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  1. B&B July 2018 Discussion Thread

    Sheesh....what's good about it. This crap has been going in circles for the last 5 years.
  2. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I couldn't believe the scenes at the pool when behind the Ashby's was a woman with her butt hanging out of her suit. Really????
  3. Y&R actress out

    I have always found it strange that you have these uber rich white folks and none have ever had a problem with their children being involved with people of another race. I think that's a bit Utopian and they should actually play out the problems that interracial dating and marriage has within the families. I am not saying that people shouldn't date or marry people of another race, but believe me, it's not normal that all these family members don't even mention it.
  4. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    I stopped recording this show today. I can't stand the actress or the character of Hope. She "emotes" with her eyes and it makes me crazy to watch her. There is not one aspect of this show that I'm even remotely interested in. The interns suck, Sally sucks, Thorne sucks, Bill will never be redeemed in my eyes and I don't give a sh*t about any of the other characters.
  5. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    Xander/Emma is just going to copy the Nicole/Zende storyline from last year. The writers are just plain f*cking lazy.
  6. Y&R actress out

    Just read this thread....it makes me sick! I don't think they realize how hard it will be to fill the void she leaves.
  7. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Thanks all for refreshing my OLD brain cells. Maybe Nikki and Sharon might even mention...been there, done that!
  8. B&B April 2018 Discussion Thread

    It's ridiculous to have another go at Hope vs Steffy. Both women have been married to both brothers, Steffy just added the father for good measure.
  9. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'm questioning Sharon's latest guilt problems. Didn't she and Nikki put a dead man (that I think Sharon killed) into a sewer?
  10. The View

    I thought Joy might come over and bitch slap her yesterday!
  11. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I think the actor is okay, but the character just ISN'T Kyle.
  12. GH April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Why hasn't anybody suggested that somebody might be gas lighting Carly?? Seem like an easy conclusion to reach.
  13. B&B April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I really don't care for the new actress playing Hope!
  14. The Politics Thread

    Much to his father's dismay, that was the reason my husband went to Columbia!
  15. The View

    My husband was working from home on Friday. He was in our dining room with his computer and came into the family room asking what was all that screeching! It truly bothers my ears as well.