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  1. This is starting to make me physically ill. I can't believe that I lived to see this happening to our country. We should be VERY afraid.
  2. Kamala knocked it out of the park with her speech this afternoon. She has always been my top choice to run with Biden. It makes me happy and it's been a long time since I could say that about politics or politicians.
  3. Yes we can.....we can vote the MF out of office!
  4. Who the hell dressed Brooke today? She was dressed like a teenage hooker!
  5. Ponds

    The View

    She's far more intelligent than McCain!
  6. Carter is the prettiest character on the show!
  7. We have total vote by mail in my state and I never mail in the ballot, I simply drop it off in a drive thru dropbox. One year, during a May primary election, the ballots came the day before we left for Hawaii. I decided to take them with us and mail from there. Well, 3 weeks later when we returned and picked up OUR mail, there were 2 ballots that the post offices sent to our home address, when the address was clearly our county clerk. Thank goodness the only thing on the ballot was a school board election. I will never use the mail again.
  8. Wasn't Steffy's motorcycle crash just a rerun of her accident years ago when she lost Liam's baby?
  9. Ponds

    The View

    Val Demings was on the show this morning. She's very impressive, just like during the impeachment hearings. I didn't realize she had been the Chief of Police for Orlando before running for Congress.
  10. I was not able to vote until I was 21, but I have voted in every primary and general election since then. I don't understand how people feel that they don't need to vote....JUST SEE WHAT WE GOT!!!
  11. This makes me sick! You have to ask yourself, why are they so afraid of mail in ballots....it's because they can't control it. F*CKERS!!!
  12. I live in a state that has had total mail in voting for 20 years. There's no fraud, more people vote and we still elect many Republicans in our state. It's ridiculous that it isn't mandatory in every state.
  13. I think Julian is going to save the day for Michael by testifying that Nelle blackmailed him into marriage.
  14. I think that "vote by mail" is behind dismantling the USPS. They know that when more people vote, the Republicans can't win.
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