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  1. Sally is acting like she went to the Phyllis school of acting. I think she's way over the top.
  2. They should stop glossing up those big ass carp lips. It's all I see when Summer is on the screen.
  3. I fast forwarded the entire episode.
  4. I would like to know where Quinn and Eric are! They simply dropped the entire story line.
  5. It's the Catholic in him....he has to confess!
  6. What is this crap that they're dressing Hope in??? She looks like ssh*t.
  7. After seeing Pence's red eye last night, I read this morning that many times pink eye is a symptom of COVID.
  8. We are 100% vote by mail here, however, this year we're taking our ballots directly to our county clerks office. By the way, anybody that mails in their ballots can track them.
  9. I wonder if the writers know the disservice they are doing to breast cancer victims. Sharon has had chemo, radiation and a lumpectomy but is still wearing low-cut tops and has every strand of her long hair. How realistic is that?
  10. I hope the networks learned a BIG lesson from last night. He's effing out of control.
  11. I turned it off before it was over. I was saddened that Biden was unable to state anything without interruptions. Wallace let the whole thing get out of control.....terrible moderator. They need to be able to turn off Trumps mike when someone else has been asked a question. I hope that is the last debate...if that's what you want to call it.
  12. Mike Wallace must be rolling over in his grave. Donald Trump didn't allow it to be debate.
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