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  1. Say what you want about the stories, but the set decoration and design has improved markedly. I love the redecorated tack house. They finally got rid of the hideously distracting “contemporary” blinds in Jack’s Jabot office. Griffith is better than everyone since MAB other than SSM. I think that he and SSM share the same problem: stories need more momentum, dramatic heat, etc., etc. This is where you need a co-HW who is a plotter like Hogan Sheffer. I recognize the characters and still enjoy them, but I need greater incentive to tune in and engage with the show.
  2. The problem with this show is Angelica McDaniel. We have gone through numerous regimes and she is the common thread.
  3. Yes, Angelica is vomit inducing. She is a cancer to this show and has been since she stepped foot in the building. As much as there was instability anyway immediately post Bill Bell’s death, Angelica McDaniel has overseen more regime changes than anyone else since 2012. [!@#$%^&*] her.
  4. I can’t stand this character.
  5. It looks like Morina and Griffith are completely de-JFPing and de-MYing the show. I am so ok with this, despite feeling awful for Gina.
  6. This is stunning. Gina is one of the show’s strongest dramatic performers. I love Gina, but she always should have been Victoria and she is too young to play Daniel’s mother. She also never had chemistry with Joshua Morrow. I enjoyed Gina with Peter Bergman, but the Billy pairing just never made sense to me storywise. I hope Jason Thompson is next to go. I could see Gina doing well on B&B if Brad Bell had an attention span.
  7. The Muhney stans are going insane. It is both delicious and pathetic.
  8. This recast would de-age the character by about a decade. Grossman was born in 1987.
  9. The years that B&B won were for excellent episodes, even if they did not reflect the show’s year round quality. They were for the Storm and Betty White eps. I believe Steph’s death also won for writing. B&B consistently has the best day to day production values—sets, direction, music, location, wardrobe, etc.
  10. Surprised that I’m enjoying B/R/T this time around. It had gotten so stale in the 2000s. Wed’s ending felt oddly like coming home
  11. This list is interesting, in the same way that a toddler’s crayon artwork on a freshly painted wall is. Great for Beth Maitland and Peter Bergman. I’m surprised that Eileen Davidson and Camryn Grimes did not make the cut.
  12. And even that one shrank significantly around 2008 (and probably gradually even before then). During that time, ATWT went to permanent standing sets. To accommodate that, sets either disappeared (Lily’s real mansion, the Stewart home) or became visibly smaller (Carjack’s house, Oakdale Memorial, the police station, Al’s, Fashions, the Lakeview, Tom and Margo’s house, Metro).
  13. It is interesting to me that the opening sequence very rarely got updated with cast changes until the late 1980s. There were several different iterations and styles of charcoal and pencil sketch openings, but rarely were new faces added unless the whole thing was redone. I guess what I’m saying is that I should not complain about the current opening not being updated when it took several years for Jeanne Cooper to even be added!
  14. It is a shame that Bell never recast Karen. Clearly JJ was never going to commit full time. Karen was never a strong character to begin with, so recasting her with a tour de force actress and basically resetting the character could have allowed the show to easily fill the void that Flannery’s absence left in the show. And of course, keep Crystal Chappell as her love interest. My point is that thiscould have grounded Caroline in the canvas and solidified the Spencers. Guess that was never going to be on the table anyway. It is a shame because Caroline was a missed opportunity and could still be good with a strong recast... preferrably someone who doesn’t come across as squeaky as Godfrey often did.
  15. Penny made that statement in 1998 at Nancy’s party set on the Valetta, which sank around August. Ellen was present. The episodes in whole or part are definitely on YouTube. This was also.when Kirk and Sam disappeared. Penny did return in 2000 for a Christmas dinner at the Mona Lisa. Bob, Kim, Lisa, Nancy, and Chris were present. This may have been the final or one of the final times we saw the Mona Lisa set. Bob and Kim’s home was still intact gor several more years and used frequently during Allison/Chris’s storylines and many times that Bob/Kim were shown in general. It was also used as a set when Colleen Zenk did commercials for Tyson Chicken as Barbara. We would see the kitchen until around late 2005. After that, elements of Bob and Kim’s kitchen became part of Katie’s WOAK set. We would not see Bob and Kim’s living room after 1999, I believe. Even then, its angles had shifted and it had been rearranged, sliced down to a couch in front of a window with a simple foyer (no step or staircase).
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