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  1. I think even legally for guardianship to change, you'd need a DNA test. They all just fall in line with a narrative that really can't be proven without the test, and I realize we saw what happened, but not characters in the soap.
  2. AGAIN, nobody even mentions getting a DNA test!
  3. Where the hell is Sharon's port for her chemo? Phyllis spied it when she first had it installed, but today she was wearing a low cut blouse and then a low cut dress at the Anniversary party and NO damned port. Sloppy on the part of the directors.
  4. I hope GH finally kills Nelle off because I can't stand the character and she's no longer unique.
  5. I agree...she looked much better with a shorter, stylish do!
  6. Luckily, I turned it on live and was able to see today's episode as the preemptions have totally screwed up my DVR's ability to know what episode is on and if it's new.
  7. Michelle Stafford is reason enough for me to stop watching. At least GH is a MS free zone now.
  8. I still feel Gina was by far the better Phyllis....both physically and her acting skills. I cringe when watching MS do her schtick!
  9. Why would anybody pick Hope over Steffy? Hope is just such a corpse!
  10. I'm hoping that after Nell gets Shilo's shares of ELQ that they will kill her off at the same time as the Wiley reveal so that Wiley would inherit the shares from her.
  11. But how the hell did she get out of prison without anybody knowing about it?
  12. Hopefully, this is their way of writing her off the show....one can only wish!
  13. GH seems to be clicking right now. It's been years since I wanted to say that!
  14. I hate both the character and the actress. It is getting painful to watch this show.
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