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  1. Chris basically bashed Obama a few weeks ago, as well as have a number of major DNC boosters. I still believe BAM will pull an LBJ and Hillary Clinton will be drafted. Obama is now polling lower than Carter and has not hit bottom yet. Only a strike on Iran can save Bam but this will piss off the anti-Israel left flank. People, today, want a centrist and Clinton can play that role long enough to win.
  2. I have not seen a soap do this in years aside from ATWT with Lisa and I suppose this was probably Goutman's way to stick it to Fulton considering the few scenes Lisa did per month. I'm oddly excited to see ML do Kay on Y&R. I'm wondering if Cooper's health might be in greater danger than reported, and if this isn't MABs long term solution? I'm can't imagine Y&R without Kay; however, I equally can't imagine Kay without La Cooper but, I suppose, the show must go on. ML is a solid actress and it is nice to see her getting some work.
  3. Way! I was socked, too. Herrera was so good looking back in the day. I'm suprised he never landed a more full-time role. He could have been the Victor Newman of ATWT but Dobsons/Marland sort of ruined him
  4. Brenda Dickson looked hot in every picture and, while I like Jess Walton, wish that she still played Jill. Damn, guys had HAIRY chests back then!
  5. I adore the funky groovy 1976 As the World Turns logo. Over the last decade, with retro so in style, Goutman would have been smart to use a modified version of this for the show's title card. Young people would have seen it as fresh, funky and older fans would have had acid trip flash backs. ATWT had such a rich history but Goutman never brought back any blasts from the past or even their children. Fans are forgiving when it comes to recasts and there was so much potential in the show's history. I never realized how radically Marland revamped the show and, in the process, eliminated characters and entire families. I would have rather watched an extended Stuart family or even the McColls as opposed to the sappy Snyder clan.
  6. I loved Brooke Alexander as Samantha and found her to be a perfect cast as Lucinda's sister. She had a stoic, somber tone which matched well with Hubbard. Also, I thought she was very pretty. Was she fired or did she quit? She was hard to match with a male lover. I think she would have come off well paired with an older man like John Dixon. Either an older man or paired with a woman which would not have been possible, sadly, at that time. I disliked the recast and the lack of connection with Geogia was poor writing. I really wonder what would have happened with ATWT had characters like Sam, Connor, Kurt, Frannie and Betsy been retained. Their children would have been scattered across the canvus and the show might have remained a bit more stable. The show had already been gutted by the time Goutman took over. By 1999, the core families and even Lucinda were MIA.
  7. I miss the old sets they replaced in 2007--they looked so much richer than the current plastic digs. I wonder why Goutman felt the need to redo sets?
  8. The one thing about the 1980's and ATWT was that so many great actors came and left with quick speed. It was as if the show was always looking for that next great thing, a break away star, and this lead to the show having a bloated cast. I almost feel like TPTB were looking for a new direction for the show and, when one idea didn't work, story was dropped and something new began. I know all soaps have done this but ATWT seemed to do it more. Imagaine if TPTB had just focused on building up famiies on canvus? For example, done things to make the Stewarts and Hughes families more solid. Also, I still miss the McColl's and think dropping them was a mistake. Chris Lablanc would be the star of ATWT right now.
  9. Funny...must have been four or five at the time but this is the first episode of ATWT I can remember. Lisa found her husband dead and my mother remarked something about Fulton being back.
  10. is looking for another writer for an indie soap

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      Have you found that other writer yet?

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      Saving ATWT

      I never check this profile page. No, been working on other projects and have not been thinking about it.

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