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Y&R: Eric Braeden interview

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TV Guide Magazine: We missed seeing you at the Daytime Emmys, not that we expected you to show up!

Braeden: Under no circumstances would I have been there. I think it's a joke. It's a farce. And it has been that way for a lot of years. They make it more ridiculous every year. I don't watch it because they [pre-]nominate from within each show now — some genius came up with that nonsense a few years ago — and it has turned the system into a popularity contest. I'm very glad Heather Tom won. And Bradley Bell. They are decent people in this business. And, of course, Maria Bell, who has done a very good job. But I don't think about the Emmys. You are the one who brought it up. I just ignore it and so do two or three other people at Y&R.

TV Guide Magazine: What are your thoughts on ABC dropping All My Children and One Life to Live? Do you fear the same thing might happen someday at CBS?

Braeden: I guess as long as Y&R remains at the top of the ratings we'll be all right, but one never knows. For many years now I have watched the depersonalization of the people who run this business. It has become more and more corporate and that does not bode well. I long for those days when Bill Bell Sr. ran our show and decided everything. Everything. He had a strong point of view and did not tolerate any kind of interference from anyone and it paid off in a major way. Bill Bell didn't give a damn about anyone else's opinion and nobody tried to f--k with that. Now we have too many cooks in the kitchen and that's become a huge problem. These corporate types had better be very careful because they are destroying something millions of people still want. The audience still loves the idea of novelized stories and watching their characters evolve over the years and the decades. It's a tremendously enjoyable experience for the audience that cannot be replaced by reality TV. In what other medium can you see the trials and tribulations of a Victor Newman or a Nikki Newman or a Katherine Chancellor play out over 30 or 40 years? There is a rhythm of life to a soap opera — a rhythm that makes Y&R very real to people.


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    • Ooof, definitely. DAYS was surprisingly strong from fall 2012-fall 2014. I mean, there were duds -- the Jordan story, early Abigail/Ben, the weird disregard for John, Dannifer -- but there was a lot of good stuff going on. The Brady/Kristen and Nick umbrella stories were highlights in particular. Then Sami and EJ left, and we were left with a huge focus on Serena and that damn elephant statue, plus more of Jordan's crew. Things didn't improve until Josh Griffith took over the following summer, and we all know how that turned out...
    • Linda Thorson (ex-OLTL, Emmerdale).   
    • The Portugal Tourism Board must have a deal with Bravo. How many trips there have these franchises done there? I feel like I’ve seen more than just Potomac and ATL. Kandi is turning UP. I love it. She’s bringing what she allegedly brought to Tamar.
    • wait, really? That's a pretty huge get (imo)! I thought she was pretty set w/ all those GAC movies. I always loved her/thought she was a very charismatic and great actress that managed to be sympathetic even when she was being the worst (lol) and it was such a boneheaded move that GH never locked her down before DAYS scooped her up. I personally thought it was a big loss for the show when she left. My interest is def. piqued. 
    • If that the case then I dont think Kim would help bc she was so divisive the last time. No one liked her but Sheree and she caused more division than anything. Everyone tag teaming her at that reunion was epic though        
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