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  1. A relatively handsome R&B singer who performed at Washington DC gay pride in 2017, and whom also confessed to enjoying having his backside "tampered with" so to speak. Paul used to be quite a looker, but alas, the aging process and all that?
  2. I've I've heard that Kristoff was really good friends with freaky ass Tank. Has Tank said anything about his passing?
  3. I am thinking that Kristoff's funeral was kept private and it's already taken place. I am scratching my head about the toxicology reports though.
  4. Still no word on Kristoff's funeral?🤨 For that matter, no official cause of death determined either.
  5. The part about him saying "Julian is going to take me for a walk now" is a combination of sad and creepy. Kristoff must've been really😭 out of it.
  6. These photos of him are just beautiful. So handsome and youthful and kinda "boy next door" looking. For me, it just reiterates why this all feels so surreal.
  7. Great coincidence (MAYBE) with the late Kristoff having two women in his life with the names MIA and LOLA.
  8. KRISTOFF! And not in poor taste IMO. HA! Also, who is Angelica? All I know is that Mia is the name of Kristoff's ex-wife AND the name of that spitfire heffa on the show married to Rey.
  9. I just blissfully noticed something else. Were TPTB thinking of Kristoff when they decided to create two characters bearing the names of one of his daughters and his ex-wife? LOLA and MIA, respectively. Hey, maybe they can name sexy future male characters Julian and Kristoff. I LIKE!
  10. Correct! Yet, there's also the other side of this coin to consider. Sometimes FAMILY are so dogged when they know one of their own IS/HAS BEEN in severe dire straits, that they will leave no stone left unturned when it comes to keeping up with the plight of one of their own. Reading between the lines here............
  11. Look at that smile! Lord have mercy. SMH!
  12. Very sad! Sexy and beautiful man gone too soon! I pray that it wasn't suicide. I understand that he was in a lot of pain because of his son's death, but he had other children who needed him. I hope he didn't just "check out" on his other kids.
  13. Maybe, but I can't quite remember. Either way, adults are at play now. Nate is family with zero biological connections to Neil or Malcolm.
  14. For some reason, the show has chosen to refer to Nate as Neil's godson. He's Neil's nephew via marriage to Nate's biological aunt Dru, but they seem to want to ignore that aspect for some reason.
  15. It really does look silly! Then he's mostly repeatedly shirtless. We get it. They want to show him up as sexy and a pretty boy.
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