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  1. Eboneece

    Y&R January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Speaking of Kay Alden, here is a new interview with her. It’s a bit long, but she goes into significant detail about her 2016-17 stint with Sally Sussman. Definitely informative and worth the listen. Alden is a classy lady. Although she does not come out and specifically state this, my impression is that Angelica McDaniel and probably Steve Kent were the root of the SSM and KA’s problems. KA seems to have a decent relationship with Mal Young based on the ways in which she discusses him. She also gets some cuts in at the expense of LML, JG, Jelly, and Pratt. http://www.daytimeindulgence.com/2019/01/interview-kay-alden-talks-her-legendary.html
  2. Eboneece

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I really wish some of the older cast members were on social media. In particular, I would love to read updates from Kathy Hays, Eileen Fulton, Marie Masters, and Don Hastings, as well as see some new pictures of them.
  3. Eboneece

    Y&R January 2019 Discussion Thread

    A previously unseen part of an older set debuts tomorrow. I have noticed that many of the new sets and renovations to older sets involve building a ceiling that previously did not exist.
  4. Eboneece

    LATEST RATINGS: December 24-28, 2018

    GH’s ratings do not reflect the fantastic quality of Shelly and Chris’s stories.
  5. Eboneece

    Y&R January 2019 Discussion Thread

    The rest of Victoria’s house, including the staircase, is back! Now if we could just get the entrance to the GCAC.
  6. Eboneece

    B&B January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Yaaaasssss! Fabulous!
  7. Eboneece

    GH: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Oh my. That opening is terrible. It would be somewhat passable if it had a quarter of the cast pictures shuffling through.
  8. Eboneece

    Y&R January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Sad Tricia Cast news regarding her husband Bat McGrath: https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2019/01/05/bat-mcgrath-final-concert-cancer-rochester-ny-lyric-theatre/2490335002/
  9. Eboneece

    GH: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    You couldn’t be more wrong, but keep trying.
  10. Not to the extent that a pairing with Devon could not work.
  11. Jacob Young’s Rick could provide an actual rival to Billy or Devon. And Amber could be Devon’s love interest.
  12. Eboneece

    GH: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Nina is my favorite character, but I think that might be because I love Michelle Stafford so much. I honestly didn’t mind her yesterday.
  13. he has nude pics