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How would you save ALL MY CHILDREN?

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It isn't terribly realistic to bring back a lot of past characters. Perhaps bringing some back would be good(would love for Greg to come back with that adopted kid and perhaps Vanessa as a good foil for David).

One thing that I would love to see is a story for Opal. I would love for her to take over Myrtle's boarding house. That would give Opal her own thing and be a vehicle for bringing people to town.

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I used to have big ideas. These days I'm somewhat out of touch with the failing show, which seems so limp now except for a few bright spots - Lindsay Hartley, Jamie Luner, etc.

I think Hartley could carry this show as a classic non-core heroine a la Marlena Evans or Laura on DAYS back in the '70s. She's great as Dr. Cara, and with Tad. Just throw her around and let her go on and on. That being said, I'd pretty quickly do the obvious with Tad and bring back Dixie. They need to be paired up or he's perpetually depressed and somewhat suicidal onscreen. Do a big deal with Tad, Angie, and Jesse teaming up to save Dixie from Roy Gardener or something. Let Tad and Dixie reunite, and let Cady McClain, who's much more dynamic now, carry the lion's share of their stories.

I'd put Liza back at WRCW and turn her into a queen bitch again. I think Jamie Luner is doing amazing things there now.

I'd probably put Jack with Erica and leave it alone, like they should've done the last time they got married. I wouldn't mind killing off Ryan and trying out JR/Greenlee. I have no beef with Kendall and Griffin, as I think they have chemistry; it's their story that's the problem. But I might bring back a somewhat deSORASed Charlie Brent to mix things up, and I would want to do a story with a recast Tara Martin gunning for Erica. I'd also bring on a new Laura Kirk for Bianca. Beyond that it's just vague ideas - the Fryes, Jamal, Livia, Nina, a gay Petey Cortlandt, etc.

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I love some of these ideas, especially the gay Peter Cortlandt and the return of Greg Nelson!

I'd put Jack & Erica together permanently and give them a story that highlighted their love, like Jack having prostate cancer and Erica being there for him. She can also be involved in the business world, but I'd rather have her run her own business than Cortlandt Electronics. I'd love for Erica to return to Enchantment and put Fusion out of business once and for all!

Caleb can stay but be paired with Opal. Together they could run Palmer's company and fight the Chandlers.

Without their company, Greenlee & Kendall's friendship would erode and they'd find themselves rivals for JR's heart, but he'd also be secretly sleeping with Amanda.

Tad & Cara should fall in love just as Dixie's lookalike shows up. Hey, if she had a brother and sister she never knew about why not a twin, too?

Greg & Liza in a triangle with David would rock. The return of Marian would make it even better.

Ryan would either die a tragic onscreen death or if the suits at ABC insisted he stay, become a lighter character as someone else suggested. He does romantic comedy fine, so I'd put him in a real triangle with Madison & Scott with each man trying to outromance the other for her heart.

Bianca would be surprised when a re-cast Reese showed up to apologize for her past behavior, explaining that she had a brain tumor that made her act so bizarre, and they'd get remarried.

For added excitement, a fire at Krystal's restaurant would kill both her and Marissa, as well as Griffin & Ricky.

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They should make JR gay, and AMC should be more like the show Queer as Folk. LOL. Have Opal buy KWAK's restaurant and she could become like Debbie. Does Pine Valley have a gayborhood? :lol: Fusion burns to the ground and Erica buys it and renames the company Enchantment. Bianca and Marissa are like Melanie & Lindsay. Petey comes back and comes out of the closet (he's like Justin). Oh, and drag queens, drag queens, drag queens.... there can never be enough drag queens.

Mimi Imfurst joins the cast and is the psycho suspected of offing drag queens at PV's newest gay club.

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/aUZrlmHSZBw?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Kill Ryan


Pat, Nancy, Yvonne & Eugene return









Opal reopens the Glamorama



Bianca & Lily run Fusion



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See I've always had a problem with this. 1)My parents are both cancer survivors, my dad a prostate cancer survivor and I have no desire to watch it happen on screen as well. 2)If this is what J&E are reduced too, then why even go there? One of them has to be sick or dying for the other to stop the games? Until what, they get better and someone else barks up Erica's tree? It's sad to me that everyone someone pitches a J&E storyline it, all that comes up is one of them getting sick. That's not a very creative pool, there.

