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DAYS: August 2014 Discussion Thread

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JJ is in the middle of making out with his gf, but stops to text Daniel? Whatever

Can we get onto a new day so that Sami can finally get out of that ugly dress? EJ's racecar? Wow, its been a long time since that aspect of his character has been mentioned.

LOL at Kate not being on Team Abby like she was pretending to be to her face

Danial JonASS. I hate that mother--ker. Thank god for Kristen and these:




I don't care if its hypocritical of me, but I didn't draw any pleasure of watching him do this



Cant stand his ass

LMAO at Eve's shade about Jen "she never could keep her hands on a man. Its quite sad actually" laugh.png

Eve: "You don't have a son. You have daughters"

Maggie: "You should remember that since you ran won of them over"

OMG at Eve then insinuating that Maggie was a ho that threw away her child


Sami's such a bitch. I love how she dropped the bombshell that Rafe is still having sex with Kate

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Add me to the list that hated Friday because of Daniel breaking free. I hate Daniel so much, and this just makes it worse. I just don't get the love for him - I can't believe that he scores so highly with focus groups, it's unfathomable.

Eve and Maggie sparring was great.

I care not for JJ and Beige (I love that name) - dull dull dull.

Ditto Jordan/Ben/Clyde. I echo whoever wrote that they are basically telling Billie/Austin/Curtis again, except a personality-free version of the story (although to be fair, Austin and Ben have the same personality). When Kate finally realizes what she has done, she is gonna be livid with herself. (I have to say that "Who killed Curtis?" storyline was one of my favourite storylines of all time on this show. I remember when Vivian carted Laura Horton into the courtroom, it was genuinely shocking!)

Will's plan is stupid and will teach nobody a lesson, will just hurt Sami and Kate. Dumbzzz...

I like that Sami spilled the beans to Jordan about Rafe/Kate, I just hope that don't send her back into that orbit. I think it is safe to say that they won't have time to.

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