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Ariana Grande's outrageous demands


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POCKET rocket popette Ariana Grande has an extra-large list of diva demands for her Australian chatfest.
And most of them are don’ts rather than dos, resulting in the abrupt cancellation of Grande’s photo shoots today.

All media who were granted an audience with the 21-year-old singer were instructed to steer clear of delicate topics during her promotional visit this week.

DON’T ask questions about:

(1) Relationships/Dating/Ex-boyfriends
(2) Mariah Carey
(3) Sam & Cat/Jennette McCurdy
(4) Working/collaborating with Justin Bieber
(5) Her grandfather passing away

Photographers were also given last-minute instructions from the Problem star’s minders.

*DON’T use natural light.
*DO shoot only from the left side of her face.

Grande’s first sitting for mX newspaper was a stop-start affair, with the singer checking each frame after it was taken and asking for shots she wasn’t pleased with to be deleted.

After a few minutes she left the hotel suite, complaining to her reps that she was unhappy with how her top looked in the poses.

Everyone assumed she had just gone back to her room at The Darling Hotel to change her outfit.
The remaining photographers waiting to capture the Bang Bang pop star’s close-up had already been put through their paces by the entertainer’s creative directors.

Grande insists on being shot from the left and if you have lights, use those instead of the sunlight streaming in through the window on the gorgeous Sydney spring afternoon.

After another 20 minutes of waiting for Grande to switch outfits, one of her representatives returned, demanding the mX photographer delete all his photos.He refused and was later approached at his car by a member of the singer’s security team who attempted to prevent him closing the tailgate on his car as he stowed his equipment.The singer then ditched the rest of the happy snaps session for various newspaper outlets including News Corp Australia.


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I think Ariana is beautiful and talented but she needs to check her attitude because while she may be the hottest thing right now, she hasn't been around long enough to warrant this behavior and people will forget about her as quickly as they came to love her if she doesn't come correct.

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I've heard it a lot too. One younger singer/actor blasted her ass on Twitter last year, calling her the rudest actress in the business. Her costar, Jennette McCurdy, in so many words has said she's a bitch. Fans on Twitter that have met her in person said she's a bitch. When multiple people keep repeating the same thing, there has to be some truth to it. Sad part is that she's a rookie in this business, and she acts like she's Whitney or Mariah status, which she is nowhere near. Beyonce has been in the industry for decades and she isn't c*nty like Ariana is.

But should we be surprised? Look at her brother, Frankie on Big Brother. He's just as demanding, repulsive, and cruel. Must run in the family. Birds of a feather.

She is part of the many young artists out today that I hope fades into oblivion in the next couple years.

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I think we all have our preferential sides when being photographed, I get that, I prefer my left, but she just sounds like an entitled, insecure cuntry tis of thee. If that picture is any indication, she has acne which explains her vampire-like aversion to unforgiving natural light.

Does anyone remember when Barbra Streisand finally relented and appeared on The Rosie O'Donnell Show? She prefers her left side and had Rosie's people flip the whole desk and chair set-up so Barbra would be shot on her left side to Rosie's left. Diva.

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She is tired as hell. She has a voice, but doesn't know how to SING yet and she doesn't know how to perform or sell a song. She's only successful because hot producers are giving her the hottest songs. I want to see where she is in 10 years. Beyonce at this girls age was a fricking star. She needs to get on THAT level, or Whitney or Mariah at that age, then talk to me about being a diva, ho.

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