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I love how the general consensus is that Petey/Peter/Pete would be gay. Mitchel Federan was fierce in the role, and though Daniel Kennedy was great and awesome, it's MF's Petey we still look to for story ideas after all these years. I was thinking he'd be too young to play the SORAS'd Petey, but judging from the pictures on his website, I think he could pull it off. He seems to be more into dance now, though.

Here's what I'd do with the Hubbard family:

Angie gives birth to a healthy baby. The whole family is overjoyed and throw themselves into spoiling the little girl, but their happiness is short-lived as some long-held tensions finally come to light. Frankie and Randi reluctantly discover some serious cracks in their marriage thanks to Cory's scheme, which is largely based around getting Randi to believe Frankie is cheating on her with another woman. Randi throws Frankie's friendship with Madison in his face, but in the heat of the moment, he tells her that if anyone in their marriage shouldn't be trusted, it's the former hooker. Randi is deeply hurt and leaves Pine Valley. Jesse voices his anger at Frankie for disrespecting Randi, but Frankie doesn't want to hear it from him, the man who lied to his wife and son for 20 years. Jesse doesn't want to hear that as he feels the family's moved past it, but Frankie makes it clear that he's only tolerated Jesse the last three years for Angie. Angie just wants everyone to be happy, but all of the stress takes its toll on her, and her mother Pat comes to Pine Valley (in a recurring role) to help with the baby and provide support.

Natalia returns from Philadelphia, proclaiming to prefer Pine Valley's slower pace. She and Brot get back on track and have a generally loving relationship as they take the time to get to know all of the little things about each other. Brot surprises Natalia with tickets to Majorca, and they escape for a week in paradise. After their return, Natalia decides to become a regular volunteer at the Miranda Center. While working there, she encounters a homeless, abused young (white) boy named Ty. Natalia and Brot investigate Ty's background and find the usual broken, poverty-stricken family. Natalia and Ty become very, very close, and Natalia starts to look into what it would take to get Ty out of his abusive home situation. While visiting with the Hubbards, Krystal learns all about Ty from Natalia. It's revealed (to the audience but not immediately to the other characters) that Ty is Krystal's nephew through her estranged sister Sabrina. She finds out where Ty lives and visits his home, but she learns that Sabrina died three years ago. Krystal convinces Natalia and Brot to help her get custody of Ty from his stepfather and stepmother, and after she does, she decides to leave Pine Valley (deciding that her chances with Tad have dried up) to go back to her hometown, possibly to a spin-off series.

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Bring back Skye! The Chandlers is SORELY lacking a veteran to head the family and what better replacement for Adam, than Skye herself. The story I always wanted to see pitched was Adam removing JR and Scott from power at Chandler Enteprises bc of their shennanigans and makes a big deal of a hand picked successor to take over. Everyone wonders who it could be with some big dinner event to reveal the person. We see the high heels of the person walk into the room with everyone's head turning to watch. Erica would go "OMG, it's you!" and everyone is gasping with a shocked look on their face as the camera zooms in and shows Skye's face with a devlish grin on her face. That would be the Friday cliffhanger to reveal her. That would have been perfect last year but the scenario could still work.

She'd be very business savy as she takes control of Chandler and the family, putting them all in their places. She banishes Colby to Siberia to go find herself. Things get heated when she finds herself attracted to David and the old rivalry with Liza kicks up again as Liza has been getting close to him. It would be perfect if they got DC to reappear as Adam for a very limited run to help usher her back into the canvas. Warn her against David (which she of course ignores). I'd love it if they retconned that awful rewrite that made him not her father.

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I've been at the main thought, like many, to break up Romeo & Juliet aka (Rylee)

Have JR turn into daddy, he should get full custody of AJ and leave Snatchalie broken. Stop doing this in between act w/ them, fans don't like them and it's of every bunch, she is like the female Ryass.

There are also rumors of Bobbie Eakes leaving, let her go. The Carey family has been god awful on this show, and have been a waste of viewers time. That's when AMC started dropping.

Jake & Amanda needs to end. She's an incompetent bimbo w/ him. Amanda was such an independent character, very resourceful and vengeful, at a time people thought she would have suceeded SMG's Kendall, now it's just who is she?

Here's my thoughts Amanda/JR/Greenlee, David/Liza/Tad, Frankie/Scott/Madison/Ryan (yes I'd go there), and after the bitter independent Marissa feels for some odd reason JR hurt her again blah blah blah, move her onto Binx but have a recasted Reese or Maggie showing up to take her back.

