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  1. Interestingly, Brooke was a reporter/journalist at one point. This new version does indeed mention a young journalist arriving on the scene and becoming entangled in the mix of everything. I wonder if this character is being modeled after Brooke.
  2. "It's a darker look at things." Phrased yet again. I'm so curious about the specifics of this show.
  3. The attention spans of the overwhelming audience has changed drastically. This is why you don't see very many slow-paced shows anymore. People lose interest quickly, ratings go straight to the crapper, and networks are forced to pull the plug. I remember the old days of primetime soaps. No one was seemingly getting bored with slow-paced Dallas, Dynasty, Knots Landing, etc. Those shows were popular because of their pace and they held people's interest from start to finish.
  4. I just don't think it's going to have much semblance to the original either. The "dark and murderous" history tagline, for me, says it all. Like I said, Pine Valley was not Heaven on Earth, but it wasn't some consistent crime/murder town either. The journalist with an agenda will probably be the one to watch..........and not in a good way.
  5. Based on what I’ve read so far, I’ve personally deduced it to being this: AMC gone from soap opera to crime drama. No lovey-dovey moments. Just dark stories, dark characters intertwined with a few of the originals in a town seemingly turned mysterious/seedy/crime-infested.
  6. "Dark and murderous" history? I realize the town of Pine Valley wasn't heaven, but this makes it sound like it was some crime-ridden metropolis, which it wasn't really. This sounds like an entirely new spin on the show. It will probably be unrecognizable.
  7. Actually, I think this show might work much better if it were darker. The ratings aren't stellar so maybe darkness and crime would pick it up a bit. Like a modern day "Edge of Night" show (Stephanie's mom does like classic episodes afterall, lol)? Also, perhaps inadvertently, the show depicts a dark city skyline reminiscent of Edge 1980 opening, along with theme music that sounds more "crimey" than soapy.
  8. From what I've last heard, the ratings are still not too good. But I still believe very much in this show being renewed.
  9. It’s grown on me actually. I’ve said before that it feels old-fashioned soapy to me.
  10. Still enjoying this very much. I agree that this show reads like a daytime soap and I think it was probably the creators' intentions to make it that way. Who poisoned the queen bee? That was very daytime soap-like.
  11. Cane in this situation is one thing, but I simply expect smarter and better choices from Traci. She has to feel that pursuing the ex-husband of her late daughter's best friend is both awkward and wrong!
  12. Surely you must have forgotten about Michael Muhney's Adam who DID use sex as a means to an end. RAFE!
  13. By the way, I can't believe that neither myself, nor anyone else has mentioned last night's shout out. Stephanie's gangsta mama watches classic episodes of The Edge of Night.
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