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  1. Brad Carlton reliquary Shelia getting plastic surgery to look like Phyllis Sheila (or her sister, can't remember) getting surgery to look like Lauren Kevin and the chipmunk
  2. Film people on twitter are overreacting to the Spielberg's proposal. All he's asking for is that the Netflix movies appear in theaters for 4 weeks. Disagreement is understandably, but it's overblown. I hate when people say "why don't you make better movies" because sometimes quality doesn't get people to the movie theaters. I bet most of the people who watched Roma on Netflix wouldn't watch it in theaters. I'm not as impressed by Netflix(or HBO) as others are just because it's easier for them to have freedom when they don't have to worry about things box office or ratings. Despite that they make plenty of crap. To be honest, I think one reason people support the streaming services is because it makes them seem cutting edge.
  3. I wonder if that has to do with Best Picture being preferential ballot and people voting for it because they don't like being told what to like. It's so weird, this movie was critically slammed and didn't make much money so it's weird that it got all the awards.
  4. I'm glad he didn't win the Olympics because he (to me) wasn't as well rounded as the men who did medal. I always worry how her(and the Russian quadsters) jumps are going to hold up since I don't think she's hit puberty yet.
  5. Thanks. As terrible as it sounds, I always thought that was why Heath Ledger dying is the main reason he won.
  6. I'm kind of shocked to see Bohemian Rhapsody(and Green Book) getting all these awards and nominations when the film was critically panned. I thought that the association with Brian Singer post #MeToo would have prevented that.
  7. I'm hoping we'll find out that this will continue on to season 9, because the apocalypse and its aftermath should a big deal. I loved episodes 4,5, and 7 but I hate the fact that they have basically abandoned the outpost storyline. I want to find out what the hell is so special about the two teenagers. Too bad about the warlocks, I did like them a lot. What the hell happened to Kyle?
  8. I saw this and thought that it was a C+ pilot at best and didn't deserve the label critically acclaimed. I seriously have no idea what the critics saw in this other than a desperate need for a non-supernatural teen show or they lowered their standards for this type of show. Did Berlanti see the Funny or Die Edgy Archie and not get the joke or did he just want to have an alternate universe Archie fanfic come to life? I had my problems with it, but there was enough good for me see if it improves.
  9. The networks don't have the luxury of making shows with "artistic vision", they have to deal with advertisers and FCC standards. The shows that do end up getting hype, can never sustain itself past the first couple of seasons because the concept is limited or the show burns through so much plot it runs out of steam. If Stranger Things was on NBC, the show would have to be watched on a weekly basis instead of binging, it would at minimum have a 13 episode season instead 8, and it would have commercials in it. The ridiculous scheduling is mainly to deal with sporting events and award shows that break up the rhythm of a season. I will say this, I don't think the networks should just rely on nielsen ratings. They should use nielsen ratings, Live +3, and online viewers to determine the success of show, like Fox did with Scream Queens.
  10. He looks good when he's in solo shots, but when he's next to Mehcad Brooks he looks tiny. It looks strange seeing a Superman who can get his assed kicked by Jimmy(or James) Olsen. He still looks too young, no amount of saying Kryptonians age slower than human will make me say otherwise. I'm still baffled that he was giving this role without having to audition for it, Tyler Hoechlin is not that good of an actor.
  11. lovely_m

    Teen Wolf

    This list seems like utter bullshit to me. If there was a spinoff in the works we would have heard something from a more well known publication. The Beacon Hills one would have just been TW season 7. In all fairness to Sprayberry, Posey isn't the best actor either, especially in season 1. In fact, outside of maybe of DOB, none of the main cast are the best actors, but they were fortunate to get good writing, which Sprayberry won't get. They probably think fans were confused by the story because they weren't smart enough to get their writing as opposed to it making no sense. I'm still annoyed by how they handled the bezerkers and La Loba legends. It's to believe things will be simpler when they have a nazi werewolf, the wild hunt, and the storyline is going to be nonlinear. Corey really didn't get that much development, especially considered to other love interest Hayden. His relationship with Mason happened pretty fast. I'm okay with Corey not acknowledging Scott as the hero of everything, because he gets way more credit for things than he deserves. I think Corey will be loyal to Scott because that's what happens to everyone after a while. Apparently Theo's getting a redemption arc, so ugh. Did you hear Posey "coming out" and the drama that came out of it.
  12. lovely_m

    Teen Wolf

    What spinoff would that be? The only ones I think they'd do would be with Kira, but Mtv made it clear they wanted nothing to do with Arden. Or would it be with the Argents in the past? I might even assume a Liam spinoff, but Sprayberry has looked done with this show since he got there (or he may just be his natural expression). I agree about seasons 1 and 2, but I think season 3a is where they tried to be darker and edgier but fell apart at the end. I thought the fanbase had more of obsession with Cody/Theo than the show itself did. Season 6 seems like it will have the same problems as seasons 3-5, in that they try to do too much. Corey and Mason may get more screentime, but their development isn't really any better especially Corey who just screams token.
  13. lovely_m

    Teen Wolf

    I never thought I'd say this,but good. The first two seasons were the best, then 3 and 4 were pretty flawed but had enough to be enjoyable, and season 5(5b in particular) was just terrible, with little to enjoy about the season. If Liam had not insufferable in season 5 and if I didn't hate his love interest, I would have been open to seeing him and Mason as the new leads. Even Sterek stans are glad they never became canon, because romances have always been one this show's Achilles heel. The was they handled the Sterek fandom got out of hand, but that's the pitfalls of pandering to a certain section of your fandom. Now and days it seems that shows that are dependent on fandoms (sci-fi, fantasy, teen shows) like to portray their casts as one big family so fans can gush over them on tumblr and other social media sites. I'm sure someone will do a tell all book about the shenanigans that happened on this show.
  14. lovely_m

    Teen Wolf

    Actually a vast majority of Hoechlin's stans are gay men and women in their mid 20s to early 30s. Sterek was probably the best thing to happen to his career. While his TW audition was awful apparently he got cast because the casting directors noticed he had chemistry with Posey and Obrien. I'm putting my response in the TW thread because I didn't want to crowd the Supergirl thread with Hoechlin talk.
  15. Oh God, the Hoechlin stans are already annoying me so I shudder to think what will happen when this airs. I fully expect to see manips of Superman!Hoechlin with Dylan O'brien as Louis. The powers that be seem to be high( a little to high if you ask me) on him. Allegedly he didn't have to audition for the role. http://variety.com/2016/tv/news/supergirl-tyler-hoechlin-superman-season-2-the-cw-1201796796/
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