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  1. So sad to hear of John Gabriel's passing. One of my favorite descriptions of Seneca, on the show, was from Siobhan. While she was checking in on sick little Edmund at the hospital, she met Seneca for the first time - she then went back home and told Maeve, Johnny, and Mary that "he's a cuddle". Of course, they did not see him that way - but I thought it was adorable. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Newspaper piece from May 28, 1976 After 3½ years of playing "scheming inconsequential o
  2. This is from June 2020 and a commentary written by MacKenzie Allen (Jim Speed) -who spent some time in law enforcement after acting. The Sante Fe New Mexican newspaper https://www.santafenewmexican.com/opinion/my_view/emphasize-the-peace-for-officers/article_bf0cd672-b256-11ea-9754-2b6ff2665193.html ************************************************************************* Emphasize the 'peace' for officers By MacKenzie Allen Jun 20, 2020 I’ve seen racism acted out by fellow cops. It was rare but
  3. Ana Alicia's (Alicia Nieves, Ryan's Hope) bad Puerto Rican accent. Didn't learn until one of the later SOAPnet rebroadcasts, after reading an old 1985 AA interview, that it was a last minute change. Ana spoke about it again in a 2013 Hill Place blog interview - Once she started working on "Ryan's Hope," Ana Alicia encountered some initial challenges with her role, "The weird thing that happened when I read for the role, I didn't read with any accent at all, and I was never told that I would have to have any accent. When I got there, the director took one look at me a
  4. Some of the quick notes I jotted down- Michael Corbett said he was hired for 3 days and then offered a contract It looked like Michael was getting a family but Joan Loring (Michael’s mother- Anna Paval) couldn’t remember her lines. Louise thought she was going to be written out until she met Kelli and then told her husband her job was safe. Nice how much Louise taught Kelli. I recall on the Soapnet forum Rose Alaio (Rose) said the show offered Kelli no help. Michael didn’t really answer if anyone helped him. Michael s
  5. Prince Albert started right away in the new year (198O) and he abducted her mid-March. Crystal Palace opened mid-May. Barry's was run down in late September. Roger pulled a "Frank Ryan" and threw her out after he caught her with Dan Fox. After he had slept with Rae first, which led Dee to be vulnerable to Dan. Roger didn't care that Dan "forced " her to continue the affair, just like Frank didn't care that Roger "forced" her during the Frank/Delia marriage . (Although Frank and Delia's marriage was in a better place at that time, Delia did admit to Father McShane that
  6. Here is the entire article Soap Opera Digest July 19, 1983 "Ryan's Hope" : Long Awaited Return to Familiar Faces, Familiar Dreams By Nerissa Radell In 1974, while they were still writing for "Love of Life," Paul Avila Mayer and Claire Labine began work on another soap opera. "Ryan's Hope," as it was called, was different right from the very start. In 1975, when the show premiered on ABC, most soap operas were situated in fictional American cities. "Ryan's Hope," however, was one of a kind. The Irish Catholic Ryan family, headed by M
  7. Had to search through my old magazines to find this - I recalled this from a Labine/Mayer interview where Soap Opera Digest said they created the Kirklands July 19, 1983 issue "Ryan's Hope" : Long Awaited Return to Familiar Faces, Familiar Dreams Once ABC owned the show, "Ryan's Hope", began to change. "There was a difference in opinions as to which direction the show should take," Paul reflects. "The network wanted a new family on the show," Claire says. "All I have to say this in all justice -- philosophically, it was a viable decision. We
  8. Not Faith & Seneca - but they had a Faith & Jack pairing. TotallyKate, webmaster of TotallyKate! The Official Website of Kate Mulgrew., had bought some notes on the A Rage To Love bible . ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From the old Soapnet forum by TotallyKate A few years ago I happened to acquire from eBay notes about the original casting and storyline for Ryan's Hope. I had forgotten what was in it until I came across it last week when I was looking for something else. In the original bible for '
  9. In one of Nancy's final RH interviews (Having Portrayed RYAN'S HOPE'S Jillian Ryan For Over a Decade, Nancy Addison Says Good-Bye / Soap Opera Digest/ December 15, 1987 ) -- Nancy said her favorites were Jill's bout with amnesia and the morphine addiction storylines. I wonder if it Nancy liked the amnesia because it gave her something different to play
  10. Kathleen Tolan and Helen Gallagher(Maeve) were friends. Helen had Kathleen come in to audition for the role of Siobhan and they hired her to play Mary. According to another message board, Kathleen had a serious problem with nerves and would get physically ill before taping but it was said Claire Labine really liked her.
  11. Wonderful reunion- very pleasant interviews. Was looking for some holiday decor in the actors homes but didn't see any. I had forgotten that Roy Poole (later Neil MacCurtain) was up for the role of Johnny until Ilene said she was sure Roy was going to get the part of Da In an old James Wlcek (Ben) blog radio interview, he had said that he had been involved with Catherine Larson (Lizzie) off camera (and involved with Maria Pitllio [Nancy Don], too, - also said he would never get involved with a co-star ever again after those two) John Gabriel
  12. Liked all the Franks except for Michael Hawkins - and I even got used to him after watching the show over and over multiple times. DHK my favorite. Charming and seemed really made for the good life Rae was offering him (the only Frank born to wear a tuxedo a lot). Andrew Robinson was the most like the son of working class parents like Johnny and Maeve and a good story teller. I wonder how the Rae story would have played out if he had continued in the role. Only seen parts of the others -- Geoff Pierson seemed the most masculine Frank. John Sanderford--a little more goofy maybe.
  13. Probably having a columnist, still describing an actor who had been front burner for two years as a neophytes, didn't do Kelli any favors. Rose Alaio (Rose) said the show didn't give Kelli help or encouragement as an actress. Ellen Barrett was unduly hard on her. I thought they would have had Kim land a role on The Proud and The Passionate.
  14. Chuckled when Karen mentioned Tribute -the Jack Lemmon movie. Catherine Hicks (Faith #3) was in the play with Jack (the following HBO host mentioned the movie had been a hit play first) and the play was the reason she left Ryan's Hope and Karen was hired. Thanks, Carl!
  15. I had put this in the Ryan's Hope thread in September - Ilene Kristen (Delia #1, Ryan's Hope/ Georgina, One Life to Live/ Norma, Loving/Madeline, Another World/Roxie, One Life to Live) makes a guest appearance as a rock star client of Jeff's. Aired March 17, 1980. Ilene can be seen at approx.12:08, 20:14, and 37:52
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