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Best US Soap Scenes

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Kelly finally confronts Nola over all the schemes she did to land him. 

On trial for the murder of Lucile Wexler. Jennifer is forced to reveal her true identify. That she and Alan Spaulding are Amanda's biological parents. 

Stone dies of Aids with Robin by his side. 

The Clown Puppet Murders.  


Rita runs into the hall of mirrors, but Roger follows


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Start just before 6 minutes.


I could watch those scenes of Alex ripping into Roger all day long and never get tired of them.  And the later portion, outside when he threatens  her and she says “Ooh I’m scared to death!” in a way that only she could with that voice.  Perfection.


@Soapsuds I am dying at the inclusion of a Chill fan video.  Dying.

Wish the quality was better for this DAYS clip-


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Too bad not much Y&R exists on YouTube. Lots of good stuff to post from the early ‘90s.


This was fantastically creepy when I watched it as a kid, but it might not have the same impact out of context. AMC fans will remember Aunt Grace kidnapping Mimi and Derek’s baby Danielle after Mimi, a police officer, killed Grace’s son in the line of duty. Grace wasn’t evil so much as deeply broken and unstable. (RIP Lynne Thigpen, who had a lovely voice.)



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