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  1. But what fans should they have listened too? The rabids only wanted one couple and didn't give an ish about anyone else. We already had the Zendall hour, they did nothing for the show. We had the J&E time, they did nothing for ratings. And Tad and Dixie broke up, made up and she kept coming back from the dead more times than I can count. And still nothing. That IMo was listening to the fans. Or make that one who yelled the loudest, had time to write, organize campigns and present themselves as part of the masses. <----I truly believe that fanbases helped get the show cancelled, and they hold a large burden of AMC's failure on their shoulders, or better yet, at their fingertips. You had the fans, actors from other shows, magazine columnists yelling from the top of our lungs how horrible Josh as the unabortion was and NO ONE cared. No one listened. You had Rylee, and while they never bothered me, the fans YELLED and screamed about them, but no one listened. So I guess I don't really understand what they were supposed to listen to us about. We were only ever rabid, hating on them, going against what they were trying to write, or just plain being pains in the asses. What then were we supposed to say and do that would make them listen? Or I guess, what were supposed say that was what they wanted to hear?
  2. I seem to be the only one who actually thinks Tebow is crap. A few lucky plays and a couple of throws actually being made, does not a QB make. And I hate his attitude. He's cocky and arrogant, which he hides (or IMO doesn't) behind all that God stuff. Much of which he rarely used to credit his teammates. I was also getting sick of his Sunday/Monday gospel crap. It's football. When he's done playing he can go to church.
  3. Hopefully someone teaches the guy how to throw a football properly between now and the start of the seaon. Otherwise, it's going to be a looong season for the Jets.
  4. WWEKMNBCCRRMMCMMMd? LMAO I'm keeping that one.
  5. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Tebow!!! (Hopefully the Raiders are smarter than to go near his medicore ass, but I know my luck...)
  6. I think he'd look soooooooooo good in Silver and Black. But if I can't have that, I want him in Denver. Just because I hate Tebow so much and want him to get handed his medicore ass. I think he'd be good playing for a lot of teams, actually. San Diego would do great with him. As would somewhere like Detorit or Jacksonville. But I think he's going to go to a "west coast" team. That kind of offense anyway. He'd be a good 49er.
  7. ^Interesting little fact, to the left of VI's head there's David and Erica cover of one of the mags. After the moved, I asked VI on his FB if he put that back up. He said it got lost in the shuffle and he didn't know where it was. Makes one wonder. How do you just lose [[email protected]#$%^&*] like that? I kinda wanted to go wade through some trash cans. LOL
  8. I just never understoood why no one ever held her responsible for her actions. When she had her affair with David Everyone said she was his victim, but the way I watched it, and the way it played out in my tapes, SHE used him too. Used him and abused him, knowing full well what she was doing. Then when it all blew up in her face, she cried and said big bad David hurt her. UGH.
  9. She should have stayed dead. Yes, I said it.
  10. ^The David/Erica scenes that came on the following show, the "home in your arms" ones...gah. Stupid AMC didn't even give them a real chance.
  11. I'm in a room with only 4 beds, and there's been no one else in there in for three nights. So I basically have my own room. I've met so many people from around the world here. Even a few American's passing through Newcastle (LOL, Newcastle isn't the ideal tourist attraction, haha) I like to think that this big bad, American, has made a few people feel more comfortable about us as people. I was actually telling someone this the other night, how American's and North American's have this idea of what a hostel is. Low class, dirty, filled with druggies and rapists, etc. I've stayed in one in 5 different countries and aside from the noise in one in London, I've had no real complaints or problems. In fact, when I stay in hotels now, it doesn't seem the same. The hostels presented to the American people in movies and what not, aren't what I've seen. Sure there's some [[email protected]#$%^&*] ones, but the decent/good ones are often well within budget and very safe.
  12. ^LMFAO at the foot in a weirdo's mouth. They're cool. Clean. Place to eat. Place to cook. Common room. But this one is the party hostel and there were 45 Irish male and female college students here. Those guys can DRINK. And are nosiey. But SO fun. (I don't really remember getting the hickey's, but I'm sure I enjoyed it immensely, I can remember other things. LOL) It's a cheap way to stay while I'm flat hunting and safe because of the locks and keys.
  13. ^American!!! LOL I just moved back to the UK after getting a work Visa. Found a job, but need a friggin place to live. This hostel is NUTS.
  14. My first day of work in the UK tomorrow. Ack. Still living in a hostel though, cause I can't find a place yet to give me a 6 month lease. Bah. Apparently, I want Ravenbeauty dead and have no compassion because I still say and believe she's a hack, even though she's sick. LOL Some people. You can only ever say nice things about a person if they're sick, I guess. And what's worse, both of my parents are cancer survivors (my dad just finished radiation in August) so I know first hand how HORRIBLE that [[email protected]#$%^&*] is and would never wish it anyone. I have a couple of hickeys from an Irish boy I met at the hostel and went drinking with. Oh lawd, I need me an Irish boy. They make these Brits seem even more like cold fish.
  15. Ugh I try to forget about that or I could never even look at the fool again. Looking back now, I realize how horrible they actually were together. He didn't treat her much better than Jack did.
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