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Romantic Pairings that Should Have Been Off-Limits—But the Show Did Them Anyway

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We’ve seen how Y&R flirted with pairing adopted siblings Devon and Lily, but thankfully never went there.


But we haven’t always been as lucky.


Of course, we’ve discussed many times the all-too-familiar love stories between rapists and their victims (or friends and family of the victims, à la Jake/Marley/Vicky on AW). And the creepy incest-adjacent stories on B&B or the outright incest on GL. But what else do you remember?

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Male characters are usually mentioned in this category, but only in a soap universe is it acceptable for female characters to have intimate relationships with multiple members of the same family.


Reva (GL) bedded Billy, his brother Josh, their illegitimate brother Kyle, and their father HB.


Santana (SB) slept with Channing, his half brother Mason, and their father CC.


Charity Dingle on Emmerdale married Chris Tate, and had an affair with his sister Zoe, although she already had a child by her cousin Cain, but then she married Tom King and, slept with his sons Jimmy and Carl (to be fair, Emmerdale is a very small town).


Sienna Blake on Hollyoaks had a child with her twin brother Dodger, who later returned from the dead and tried to kill her.  On the now-canceled Brookside, Nat and Georgia Simpson ran away to continue their romance once they found out that they were siblings. 


and of course, Brooke (B&B) has been with every male member of the Forrester clan.


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Y&R: Victor and Sharon. That was vile. Victor had always gone out of his way to protect Sharon, especially given Nikki's animosity toward her. They had a lovely father-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship but then...

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GL wins this every time.


Rick Bauer and Blake Thorpe. Raised as siblings. She thought one of her twins was his. 


Alan-Michael Spaulding and Marina Cooper. He once thought she was his daughter. He was married to her mother and aunt. 


AC Mallet and Marina Cooper. He was married to her aunt. 


Harley Cooper and Phillip and Alan-Michael Spaulding and Gus Aitoro. Three brothers of varying relation, all husbands. 


Beth Raines marrying her ex-husband’s father, Alan. And having his baby. It was beyond the yuck. 


Ross Marler romancing Holly Lindsey, then her daughter Blake. And flirting with Holly during a break from Blake. No. Just no. 


Blake also made the rounds of Spaulding men:  Phillip, A-M and Alan.


Rick and Harley’s one-night stand that produced Jude?  No. No no no.  


Bill Lewis loved a mother/daughter scenario:  Beth and Lizzie. Olivia and Ava. 


James Spaulding and former stepsister Susan “Daisy” LeMay. He was born when she was a teen. She considered him her brother. A decade later, they’re both 18 at the same time and dating 


ANY relationship where one character was born onscreen and the other was already an adult!

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I can see why the writers may find almost-incest hot though.

I find the idea of Eileen Fulton torn between two adopted granddaughters (played by Robin Strasser and Judith Chapman) HOT AS [!@#$%^&*].


Oh, and them doing a 'Marge' story with Eric Braden/Victor. In this case, Victor's doppelganger being a leather-daddy. Soon after his arrival, Nick finds out he is bisexual and they form a polly relationship with Phillip AND Chance.  Hell, they could do pup play. Maybe they could even do some piss play or scat or blood?

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JUst an idea on what I mean.


Most of what I see that shouldn't be done are these basic-ass ones.  We need daytime to reflect the world at large, tbh.

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Absolutely, I think this should be the rule of all soaps


I would include in that list: Phyllis & Billy (Y&R), Jennifer & Eric (Days), and Taylor & Rick (b&b); all of those women probably attended the baby shower of their future lovers which is putrid.

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GH has had its fair share of characters keeping it in the family. Monica, Carly, Alexis, Sam, Elizabeth, Jordan, and Maxie have all bedded brothers, with Elizabeth bedding all three of the Quartermaine brothers and Alexis and Sam both having children by brothers. Ava has bedded father and son Sonny and Morgan. Sonny bedded and impregnated mother and daughter Alexis and Sam, though he didn't know they were mother and daughter when he slept with them and was quite horrified when he found that out. I wasn't alive to see it, but I think Ned also bedded mother and daughter Monica and Dawn. I know for sure he bedded sisters Alexis and Kristina.

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The fact that B&B even had Ridge and Bridgette kiss was wrong even if they had already been retconned as siblings.


Brad Carlton married Traci and Ashley, was engaged to Nikki and later married Victoria.


What in the heck?

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------Romantic Couples that Should've Been Off-Limits-But the Show Did Them Any Way------

------The Young and The Restless(Y&R)------

Victor and Sharon Newman

Billy Abbott and Sharon Newman

Billy Abbott and Summer Newman

Nick Newman and Amy Wilson

Nick Newman and Grace Turner

Nick Newman and Phyllis Summers

Nick Newman and Avery Bailey Clark

Nick Newman and Chelsea Lawson

Jack Abbott and Jill Foster Abbott

Phillip Chancellor III and Nina Webster

Brad Carlton and Nikki Newman

Brad Carlton and Victoria Newman

Brad Carlton and Ashley Abbott

Brad Carlton and Lauren Fenmore

Brad Carlton and Sharon Newman

Cole Howard and Nikki Newman

Cole Howard and Victoria Newman

Cole Howard and Ashley Abbott

Dr. Scott Grainger and Sheila Carter

Austin Travers and Summer Newman

Dr. Stitch Rayburn and Victoria Newman

Dr. Stitch Rayburn and Ashley Abbott

Dr. Stich Rayburn and Abby Newman

Kyle Abbott and Phyllis Summers

Kyle Abbott and Summer Newman

Phillip "Chance" Chancellor VI and Chloe Mitchell

Ronan Malloy and Chloe Mitchell

Billy Abbott and Chloe Mitchell

Adam and Sharon Newman

Dylan McAvoy and Sharon Newman

Neil Winters and Dr. Olivia Barber

Neil Winters and Sofia Dupre

Brad Carlton Dr. Olivia Barber


------The Bold and the Beautiful(B&B)------

Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer Forrester(Joanna Johnson)

Thorne Forrester and Caroline Spencer Forrester(Joanna Johnson)

Ridge Forrester and Dr. Taylor Hayes

Thorne Forrester and Dr. Taylor Hayes

Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan

Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan

Thorne Forrester and Brooke Logan

Ridge Forrester and Lauren Fenmore

Ridge Forrester and Ashley Abbott

Rick Forrester and Ashley Abbott

Rick Forrester and Caroline Spencer(Linsey Godfrey)

Thomas Forrester and Caroline Spencer(Linsey Godfrey)

Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer(Linsey Godfrey)

Brooke Logan and Deacon Sharpe

Brooke Logan and Dollar Bill Spencer

Eric Forrester and Beth Logan

Eric Forrester and Lauren Fenmore

Eric Forrester and Sheila Carter

Eric Forrester and Quinn Fuller Forrester

Ridge Forrester and Quinn Fuller Forrester

Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester

Dollar Bill Spencer and Steffy Forrester

Dollar Bill Spencer and Katie Logan

Liam Spencer and Hope Logan

Wyatt Spencer and Hope Logan

Nick Marone and Brooke Logan

Nick Marone and Bridget Forrester

Nick Marone and Katie Logan

Dante Damiano and Felicia Forrester

Dante Damiano and Bridget Forrester


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