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Y&R February 2019 Discussion Thread

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I tuned in a couple of times this week and what a mess.  I don't care who the mystery person is with Katie, don't care whether JT is dead or not...this mess has gone on for too long.  Honestly it's an unpopular opinion but I'd rather see the Rosales people rather than Nikki, Phyllis, Sharon, Victor, Victoria and the JT storyline.  And today with Sharon "admiring" Victor and all the Victor love....just GAG me.  End this mess...I don't care and it's gone on for too long. 


And I think I heard Nikki say one day...she didn't know how Victor would survive in prison. LOLLLLLL.  The writing is pathetic...does no one remember he was just in there like 1 year ago and had an affair with the Doctor while he was in there?  He was on more than when he was OUT of prison.  Just so bad. 

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