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DAYS: August 2014 Discussion Thread

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I don't think SC is a bad actor. Like it was said above, he's overexposed. His character's fine, orange *ss is up in everyone's story. If they had Johnny and Allie in a scene alone in the park, I swear they would talk about how wonderful Dr. Dan is! I love that Lucas bad mouths him, along w/ Anne Milbauer. I really wish they would chem test those two together!

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I'm so behind in DAYS this week. Tuesday's epsiode:

I thought the Sami/Abi scenes were good tbh. I don't really pick a side between the 2 of them, and I'm glad Abi is fighting back. Kate Mansi has grown as an actress quite a lot, but she isn't stellar. For me, the biggest wtf in this story is the townsfolk basically giving Abi a free pass for adultery, especially when kids are involved. Yeah, Ejami are programmed to self-destruct - that's a given and everybody in Salem knows that, but that is not a reason to ignore what Abi did. It is comforting that Abi owns what she did, else this would be insufferable.

The Will/Sonny fight was good too. Will telling Sonny that he is just a glorified barrista is the kind of bitchiness that should have been in Will from the beginning - Guy Wilson plays the cattiness well. It's a darn shame he is so bland the rest of the time.

Kristen with Daniel again? GMAFB! I was more interested in her talking to a comatose John lol.

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Thoughts on the week that was..

1) I really enjoyed the WilSon argument this week - IMO Guy Wilson is really good WHEN he is given good dramatic meaty material! I enjoyed this week!

2) Also loved the Marlena/Will scenes and Will/T.. I love Will/T's long standing friendship!

3) Sami/Kate and Sami/EJ is golden as always!

4) I really find myself rooting for Abby/Ben.. their little romantic dinner montage being stuck in the supply room was very soap-esque and I loved it. I'm really looking forward to seeing Chad come back on screen and that triange.

5) I also really liked JJ/Paige's talk about her dad - it helps to flesh out her character.

6) I also enjoyed JJ and Eve scenes this week - I'm still waiting for this cougar storyline! I love that they allow Casey Moss to play guitar on the show!

7) I also love that we're finally seeing some movement with Hope/Aiden... it's so time to get over the missing Bo issue. It's time to move on.. for all of us, let's please move on!

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Wed-Friday was alright I guess.

The show is really teasing Stefano returning - I don't really miss hm, but him being so passive and in the background in this storyline is rubbish and only hightens his absense.

Eve and Theresa are great. I'm curious about Beige's father now.

I don't like Clyde - he annoys me and the his twangy slide guitar theme makes it worse. Jordan and Ben may be bland, their father is a soap cliche.

Ben and Abby continue to get great romance writing. Still not a fan of woodblock though.

Her being friendly with Kate and EJ was a total WTF.

If one believes her newfound zen, then it made sense I guess.

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Thurs and Fri episodes were really well done. KD/Eve and JJ really do have chemistry and the singing scene was moving. I'm really starting to accept Guy Wilson as Will; his Friday scenes were his best since he joined the show. Even Sonny perked up. Loved Maggie/Victor. SSH/Julie is just classy and they should use her more often. And I'm hooked on Aiden/Hope. Moving slow as molasses has really been old school soap and was the right choice. But it is time to pick it up.

The only negative is Richard Bloore and his costuming. I had to take an aspirin to quell my headache and vertigo whenever Sami/Kate were on. Those dresses were not only individually hideous but together I though I had dropped LSD.

Why does Abby look like she's walking with a great big cucumber betwixt her legs? Ben's biceps should be under contract. Youza...

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Just watched Tuesday-Friday.

MORE Kristen and Daniel? And why are they playing every scene like they're about to jump each other? Make it stop make it stop MAKE IT STOP.

Team Sonny! Team Sami!

WTF is Hope wearing? Did she raid Jenny's closet?

Eve and Theresa are one of the best parts of the show. And Jen Lilley looks so fabulous.

It's August and Hope is out running in long sleeves? Yeah okay.

LOL at Roman showing up for one 15-second scene with Sami. WTF

JJ and Eve playing guitar and singing together... eeee!

Glad to finally learn some stuff about Aiden's wife. Finally some movement with him and Hope.

Again, team Sonny. Will is so annoying. And his shirt looks like vomit.

T!!! wub.png

Overall a decent week IMO. It didn't feel like a chore to watch 4 episodes in a row.

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Sami: EJ, there was a time when your opinion meant everything to me

I wish they had shown us this over the past two years, instead of pushing this dialogue on us now after everything. Through out the Bernadi and Nick storylines we never saw this, to the point where I firmly feel these scenes never existed in the first place, like...ever. EJ over the past two-three years has been the man who cleaned up all of Sami's messes, that's pretty much been it. He has not been the man Sami has held in high esteem or adulation, that was never shown to be EJ. That line would work more along the lines of an Austin or Eric character.

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