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  1. The stories move so slowly that there is really nothing to discuss on a daily basis. I still watch the show, but don't feel it's entertaining right now.
  2. I hope all the greiving families of people lost to COVID in Texas vote out their killers.
  3. Paris doesn't realize she's throwing her whole career away? She and her sister were cut out of the same cloth. Shame on B&B for resorting to this storyline.
  4. I also live in a district that has been traditionally conservative and extremely religious. Most of my previous issues with those people have been their contradictory views regarding farming. They want NO government interference in their farming until a disaster strikes and then they want TOTAL bailouts. In the past five years those people have gone completely bat-sh*t crazy. I am truly happy that I choose to stay at home and away from them. Of course the COVID is going crazy in the county.
  5. I had to FF the scenes with Eric, Quinn & Carter. They made me feel dirty just watching them.
  6. Add me to the CW fan club. Stafford couldn't possibly pull this off!
  7. I think this is a sick storyline in so many ways!
  8. I haven't watched this, but can't believe they're actually writing this sh*t.
  9. I will always remember him when I pick up a bottle of Windex.
  10. Ponds

    The View

    Even though the new co-host this morning didn't say anything (almost) that I didn't agree with, I have never seen her before and didn't find her likable.
  11. I have to agree about social media, in fact, that's the reason I don't have a Facebook, Twitter or any of the other accounts out there. I'm actually amazed that I post here...LOL!
  12. I am OLD and remember when the polio vaccine became available. Everyone lined up to get it and you never heard a word on the news about anti-vaccine people. So I have to ask also....how did we get here?
  13. Has anyone else noticed that Steffy has a lot of extra junk in her trunk since her hiatus? She has worn 2 pairs of slacks where the pockets pucker up and the stripes extend way out in the back. I don't think it's my TV.
  14. Ponds

    The View

    Gretchen Carlson......YUCK.
  15. I know many of you like the Sheila return, but I can't stand to watch her. After all these years, why the hell hasn't she been killed by somebody she f*cked over?
  16. It's hard to find anything wrong with either the actor or the character. It's awful when there are so few of them on the show.
  17. He was using "the little blue pill" when he was married to Donna and it was a standing joke between them.
  18. I know everyone is anticipating the first Trina/Spencer kiss, but I am hoping it isn't a failure like her kiss with Cameron. That one was painful to watch.
  19. I'd like Victoria to comb her hair and change out of that outfit!
  20. I think Sam needs to hike up those low riders of hers!
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