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  1. The tone of the this show is dark. The fact is there is a wide range of actual values throughout American culture and people play by their own rules in many instances. This still shocks people I guess. This show is dark in tone but with much satire and camp to lighten it up
  2. I agree Completely agreed!
  3. This is important because I just know that one of the main characters will have to be sacrificed in order for the story and the draw of the audience to stay consistent
  4. Enjoying the show, but I still don't know the names by heart except (Cersei- and I agree exceptional actress). I guess when they say it on the show I know who's who though
  5. It's kind of messed up for the show I'm thinking that they offered the epi before it's premiere. I love that Tami's on the show she just turned it up a knotch! So many quotables
  6. This show is fuull of so much "hoodrat in nice settings" drama. Tami Loves how Royce stands up for herself Evelyn talks alot of smack, thinks she's too much, and is slutty but she brings alot of the drama. They are so trashy. But watching
  7. Yes very welll written scene this one to me. It said enough to establish the true character dynamics but put more intrigue into the character fo Cersei for me, who revolts me as the layers are being peeled back but somehow I'm trying to see where she's coming from
  8. lol I have so many books to read it's not even funny. I will add this to my itinerary for the summer. Right now I'm pretty swamped between work and school. TV's just the easier break when I get a chance........
  9. Never thought that I would love this far more than Borgias but it's happening...... Wish I had read the books
  10. wow what a beautiful brialliantly organic scene. everything came together flawlessly inclduing the BM. They were all so amazing and that was enhanced by every element. Every one of them brough their A game to this
  11. Yeah I think Frank's place on the show is wierd. At this point he's written and potrayed in a way where it is known he isn't to be loved (though you can understand why the kids love him and hate him all at the sametime) but tehre's a need for him to be explored and maybe a possibility of understanding
  12. I actually meant to type that it is the same premise however there is are various differences in the writing approaches; which are the differences I pointed out. I don't know why I kept thinking Shameless was a movie, I remember seeing it a while ago and maybe I just caught one epi or something I don't know. Interesting observation, it's interesting how quickly I began to question the character of Steve and embraced Tony's bit of Darkness as soon as the events were unfolding but it is open ended and can go either way that was good writing. That was a brilliant epiphany played out and written, I love that the character of Karen came full circle. I would have more appreciated Karen's ultimate jump into darkness though if the father wasn't written so flatly. I feel like besides the way it was timed and executed, the events leading to the conclusion of the first season for the character of Karen (i.e. her sleeping w/Frank, broadcasting it on the internet, practically isolating herself) makes sense, but the pacing was a bit off for me. I would have understood it, if I saw more of where the father was coming from. I kinda wanted to make my own full decision on the father myself and not have the show tell me who the character is without my interpretation. It wasn't bad, it was just a bit in my face and unsubtle in its developments . Though I still think that father-daughter purity scene was dark, wrong, perverted and brilliant! I so want them to develop the character of Veronica more and I am wondering about the effect of Fiona and Veronica's dynamic with the addition of this mysterious chick with an unclear agenda.
  13. No it adds an allamerican twisted sense of humor to it, the characters are pretty much within the same elments as they are defined on the UK version, but the writing for this gravely differs by the sense of humor, the sense of culture it brings, and it manages to surprise you somehow. **edit**8 I'm not sure if Sheila was apart of the original but J.Cusack rock it in her role here
  14. That left me like . I love that the writers have such a sense of humor though
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