Kendall and JR need to be friends again, Kendall needs to reject the latino, this is not what Kendall is or would do, she's near an idiot *waits for R Sinclair's pic* this is a Kane woman, write her as a Kane, what is this normal mom on my TV :lol: could you actually see Erica doing that? Erica aleast lives in style while her daughter lives in a cabin.

JR needs to become in between what he was w/ Annie w/ the females fans want to see w/ him. Colby needs Damon in her story, there's no way to get over this, Asher doesn't work, Damon needs to be brought back into Colby's story. Another thing is bringing people that make sense, like Anita (divorced) don't recast her bring back the actress that played her, Bobby Warner also needs to return. There is so much they can do w/ what's on canvas but TPTB are too lazy. Liza! you're not a lawyer! W-RCW that was you. Also have David/Erica interact, at most it'd make fans like her/him a bit more. Rekindle that bro/sis RL that DaLee had too while you're at it.

Who puts a character, think about this. Greenlee Smythe, who puts that w/ Ryan Lavery? longterm? you have characters like Scott/JR/David really you choose Ryan? Greenlee Smythe had the spoiled little rich girl mentality, so did Madison women that were promiscuous when they began, but to water them down, like all the sudden Madison is talking like a ditz, Greenlee isn't doing that, but srsly she has the most potential saveable out of any female on canvas. Amanda would need alot of work but she's a close 2nd. So much more but that's where I'd start at.

Oh and for Frankie, the guy couldn't have gone all his life w/ just Mia, Taylor (although they didn't sleep together) and Randi, write something, an ex. flame of his while he was away returns ala Cara is for Jake. There's just so much we can do. Oh and put Nouri's Caleb out of his misery. Perfect sense Caleb/Marissa/Asher/Ryass/Randi all in an explosion, all 5 die. :wub:

Oh and Chandler boys need to head Chandler Ent. I'm not interested in Skye for this. It's just another character I wouldn't want to see ruined and another family member not on JR's side is not a good thing.

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I also think they need to bring on some SORASed children. There are toooo many legacy kids out there and it bothers me how we always get newbies with no connections when there's a plethora of children who should be adult now that havent been touched. Sam and Maddie Grey, Jamal Cudahy, Max Santos, Molly Montgomery, Petey Cortlandt, etc... Days does a good job of ensuring that the younger set has a connection to the older set. Why cant AMC?

I thought about that and it doesnt help that they are 2 red heads. I thought Luner should have been Skye when she was originally announced. A good writer shouldnt have a problem though and I guess thats the issue

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      I just hate this storyline so much. And I really, really hate when awful people keep getting rewarded for their awful behavior. Both in real life and in fiction. It’s not right. Say what you will about Sonny and Carly, but they’ve at least somewhat paid for their awful behavior. Not as much as they should but it was still more than this. How can anyone treat someone that they claim to care about so terribly? And then just not care at all about that person or what they did to them? Over at Days, I hated it when Ciara did it to Theo and I hated it when Craig did it to Nancy. But Joss is worse than the two of them put together. It’s like she not even human. I find her to be even worse than Carly. I know Carly has problems being a decent person too, but she would never treat the people that she says she cares about the way that Joss treated Cam and now to a lesser extent, Spencer and Michael. And honestly, I want Joss to suffer worse than any person on GH ever has.  I have absolutely no idea what the writers, or Frank are thinking with the way this storyline is being written. And do they seriously think that this consolation prize crap of Cam going to play soccer for Stanford (and Trina constantly reminding us of it) makes everything better? It doesn’t. 
    • I hesitate to post Thompson, who is just a gleeful gossip hound. But this thread is instructive, even if much of it is stuff we all could've told the GOP and the NY Times six months ago.  
    • Sure. They've been sent to live on a farm with other not gone actors where they can run and play.
    • From what I can find, Tim was datie Evie but got a job offer out of town that was too good to pass up and left in Nov 76. No mention of Pam and no reason I could see that a marriage would be mentioned later. I just checked Soap Central and there is an entry stating Evie left town and Pam and Tim were married. Not so.This is not the first false entry I have come across at that site. Someone takes delight at posting false info.
    • She's under Ryan (I added this).  Pam married Tim at some point-- from what I read. If not, let me know.
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