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  1. Vote for the man with one accuser or the man with twenty six. I wonder why she waited until he was a presidential nominee rather than when he was a candidate for vice president instead. Reade did herself a disservice by coming out now since the statue of limitations already past and most dem voters don't want another four years of Trump. Justin Amash is doing his best to help with that. He's giving Republicans who don't want to vote for Trump but can't vote for a dem a way out.
  2. It doesn't surprise me that Warren supporters(not all) would gravitate towards Sanders since both are promising free stuff.
  3. This may sound crazy, but what if he's trying to help Bernie.
  4. I wonder if Obama told him that because he knew it was considered to be "Hillary's turn" and the DNC would have wanted Clinton instead of him. I know the general public would have wanted Biden over Clinton.
  5. Could Obama tell Amy and Pete to drop out? I"m sure he has pull with the party still. He should also tell Bloomberg to stop using him in his ads or say he doesn't endorse Bloomberg. Tom Steyer needs to drop out like yesterday. If Biden doesn't have enough black voters to take Bernie down, it will Styer's fault. I'm sad to say that I think the latino vote will help Bernie in Texas.
  6. If there is anyone the media bent over backwards for it was Elizabeth Warren, they just tolerated Biden because he was seen as the most electable and because he was Obama's VP.
  7. Black people absolutely. Latinos seem to gravitate more towards Bernie Sanders and I'm not sure about other ethnic groups.
  8. I thought the idea of Bernie trying to primary Obama in 2012 would have been a bigger deal by now. Right.
  9. John McCain's health was such a big deal and so was Hillary's when she fainted, so it amazes me that Bernie had a heart attack and the media for the most part has ignored it. McCain released his health records but Bernie won't do any of that.
  10. How much does the fact that Iowa and New Hampshire are the first states in the primary cause this? If feels like these candidates have been living in Iowa for a long time.
  11. Would Bernie's supporters be like Trump's and not vote downballot if he isn't the nominee? I never would have thought that democrats would have the same problems that republicans had four years ago.
  12. It's not just rando nobodies, David Klion is threatening to put people on list if they are thinking of voting for Bloomberg. I'm sure this applies to anyone else as well
  13. Oddly enough the 78 year old man who had a heart attack would win the millenial vote over the actual millenial.
  14. I've always kind of thought that if he were hetero he would have been out the race by now. Vox and Salon would have crucified him by now.
  15. I believe most Bernie candidates would have an easier time winning the general than the primary. It ticks me off that a man who's only experience is being mayor of a small city (and a poor one at that) is able to be a top contender for president. Lord knows if he were a woman he wouldn't be.
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