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  1. But what fans should they have listened too? The rabids only wanted one couple and didn't give an ish about anyone else. We already had the Zendall hour, they did nothing for the show. We had the J&E time, they did nothing for ratings. And Tad and Dixie broke up, made up and she kept coming back from the dead more times than I can count. And still nothing. That IMo was listening to the fans. Or make that one who yelled the loudest, had time to write, organize campigns and present themselves as part of the masses. <----I truly believe that fanbases helped get the show cancelled, and they hold a large burden of AMC's failure on their shoulders, or better yet, at their fingertips. You had the fans, actors from other shows, magazine columnists yelling from the top of our lungs how horrible Josh as the unabortion was and NO ONE cared. No one listened. You had Rylee, and while they never bothered me, the fans YELLED and screamed about them, but no one listened. So I guess I don't really understand what they were supposed to listen to us about. We were only ever rabid, hating on them, going against what they were trying to write, or just plain being pains in the asses. What then were we supposed to say and do that would make them listen? Or I guess, what were supposed say that was what they wanted to hear?
  2. I seem to be the only one who actually thinks Tebow is crap. A few lucky plays and a couple of throws actually being made, does not a QB make. And I hate his attitude. He's cocky and arrogant, which he hides (or IMO doesn't) behind all that God stuff. Much of which he rarely used to credit his teammates. I was also getting sick of his Sunday/Monday gospel crap. It's football. When he's done playing he can go to church.
  3. Hopefully someone teaches the guy how to throw a football properly between now and the start of the seaon. Otherwise, it's going to be a looong season for the Jets.
  4. WWEKMNBCCRRMMCMMMd? LMAO I'm keeping that one.
  5. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Tebow!!! (Hopefully the Raiders are smarter than to go near his medicore ass, but I know my luck...)
  6. I think he'd look soooooooooo good in Silver and Black. But if I can't have that, I want him in Denver. Just because I hate Tebow so much and want him to get handed his medicore ass. I think he'd be good playing for a lot of teams, actually. San Diego would do great with him. As would somewhere like Detorit or Jacksonville. But I think he's going to go to a "west coast" team. That kind of offense anyway. He'd be a good 49er.
  7. ^Interesting little fact, to the left of VI's head there's David and Erica cover of one of the mags. After the moved, I asked VI on his FB if he put that back up. He said it got lost in the shuffle and he didn't know where it was. Makes one wonder. How do you just lose [[email protected]#$%^&*] like that? I kinda wanted to go wade through some trash cans. LOL
  8. I just never understoood why no one ever held her responsible for her actions. When she had her affair with David Everyone said she was his victim, but the way I watched it, and the way it played out in my tapes, SHE used him too. Used him and abused him, knowing full well what she was doing. Then when it all blew up in her face, she cried and said big bad David hurt her. UGH.
  9. She should have stayed dead. Yes, I said it.
  10. ^The David/Erica scenes that came on the following show, the "home in your arms" ones...gah. Stupid AMC didn't even give them a real chance.
  11. Ugh I try to forget about that or I could never even look at the fool again. Looking back now, I realize how horrible they actually were together. He didn't treat her much better than Jack did.
  12. Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to post this before I forget (don't have time): I know a lot of people have given up on America/the world, I had for awhile, but that changed last year. When I was at school in England, there was a girl there from China. She'd never met an American, and naturally she'd only ever heard bad things about us. She and another Chinese girl mentioned to one of our module leaders that they understood the American accident better than the English one...he thought it would be nice if myself and the two other American's in the class worked with them. Slowly, as we worked with them, the girl who went from wanting to run from us, said hello to us in the halls, who sat by us at the Politics get togethers. And who last year, at graduation ran over and gave me a huge hug. It didn't matter anymore that she'd grown up hating American's. We were just friends, you know? I like to believe that's how this world is going to change. One person at a time. She probably went home to China and heard all the things she'd heard growing up, but at least she knows that at the end of the day, we're all the same and that we can all work together.
  13. You know, I went to school in the UK. I have friends from ALL over the world. I had conversations just like this, and for as dense as you think American's are, the rest of you aren't nearly as worldly as you like to believe. In fact, I'd say it's people in glass houses trying to throw stones. For every question I missed about something in Europe, the all so brilliant and mighty Europeans did as well. People see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. Oh and this stupid (or getting dumber and dumber) American child (I was educated in our system) went to England and got marks as high or higher than Britions and other foreigners. So throw the stones all you like, but watch out for them when they come back to hit you (and that's general) in the face. For what it's worth, and I don't have time at the moment, I have both a BA in American Public Law (Political Science) and Master Degree in International Politics, with a concentration in Global Justice and Ethics. And I assure you, I can hold my ground and own international politics with the best of anyone. I'll gladly go a few rounds with you if you'd like.
