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  1. On her twitter, Angelica McDaniel said that the opening credits would be updated in the next few months. Glad to see that is on their radar.
  2. I’d take JFP back. I loathed her Y&R because she didn’t understand its aesthetic, but she is a much better fit for GH. The show looks bad and doesn’t match with the quality writing.
  3. Yes! Marj has always been fabulous with a taste for the finer things in life. I recall her getting along well with Crystal Hunt when she was on the show as Lizzie.
  4. Thanks @Limenade! I agree. Hope they are enjoying retirement. They are certainly not forgotten.
  5. I mentioned something similar in the GL thread, but I find myself wondering how the older stars are doing and what they look like now... People like Kathryn Hays, Eileen Fulton, Don Hastings, and Marie Masters.
  6. Even though her Alex cannot compare to Bev’s, I do find myself wondering how Marj Dusay is and what she is up to.
  7. It was unfortunate that Flannery’s character wasn’t more gracefully woven into the GC fabric. Other MAB highlights for me: the introduction of Avery and Deacon and Nikki’s relationship. I also loved Emme Rylan’s Abby. Melissa Ordway is one of the worst recasts from the past decade.
  8. Mishael should only return as Hillary, period. We do not need a twin or doppelgänger. It will fail miserably. Mariah worked because the show introduced her about a decade after Cassie’s death. We also never met adult Cassie. Hillary “died” less than a year ago.
  9. I do not see it this way. Phyllis clearly has something up her sleeve. P.S. - I am not Johnnysbro. Never was, never will be. Let it go.
  10. Loving the Staff and the energy that her return has brought to the show. Welcome home, Michelle!
  11. An episode from 1997 and an episode from 2004. I wish there was more 2002, 2003, and 2004 floating around (and especially in high definition!).
  12. Yes, that one. At best, if the penthouse was supposed to be an upgrade, it still look(s)ed cheap af and was a handmedown set.
  13. I do not really mind Adam getting the penthouse because it was associated with the Newmans until Neil took it over last year (?). Was it ever explained why Neil got rid of his own apartment, the one he lived in with Drucilla and their family? When he moved into the penthouse, it just seemed like a convenient way for the show to save $$$ on set changes. I could have missed a story point somewhere. To be perfectly honest, they should get rid of that penthouse building entirely. It has always been cheap looking since it was introduced in late 2012, early JFP set rampage. That we are supposed to think those walls are marble is laughable. Move Devon into the Chancellor mansion or have him build a mansion on the estate property.
  14. I wonder if Jean P will host a retirement party for her writing partner Shelly. They collaborated as HWs for so long.
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