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February 14-18, 2011


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Race and income play such a huge role in daytime. This is why minorities are so under-represented. We've come to the point where the Italians on GH look down right exotic.

This may also be why there has been so little mention of the economy and unemployment. The jobless have little buying power and are therefore of little interest to Madison Ave.

The networks are all about profit. I've heard people say it is racist or wrong to notice any of this; however, I really don't expect to see anything change in the near future. Would love to see PBS do a soap as BBC does in the UK.

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You mean like this breaking news, right?

Diane: We have breaking news coming from Antartica where there's a penguin revolution going on down there. Thousands of penguins marching down the chilly, icy coastline of Antartica fighting for a revolution. Christiane Amanpour is the first journalist to land an interview with the leader of the penguins and we go out to her right now in Antartica. Christiane, what was his mood?

Christiane: (garbled computer audio and slurred, weird speech)

(repeat dumb questions X10)

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