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DAYS: Actress Back?

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1 hour ago, tylerbo20 said:

Let’s get rid of Louise sorel and bring back this terrible character and actress...Ron isn’t a fan of the show like we thought he is making bad bad choices 

I didn’t know Ron was a fan of Days. Mimi is a horrible character to bring back, why not Calliope Jones or Larry Welch? 🤷🏾‍♂️

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It's confirmed




I wish these casting announcements by SOD would clarify if these people that return are contract or just a drive-by ... they never say


I think we'll also be seeing more of Belle and Shawn in the fall. I could be wrong on that though. They've popped in and out so much I can't keep track.


But I guess we'll be seeing Bonnie again ... T-Boz was filming last month I believe. I don't know if she still is. (Though Sheila is also connected to Eli so IDK if that necessarily means Bonnie is coming back but it seems likely, LOL, especially now with Mimi)


Wonder if Ron will bring back Philip played by Lavoisier again. LOL. Will JPL and Fath work together?




Has she just started filming? If so we have six months to prepare ourselves.


Can we start dumping people from the show now? I only have a few ... Marci Miller quitting is a good start.


Ron also needs to breath some life into Eli and Lani or they need to go.


But I'm digressing ...

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13 hours ago, Khan said:


Because Ron can...and he's desperate.

wouldn't have to be desperate if he ended this whacked SL 6 months ago. his ego is out of control, and now he's going to throw crap at the wall to see what sticks. has a great story with Steve, and has already f'ed that up.

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I'm excited. I hope they bring in Crystal Hunt as Allie Horton. The rivalry would be epic. 

As for Farah's 'tude. She knew that the Kish/Stacy actors were unprofessional off-set (one only has to look at Scott and Crystal's  respective arrests). Besides, she had no obligation to like that fan work...she might have been a little too honest in that plane, but she was just being her. 

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