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  1. This is exactly why this show is dying. It wouldn't work in an hour long soap and certainly is killing B&B.
  2. How can you not tell the difference between a police issued gun and a taser in your hand? I haven't held either, but it just doesn't seem reasonable to me.
  3. In today's testimony, the cardiologist literally kicked a huge hole in the defense of Chauvin. I keep hoping it will matter.
  4. This is just something more for him to whine about. I'm tired of it.
  5. And he just won the JFK Profile in Courage award. He must still bow down to his constituents in Utah.
  6. I didn't think anything could be worse than watching Liam begging Hope for forgiveness day after day and week after week.......well, I was wrong. Watching Liam and Bill is equally excruciating.
  7. I don't need to rethink this. This is the honest feelings I have toward this couple. I don't need confirmation from anyone else on my feelings.
  8. I have to confess, that contrary to public opinion on the board, I actually like Michael & Willow together. I think it's nice to have two normal people that love their child. I beg for forgiveness...LOL!
  9. Enough of Jenner! Plus, she doesn't have a snow ball's chance in hell of winning in California.
  10. As hard as it has been to watch some of the testimony, I have stayed in my chair and watched every single day of testimony. I keep telling myself that he won't be acquitted, especially with all the testimony from other police officers, but I'm too old and jaded to not realize it's a possibility.
  11. Sonny dancing with the broom ala Fred Astaire was absolutely hilarious. Before you put him in a scene like that, be sure he can dance. They're doing everything they can to endear us to the NuSonny.
  12. To all the Republicans in Congress: YOU OWN THIS [!@#$%^&*]!
  13. Maybe they're finally going to acknowledge that Pam is missing by having her die.
  14. He's always preferred TV time to actually serving in Congress. YOU WON'T BE MISSED!
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