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LATEST RATINGS: October 23-27, 2017


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13 minutes ago, Hunk Chandler Massey said:

Well Well Well finally a nice bump for Days. The Bonnie madness plus the Will story had viewers tuning in.




And SSM next to last episode got a 3.4 rating on Monday??

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Why of course...like that column in this past week of SOD said, everyone loves a THE QUEST, a story with characters we root for to find something/someone. DAYS has the looking for Will. Meanwhile, Y&R had the Abbots looking for Dina. Rootable interests being for John, Marlena, Sami, Sonny,  etc and Jack, Ashley, Traci respectably.


Meanwhile Patient 6 is a Quest as well now that he has hit town like the man who was trying to get home and all that.

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Omg omg omg GH surged bigtime. I told u all people were raving right and left about this thrill ride. Steve Burton is worth every penny .the patient 6 story is just awesome. Chris Van Etten u are such a fresh young voice to the soap world. My dear Shelly Altman to say u are the biggest supergem girl u are killing it in the main seat. Best writing team in years.

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    • Well imagine how funny she will look when she finds out Dex really works for Michael.    You know that's the only reason why her and Michael are suddenly sharing more scenes together.              
    • I admit...I laughed at the second Jill scene for sure. I was thinking Wartman though. I had totally forgotten how long Jill was on/off with Colin.    HAHAHA!!! IKR!!! Gloria would be NO MATCH for Mary. NONE.    Ooooo...I would love for that to happen. Sadly, I agree. But just imagining them all at a fashion gala. Le sigh...   She really was.
    • That's sad. I've always liked her writing. 
    • The writer in me wants her to suffer. In every way possible  Please register in order to view this content
    • I thought they would just omit the Jill retcon like they omitted Dylan from Nikki's special. I guess they didn't do that because she's still on the show (same reason for Paul vs Brad since they pretend Paul is still on the show). Two scenes was too much for Jill, but the first one was a painful explanatory scene so guess they wanted to put in the more memorable one from when Lauren and Michael walked in on her and Colin (in fact, the ONLY memorable Jill/Lauren scene).   When Gloria said she probably wouldn't have gotten along with Mary... I'm like right bitch you could never hold a candle to her.    As stupid as it is that Lauren doesn't know about Sheila, it would be great if she and Michael got invited to some fashion gala in LA (of course they would have to do it on B&B to have any chance of it actually occuring onscreen) and Sheila and Bill were there.   When Phyllis popped up I was afraid they would get into Pheila and Sarah Smythe (shudder) but the scene they picked was actually very sweet. Those clips where Lauren was pregnant are the prettiest she looked in all her years on the show IMO.
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