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    The View

    https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/meghan-mccain-quit-the-view-1235092070/ This is a more complete excerpt from her audio book. I am a daily watcher and can't believe she's playing the "poor me" card after leaving. She totally forgets what she has said to get the reactions she did from Whoopie and Joy. Also, if her experience was so horrendous, why has her mother come in as a co-host this season? Spoiled BRAT is what she is.
  2. Ponds

    The View

    She is nuts! She hated Trump as much (if not more) than anybody on the panel. Her hatred was certainly based on the fact that he disrespected her father so many times before he died. About the only things she vehemently disagreed about with the others was abortion and gun rights. She's not doing herself any favors writing this crap!
  3. I like it better than the Carter/Quinn boring saga!
  4. I have absolutely no idea what is happening on parts of this board that I never read, but would like to continue posting with you on the threads we both enjoy!
  5. Ponds

    The View

    She seemed to fit in well with the others. I don't remember not liking Sherri Shepherd (not spelling it correctly) when she was a regular on the show, but she annoyed the hell out of me last week. She couldn't seem to shut up and let others talk.
  6. I really liked Victoria's wedding gown. It was very sleek and the low cut back was perfect for her skinny body. Phyllis, on the other hand, looked like a mess to me. Her hair was a disaster and I really didn't like the caped crusader look.
  7. I will be happy to get it done! Our daughter, her husband and oldest grandson all work for school districts, so they should be able to get theirs as well.
  8. He's definitely HOT......whatever his age!
  9. If GH would simply send him on his way. I can't believe the TPTB don't read these sites and see how virtually everybody is sick of RH and any character he plays.
  10. If you are immunocompromised, they gave boosters out last month, but for the rest of us we wait. We should be near the first in line when it finally happens. I have started double masking when I do have to go to doctors appointments and my husband does as well when he grocery shops. Unfortunately, we live in an area that is very anti-vaxxer and we don't feel safe among any groups. If we don't get boosters before the holidays we'll be spending the time home alone again.
  11. Our local facility didn't have the equipment to store Pfizer back in January, so there wasn't a choice.
  12. Good for you! I would have had mine by now but Moderna has yet to be approved for boosters.
  13. I certainly hope that they keep Phyllis. She's been a great addition to the show.
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