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  1. Actually, I think this show might work much better if it were darker. The ratings aren't stellar so maybe darkness and crime would pick it up a bit. Like a modern day "Edge of Night" show (Stephanie's mom does like classic episodes afterall, lol)? Also, perhaps inadvertently, the show depicts a dark city skyline reminiscent of Edge 1980 opening, along with theme music that sounds more "crimey" than soapy.
  2. From what I've last heard, the ratings are still not too good. But I still believe very much in this show being renewed.
  3. It’s grown on me actually. I’ve said before that it feels old-fashioned soapy to me.
  4. Still enjoying this very much. I agree that this show reads like a daytime soap and I think it was probably the creators' intentions to make it that way. Who poisoned the queen bee? That was very daytime soap-like.
  5. Cane in this situation is one thing, but I simply expect smarter and better choices from Traci. She has to feel that pursuing the ex-husband of her late daughter's best friend is both awkward and wrong!
  6. Surely you must have forgotten about Michael Muhney's Adam who DID use sex as a means to an end. RAFE!
  7. By the way, I can't believe that neither myself, nor anyone else has mentioned last night's shout out. Stephanie's gangsta mama watches classic episodes of The Edge of Night.🤩
  8. Taraji P. Henson. Of course, she would have to shed her "Cookie Lyon" persona which I think she could do effortlessly. The bottomline is that Miss Henson has the bad girl aspect down pat, and would slay in the role of Stephanie.
  9. With the exception of a few bad acting moments, I actually like this show. It feels like the old-fashioned, slow-build soaps of the past. Plenty of sex but not a whole lot of camp/craziness a la THATHN or ILYIW. It definitely makes you feel like some shockers are coming though. Rondell is great as the comedy relief character alongside the more serious, uppity characters on the show.
  10. A relatively handsome R&B singer who performed at Washington DC gay pride in 2017, and whom also confessed to enjoying having his backside "tampered with" so to speak. Paul used to be quite a looker, but alas, the aging process and all that?
  11. I've I've heard that Kristoff was really good friends with freaky ass Tank. Has Tank said anything about his passing?
  12. I am thinking that Kristoff's funeral was kept private and it's already taken place. I am scratching my head about the toxicology reports though.
  13. Still no word on Kristoff's funeral?🤨 For that matter, no official cause of death determined either.
  14. The part about him saying "Julian is going to take me for a walk now" is a combination of sad and creepy. Kristoff must've been really😭 out of it.
  15. These photos of him are just beautiful. So handsome and youthful and kinda "boy next door" looking. For me, it just reiterates why this all feels so surreal.
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