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  1. TNT's Claws

    I knew Virginia would be pregnant, but Roller being the father would actually be...................... not so exciting? He's a MAN HO and everyone, including Desna, knows it. Who knows how many children he's already fathered. But Desna's sweet innocent autistic brother Dean? That's loaded with conflict since Desna has already been weary of Virginia.
  2. Y&R: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    Wait! I thought Y&R was conservative! Mariah and Tessa kissing? I can't help but smile. LOL.
  3. TNT's Claws

    It's been called a "dramedy." But crime soap or perhaps comedy crime soap seems accurate to me as well.
  4. TNT's Claws

    WOW! I'm surprised no thread was created for this show until now. Did no one watch? It was pretty good and Niecy Nash was wonderful. This show isn't for the faint of heart though because it's loaded with sex and violence. The pilot ended on a nice cliffhanger and I'm looking forward to more!
  5. Empire: Discussion Thread

    I remember when I pitched the idea on this board about a rival family (with a couple of yall agreeing with me) to go against the Lyons. I'm feeling like Lee Daniels and Co. might've listened and created the DuBois clan. I've liked them so far, and now Jamal quite likely has a new love interest in the form of that dark chocolate sexy crooner who serenaded him in the finale. I believe it'll start out that the DuBois hottie is duping Jamal only to realize that he really does have genuine feelings for Jamal after getting to know him. This sets up that old-fashioned soapy "Romeo and Juliet" dynamic with them falling for each other while their families are duking it out. Just how does Jamal end up landing all of these smokin' guys anyway?
  6. Y&R: May 2017 Discussion Thread

    Do you actually mean Matt Miller (Victor's brother whom I think is still alive), or Matt Clarke (Nick's nemesis who raped Sharon and IS dead)? If it's the latter, then I would've loved the idea of his vengeful psychotic daughter showing up, moving in with Nikki and Victor, and systematically dismantling the entire Newman family as revenge for her daddy's death. It's the kind of crazy that I wish Y&R would try again. This so-called character-driven stuff bores me.
  7. Y&R: April 2017 Discussion Thread

    Kevin wants to get into Scotty's pants. He keeps invading Scotty's love life.
  8. Y&R: March 2017 Discussion Thread

    I think he is temporary, isn't he? He's certainly not on contract.
  9. Y&R: March 2017 Discussion Thread

    Or he worked for some business similar to Rentboy? I don't know!
  10. Y&R: March 2017 Discussion Thread

    I didn't understand Jordan's comment to Hilary either at first. It seemed so isolated and out of nowhere. And then in Friday's episode, we get some information from Jordan's conversation with Lily that he's done some seemingly shady things to make ends meet. Could Jordan's comment to Hilary and his past actions be connected?
  11. Empire: Discussion Thread

    This show is usually painfully predictable, but something happened last night that I didn't see coming. It seems that Jamal's potential love interests know each other. I loved that reveal because it was a good soapy move. I look forward to learning the exact relationship between those two.
  12. OWN: Greenleaf

    This show represents everything that I wanted FOX's Empire to be: Great in depth drama that delves nicely into the lives of the characters along with fair amounts of music that doesn't overwhelm along with steady plots building over the entire course of the season. There will be no quick wrap-ups to the stories on this show, and I'm going to love it for that. Lee Daniels should take note. This is how it's done!
  13. GH: May 2016 Discussion Thread

    man or woman? LOL Revenge for what? For being on the receiving end of Nathan's bitter bullet? Surely Nathan is the person who shot him.
  14. GH: May 2016 Discussion Thread

    Regarding the Nathan/Griffin storyline, I wonder where it's supposed to go? Griffin didn't seem at all interested in getting revenge or justice against Nathan. He even told Nathan that he's a lucky man. Really Griffin? If he's just going to let bygones be bygones, what's the point of this story?