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GH: Former OLTL actor joins the show

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21 minutes ago, John said:

Patrick was so natural on OLTL I am looking forward to this


Frankly, John, most child actors are "natural," because they don't have the training or experience to be anything else.  The number of kids who could hold their own with their adult counterparts (in soaps, anyway) is small.


1 minute ago, Soapsuds said:

At least he could act.....and wasn't so annoying.......


Are you talking about PJG, or about Bechtel?


Again, I'm not gonna get TOO irked by this, because PJG IS underaged, and he's not (yet) some brain-dead porn star with a great eight-pack, who'll probably eat the whole show like Maurice Benard and Steve Burton did, and do.  Even if he ends up being annoying, or his character ends up being annoying (due to shitty writing and/or direction), I'll keep on my kid gloves (pun intended).


But, when you turn eighteen, Paddy Boy -- oh, am I comin' for you!

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I guess time doesn't always fly, for some reason I assumed he'd be much older by now.


Am I totally making this up or did they do an art imitates life s/l with Sam or some other character getting a cochlear implant like Kassie and James' son?

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10 hours ago, John said:

That was Spike on AMC. Kendall Son. Kassie D's real life son played a character who helped Kendall deal with having a deaf son


Thanks! Crazy how I can remember things from twenty years ago but those final years of AMC and OLTL get so blurry...

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