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Tyler Perry's 'If Loving You Is Wrong'

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I hope I'm not the only getting some major Charity Rahmer deja vu from Yolanda. This actress is horrible. I am deceased at Ed saying "Oh my god, get yo ass in the house!"

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The actress playing Yolanda is horrendous. She truly is difficult to sit through

Travis....I saw the model playing him as a contestant on Top Model with my mother last week

Miss Jackie is THIRSTY. Its obvious she has her eye on Joey. Did you see her LEAVE the burgers burning on the griddle so her thot ass can jump into Natalie's convo to get Joey a job

Speaking of which, was the boss' daughter, Nikki from Fashion House? Anyone else watch that...lol


HAHA at this goofy clown in tears


ADMIT IT! LOL.....girl bye

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Joey about to get alllllllllll the tail.

I was crying like how it take the neighborhood this long to realize Joey out chea?!

The little boy telling Joey he had to open the door first before he could go inside.

That episode was hilarious and I have no clue whete he found her. I could not stop laughing art her over the top and dramatic gasp about Esperanza.

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I only watch this show because the acting is so bad, it's funny. I just laugh my way through the episodestongue.pngwhistling.jpg

I am also here for Jailbird Joey. That boy must have been passed around A LOT!!!!!!!!!!

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I love how he sounded so different in jail on the phone with his mama compared to being out and trying to sass his mom's dude. He must not have ever liked him, because I'm sure the little brother is the second of her four children so he at least knows the damn man and tried to be there for his mother and family as opposed to his other siblings' fathers.

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Damn they are still fighting!!

Randell needs a divorce his wife. Marcy needs to talk to Brad.

I hope Alex kids don't pick up her phone. Now Alex throwing shade at Brad.

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I'm hoping that Marcy and Brad both complain about each other spouses. They fall in the bed. she end up pregnant too. But knowing them they probably tell the truth to Alex and Randell.

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Ughhhhh can this ho get put on blast already? I can't take this anymore. Brad deserves better.

Now Randell talking about how nice Brad. Brad must wasn't nice when they started that affair.

& it look like Brad might be catching on to the lies his wife is telling.

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I don't want Brad with Marcie though. I don't want to see them change partners like square dancers. Unless they snap Heather's character out of this steford crap.

Hahaha right! But to get he was just never there and I can't stand a foul chick like that.

Joey got a nice body.

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