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  1. I just wish the show would get rid of Tessa. She's an anchor around Mariah's neck. Let Mariah thrive!
  2. The writers on this show are so ignorant! They want us to believe that Ridge can just call up the police in London and have them arrest Reese when no charges have been filed and no indictment handed down! I can't wait to see the mess they make when they try and reverse the adoption and Flo gets to walk. How hard can it be to write and intelligent storyline?
  3. I absolutely hated today's (monday) episode. After months & months of Hope crying through 3/4 of an episode, she sat there, with these blank eyes, and didn't even she one little tear for Steffy. Liam was bawling his eyes out! I've never warmed to AN, but she's an awful actress IMO!
  4. I don't know why Shiloh would even WANT to do this memory transfer. He knows what happened and he'd be better off destroying the flash drive. Really bad writing for this story.
  5. Hope should be happy that Taylor bought that baby and that Steffy has mothered her. If not, and the baby went to an unknown woman, it would be a done deal and Hope would never know that her child was alive. I know...it's just a soap.
  6. I sure wish I liked the actress playing Hope. It would certainly make watching this mess more enjoyable. I hope this is the end for Zoey!!!
  7. I am sick to death of Adam. I hope Billy kills him....for GOOD this time.
  8. They've drug this story out for months & months and then wrap it up in two days.
  9. I have started FF thru all of the Kyle/Lola scenes because they are all repeats. I am so tired of Kyle's apology tour!
  10. I think it should have been Friday's show but there was a preemption due to Mueller's testimony.
  11. This show has gone from ridiculous to downright sick!!
  12. I don't care if they make Kyle & Mariah lovers or just good friends, but they need to spend more time with this duo. Mariah just seems to beam when she is connecting with Kyle. Kyle seems to like being with Mariah more than Lola, which I don't blame him a bit!
  13. If he's going to be a romantic interest to Lulu, that would difficult if he's actually her brother.
  14. Who the hell dressed Traci today? Could they have found a more unflattering outfit? I felt sorry for Beth having to wear that color or style.
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