  14. I wish I'd gotten to see more of Erica/Mike Roy. He seems like he worked well with her. But then, I thought Dimitri was perfect for her at one point, so sometimes I question my own judgment. LOL
  15. ^Jack and Anna SHOULD have happened. Walt and Finola had great chemistry, and the characters got along well. Plus, the drama that would have come from their being together, damn. AMC was stupid not to go there.
  16. I always just saw Jack as loving this idea of Erica Kane, and trying their whole relationship to get her to be who he wanted her to be. That never happened, and they'd do their toxic dance. I thought Jack and Krystal had lots of chemistry, and liked the idea of them getting together despite the babyswap. That used to be the kind of thing that soaps were made off. But fanbases dictated what happened and we saw J&E do less than nothing in over 20 years.
  17. They don't care what Susan and Walt think, all they know is that they think they got jipped. I enjoyed J&E when they weren't married, or engaged. When they were struggling to think that's what they needed to do, but knew they fell apart if they did. But then they'd get married and their happily ever after never came and the cycle started all over again. It always struck me that so many headwriters tried and failed to give J&E their happy ending. IMO, that's because they were so flawed as a couple that it just didn't work.
  18. The worst thing about Jack and Erica, at least for me, is that they made absolutely no progress in 20 odd years. None. They ended up exactly where they started. Which is probably why I never understood it. It was the same, boring, mundane, dance, over and over and over again. The same can be said for Tad and Dixie. I saw nothing at the end of the show that said this time was going to be "different", and that's so unfortunate because Tad and Cara had so much potential. I think fanbases helped kill the genre and I always will. The idea that such and such groups were "owed" something lead to the downfall of the show.
  19. David/Dixie had the potential to be something good, AMC built a good friendship there. The problem is, as they started David/Dixie they were also teasing Erica/David still and continuing with Tad/Dixie. Literally in one episode you'd see Tad with Dixie, David with Erica trying to get her to take him back, and then David with Dixie. They simultaneously slapped around three fanbases, and by the time David and Dixie were just David and Dixie, he was dark and obsessed. My favorite scene from that timeframe is at his first LDZ trial, when Dixie and Tad walk in and sit on the prosecution side. And then you have Erica/Bianca walk in, Erica knowing that not only did her drugged her but he'd confessed to drugging the whole boat to her as well, walk in and site on David's side of the courtroom.
  20. ^^Tad was definitely an ass to Dixie during that time frame, but make no mistake about it, as SOON as David and Erica were done (and even before, though David wanted nothing to do with her) she was throwing herself at him. In fact, twice David was trying to get back with Erica and Dixie stopped it. So yeah, the cow got EXACTLY what she deserved. Especially when she was surprised that David lied and was doing criminal things. Ugh. That whole thing disgusts me to even think about. PS. David/Erica were off and running long before Dixie miscarried Bess, not that matters, but still.
  21. ^You might say they do, but AMC disagreed and that's a HUGE part of what went wrong, IMO. Josh was younger than Kendall, but he still should been considerably older than me.
  22. Do timelines matter anymore? I mean really, Josh was 25 in 2006, and I don't care how much SORAS'ing and deSOARSING was done, that storyline was from 1973. It made even less sense when you considered Josh's age. But we're not supposed to follow logic. LOL
  23. I thought that for awhile, and believed it right up until her miscarriage. After that? I never wanted him near her again. There's a scene between them that I'll never get out of my head, and it literally tainted them to me forever. He was marginally better than Jackson, but not by much.
  24. Ugh, there's Dimitri doing what he did best--bitching and yelling at Erica. I can't believe Dimitri and Jack are painted as the loves of her life.
  25. I still just don't get it. Max, you really think it's all as simple as defeating Obama? As putting a Republican in office? We had one of those for 8 years, and he's got a worse track record than Obama. This isn't about the parties, whom are only out for themselves and don't give a [[email protected]#$%^&*] about us, it's about fixing what's broken at the heart of the system. IMO every time control of this country is given to the "other" party...NOTHING happens. Nothing changes. Things get worse, or marginally better. That's because it's not about ideology and that nonsense anymore. It should be about admitting that the system is broken and doing what needs to be done to fix it, and give the America people back some hope. Ugh you don't even know how much I despise party politics. It will be the death of this country. And at the rate we're going, sooner rather than later.
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