I am in here? Keep track of where she is going, what she is doing, WHO…. she is doing?” He says with an air of arrogance. Eddie In his mind, all he is thinking about is taking his hands and wrapping them around Jeffery’s neck until his eyes pop out of his sockets. But on the outside, he is trying to stay cool and keep a poker face. He regularly checks for bugs, video cameras or people surveilling around Marissa’s apartment, the club, and anywhere else he can think of and he has NEVER found anything. How does his brother know this? “I am not [!@#$%^&*] your EX wife, Jeffery. Do you think I would sleep with anyone who has been with you first? Hell no.” Jeffery Jeffery goes into a laughing fit. “I must admit, you do have a pretty good poker face. If I hadn’t seen the proof with my own eyes, I might actually believe you.” He laughs even harder. Eddie “You are NOT getting out of here anytime soon. I will make it my life’s mission to make sure you stay in here for your entire sentence, if not more.” He slams his fist down on the table, turns around and exits the room. Jeffery continues to laugh uncontrollably after Eddie is gone.
  15. Follow my facebook page to get updates on upcoming volumes, character spotlights and sneak peek's of scenes! Also character photos can be found there as well! https://www.facebook.com/Cape-Heights-Book-Series-A-Soap-Opera-Drama-714251092304879/?modal=admin_todo_tour
  16. Cape Heights is Juicy Fun!!!! If you are a soap opera fan, you will LOVE this book series! Even if you don't watch soaps, you can still love my book series! It is a soap opera, yes, but better! Why is it better? Because I take out the bad parts about soaps and just leave in the good. What do I mean by that? In my book series, you will not find any stories that make zero sense and are simply not believable which often happens in soaps on tv. Some examples of this are for instance when a character dies and multiple people WITNESS this person die or saw their dead body and yet some time later they end up alive and well with some insane implausible reason how that ended up possible. The ONLY instance I would bring a character back from the dead is if this character was missing and no one saw them die and they were presumed dead and even then, only if I can come up with a really good and logical reason how it is possible that they are still alive and why they have come back. I was a soap fan off and on for many years but what drove me away from watching soaps all together or to take breaks from it was always when stories got so contrived and ridiculous that I just couldn't watch it anymore. Another thing you will not see in my books: Characters getting married a million times and half of those times to the same person. I love conflict and drama in relationships, who doesn't? That is what makes you tune in. But I find it annoying on soaps when a great couple not only breaks up and gets back together a million times, but when they marry and divorce each other a million times. You see it all the time on soaps. A fan favorite couple end up married to each other 4 different times and in between their divorces they also got married 4 other times to 4 other people. COME ON! Nikki and Victor on Y&R is a prime example of this. How many times have they been married to each other at this point, as well as to other people? No one in real life would marry the same person 5 times. After the 2nd time you would say "ok I may love this person but we will never work" so although there will def be romantic drama, dilemmas, affairs, breakups and makeups, love triangles, etc, I will never take it to that extreme. The couples that I want to be together who belong together will not keep remarrying each other. They may break up once or twice, or stay together but go through rough times. And lastly, why my book is a soap but better: because this is not on tv I have free reign without any restrictions. Because of that, you will find more realistic dialogue, especially when it comes to the use of profanity and sometimes dirty sexual talk or jokes. Most people curse in real life, so therefore my characters sometimes curse or say off color or perverted things. If you have a problem with that, I feel sorry for you first off, second my books are not for you. Also I try to put as much comedic dialogue and scenarios in there as possible as well. There are a few characters who are often the comedians, (Mike and Tyson are two that come to mind) but other characters as well have occasional comedic lines or moments. I try to do a wide range of different stories to capture different people's interests. So if you like drama, comedy, romance, some action, family conflicts, and also like something that is a quick and easy read, then the Cape Heights Book Series is for you! Please check out Volume 1 and 2 and review for me! I am halfway finished Volume 3 and that should be released sometime in August!
  17. Hi everyone! If you are a fan of the soap genre (which is why we are all here!) check out my original soap opera in a book series. 53 characters, tons of stories, every type of romantic relationship/entanglement you can think of! (except for incest lol). I try to make it as soap opera as possible while also keeping it more realistic than soap operas can sometimes be (we all know sometimes stories can be taken too far and too unrealistic) so I hope you check it out! Cape Heights Volume 1 is episodes 1-22 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1092714340?pf_rd_p=f3acc539-5d5f-49a3-89ea-768a917d5900&pf_rd_r=M2NXG7WQCWBGH34DC3AA Cape Heights Volume 2 is episodes 23-39 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SSVXX67/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i1 Both are available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and in paperback. I am currently writing Volume 3 which should be released some time in August. Thank you! Also here is my facebook page for my books where you can get sneak peek scenes, character spotlights, and see photos of the characters https://www.facebook.com/Cape-Heights-Book-Series-A-Soap-Opera-Drama-714251092304879/?modal=admin_todo_tour
  18. I know, right? I post about this kind of topics all the time on facebook and it is mostly crickets. People think I am insane, I think taking synthetic chemicals in food is insane, taking synthetic chemicals from big pharma and thinking that is somehow going to cure or help your disease is insane
  19. Hi! Volume 2 of my soap opera book series is now available! Episodes 23-39 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SSVXX67/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Cape+Heights+Volume+2&qid=1560222396&s=digital-text&sr=1-1 I hope some of you will check them out! Thank you!
  20. haha yea I had added a bunch of recipe channels and then never looked at them even once! Gaia though isnt just yoga, they have tons of great documentaries and tv shows on there. I watch those way more than I do the yoga
  21. it is completely insane! I read food labels. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies and try to not buy too much processed and limit my processed food intake to the organic aisle where they have a lot less ingredients. The food industry is in cahoots with Big Pharma to poison us. They make us sick with the food which then makes us go to the doctor and the doctor is given bonuses from pharma to prescribe us meds and to get us on as many medications as possible. And all 3 industries own stock in each other
  22. I am so sad about this! Grumpy Cat was the best! and she was too young!
  23. I have Roku it came with my tv. I like it though the roku channel itself is so-so. I watch mostly netflix and gaia through my roku
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