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Tyler Perry's 'If Loving You Is Wrong'

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I hate when people can give other people advice, when they are keeping dirt. I can't wait until Kelly finds out the dirt that Alex is keeping.

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I hate when people can give other people advice, when they are keeping dirt. I can't wait until the Kelly finds out the dirt that Alex is keeping.

I can't wait til they all find out. Shun her! I want some Scarlet Letter type stuff.

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I still laugh that he'll probably figure it out before anyone else but Brad is doing good too. He's piecing the puzzle together pretty good.

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Just saw it tonight. This show is good to me. Eddie is bae with his angry ass. I can give him something to take his aggression out on. smile.png

Want to This Is Sparta over bae? I just love his voice.

Walk that a** into the house and dream about me, YES PLEASE!

It''s good despite the faults because I damn sure keep coming back for more. I'm intrigued and I want to diss it. I can't win.

Marcie is stupid. She gets all defensive with Esperanza, but detected nothing when her husband was in a shed with her friend. Really dumb.

Hahahahahahaha someone said that on Twitter and it is SO true.

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I can't see a character like Eddie lasting very long, not in his current state. He is way too vicious and angry. Characters like him usually wind up with a bullet between their eyes sooner or later. He admitted to Esperanza that he's crazy and I keep thinking that he'll probably end up raping her or something.

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Esperanza hasn't seen her bf in 3 days and she's standing their calmly talking to his shooter...wtf?

I hope they drag this affair secret out and Alex gives birth to a black baby. The look on everyone's faces will be priceless

I know blood is supposed to be thicker than water but Id be a bit more skeptical about taking in my convict son and then giving him a job at my the same place I work. She's going to lose her job if he screws up and she has young kids to consider

The cop was SO over the top in that scene were he arrested the kid. Telling his partner to pick up his shades, clean them and then left his ass to walk to the station

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I'm trying to think if they're doing s bit of role reversal. Like I get that you're poised he shot at you but to say that her daughter will be fatherless it's going a bit too far. Esperanza just had sucky taste in men.

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Two things Marcie probably thinking, Randell isn't into white girls & her friend won't betray her. Alex & Marcie are friends.

yeah but how could she not smell the sex on them? Like they JUST did it. You'd have to be a dummy to not suspect something Edited by Cheap21
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    • Most networks were thinking about getting out of soaps at that time and Passion was the first that went, then Guiding Light and As The World Turns, then of course One Life To Live and All My Children. The truth is that General Hospital was next to go if they hadn't seen that the replacements weren't doing well (I think NBC ultimately ended up giving up Passions time slot to affliaties, but I might be wrong) and that's what's so far kept the remaining soaps on air. They know if they lift them off at this point they'll not only get replacements doing worse, but also likely affect the rest of the remaining daytime line up negatively. I assume they've figured the remaining soaps DO have a unique audience that won't tune in unless there's a soap on air.
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    • Well I definitely applaud them. Yes, they could have done much much better at least with one of them storylines. But the messages were never lost on me. I was more than touched by Stuart and Lily. @j swift what did you feel about Spike storyline? I remember being so happy they were giving that to one of Erica’s grandchildren.    Stuart portrayal was like a combination of many different types of disorders imo. He represented to me a lot of the fredo Corleone’s of the world. He was so relatable, I saw so many people I knew in him.  I saw some of myself in Stuart, he inspired me, gave me hope too. I’m sure Agnes could have done a better job at giving him a clear illness, I’m fine with the way things played out though. I have a cousin who is kinda special needs(not sure if that’s the right term, my apologies if it isn’t) and he has went on to have many relationships and have children. I don’t believe he’s capable of taking care of himself or the children, but he has them.   I do agree with you, about these missed opportunities, especially with Lily and Jonathan. Do you think every social issue or Character driven storyline is soapy enough, to be told?!     Are you guys excited to hear Wisner Washam new interview?   
    • I strongly doubt  Valentini,  Van Etten and O'Conner know who Conner is. Conner was a fairly obscure character to begin with.
    • Speaking of passions, How exactly did that show get cancelled. I know it was dead last but it did well in the demos they want.
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