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  1. I was hoping that Flo and Reese were headed off the canvas...FOR GOOD!
  2. Ponds

    B&B: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    It's sure not what I tune in for!
  3. Could she be a Caroline recast since Thomas is coming back?
  4. Ponds

    Y&R: Veteran Actor Returning

    Guess that they'll have to turn the interrogation room back into an office for Paul. If they were going to take him off canvas, at least give the viewers a reasonable explanation.
  5. Ponds

    Y&R February 2019 Discussion Thread

    I couldn't help but notice a stupid mistake on the Valentine episode where Arturo gives Abby a gift of pink "scuba" equipment. This show is shot in Southern California and all the cast and crew must live there as well and nobody knows the difference between scuba and snorkeling equipment? Cmon!
  6. Ponds

    B&B: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    Zoey doing this "investigation" is ridiculous. She's a self absorbed model, not an investigator. Of course the lightbulb will go off between Zoey & Zander and they'll magically come to the realization that Steffy has Hope's baby. This storyline is beyond ridiculous and the writers should be ashamed.
  7. And we're left having to believe that the Great Victor Newman can't find her or his grandson.....not buying it!
  8. Ponds

    Y&R February 2019 Discussion Thread

    I found it strange that if it is JT that was in the house, why wouldn't she say his name. He lived with them long enough!
  9. Ponds

    Y&R: RIP Kristoff St John

    He's the only reason I watch Y&R as I followed him over from Generations. The news makes a heavy heart.
  10. Ponds

    B&B January 2019 Discussion Thread

    I hope she takes her daughter Hope with her!
  11. Ponds

    B&B January 2019 Discussion Thread

    The show has reached the point of being despicable. I noticed that not once yesterday, during the memorial, did anyone even mention the baby Hope lost with Wyatt and neither Liam or Steffy mentioned their first child. GET RID OF WAYNE BRADY!!!!
  12. Ponds

    B&B January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Wayne Brady seems to be on every commercial I see before FF thru it. He's everywhere. I hope the mob boss kills him and they don't go through with Steffy adopting Hope's baby. Leave that story in the trash where it belongs.
  13. When Amber came to Y&R, I stopped watching for 5 years. I hate the character and the actress and would stop watching any soap that hired her.
  14. Ponds

    B&B January 2019 Discussion Thread

    I hate to admit it, but I felt the same way.
  15. Ponds

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    I think the show is doing a great job of hiding JM's real life pregnancy.