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GH: December Discussion

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LOL so true. Zzzz


But I liked Tracy and Laura interacting today


Always nice to see Kevin and Monica too


The rest ... blah and zzzzzzz so many wastes of contracts on today


Anna's being totally wasted


Meant to comment on this the other day but it's nice to see Bobbie back at GH

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Franco is a waste of airtime.

54 minutes ago, victoria foxton said:

What a most repugnant sight to behold two grimy rapists fighting.  After the fight Franco runs to his crazy reconned mama.

Franco: YOU LEAVE ELIZABETH ALONE......attacks his twin and theme music starts......just awful.....LOL

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But ABC should use AMC/OLTL and pull a CBS and use their watch ABC app to draw subscribers, if they choose to go that way. Just a thought ... I'd imagine if CBS ever decided to dump their soaps and All Access is working for them ....

19 hours ago, SweetPea36 said:

KMan, I think I might enjoy Boobie now that she won't be spending all of her time enabling/lying for Luke and Lucky. I got to the point where I disliked her because of that.


Now if only they'll use her.


True. I don't miss either Spencer man at all. They can cry and brood elsewhere. I'd rather get Laura scraps than day in and day out of cryptkeeper Luke and his sobbing son.


I doubt they'll use her in a story of her own but I feel like she'll be the one to uncover Nelle. I'm guessing she's going to continue at least making regular appearances each month.


Pissy and Faultman use the vets better, to a degree, but it isn't saying much.

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