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Your Favorite Soap Characters Who are Often Forgotten

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I was just thinking about some soap characters from the past who I loved that are usually forgotten about now and rarely mentioned.

Who are your favorite past soap characters who it seems like nobody else remembers?

Some of Mine to start us off:

Cindy Harrison (Another World)

Georgie Phillips (One Life to Live)

Faith Roscoe (GH)

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For existing soaps:

Leanna Love

Margo Lynley

David Banning

Lee and Gail Baldwin

Julia Barrett

For limbo soaps:

Gloria Marsh

Tim Dillon

Mark Dalton

Brenda McGillis

Wanda Webb

Jason Webb

Larry Wolek

The list for departed soaps would take half the page.

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....I tend to like ones that have some other fans....

But, I have to agree with MrVixen on one...and it's the only one I can think of. Faith Roscoe!!! She was a badass chick! She needs to be brought back from the dead.

Also. Most people forget Trevor "Uncle Porkchop" Dillon from AMC. Loved him too. He got frozen..Frozen porkchop.

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My mind also goes to GH (since i consider One Life a departed soap until it actually goes into production and gets on something.) but the first two that came to my mind was Bobbie Spencer Jones and Audrey Hardy. I think Elizabeth mentioned Audrey semi-occasionally but i never hear about Bobbie. they were two very important characters on the show for several decades Audrey started in the 60's and went to the early 2000's while Bobbie started in the late 70's and went to the late-2000's.

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