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  1. Ponds


    I watched every day and every minute of the House Intelligence Committee hearings, but today is a dog and pony show and I can't stay tuned in.
  2. I'm bored to tears with the show!
  3. I would hope that the constituents in Nunes' district will finally see him for the slime he's always been.
  4. She'll just be around to prepare everyone's holiday meals.
  5. She's the "new" Helena Cassadine. She's convinced me she's evil.
  6. The Abbotts should start getting Ancestry and 23&me as Xmas gifts for the family. This is getting ridiculous.
  7. Everyone, especially Brooke & Ridge, keep talking about taking care of their children. Where the f*ck is RJ and why do neither of them even mention him. With all the family turmoil, you'd think he'd be there. I agree about Hope. AF always does the crazy eye thing when she's trying to emote!
  8. Flo would do a lot better with the Logans if she shipped her mom back to LV.
  9. Yeah, give Crimson to Maxie. I really like CW, but as stated above, this character has played out.
  10. I personally detest Stafford's portrayal of Phyllis. I think she's over the top one minute and cold and lifeless the next. At least I can enjoy GH without her Nina.
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