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OLTL: Discussion for the week November 8

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Haha, IA with this synopsis of last week: Link

Monday, 11/8

- I love these Cramer Women at La Boulaie scenes. Someone (Jean Passanante, cough) is seriously trying to reestablish the true vibe of the Cramer clan. Too bad Langston, the fake Cramer, has to be involved. But at least her presence has been somewhat lessened in recent weeks.

- When Dorian announced the Cramer meeting was about Langston, I mistakenly got my hopes up that she was going to throw her out of the family. "My darling, you are simply too jejune for this family." Hopes dashed.

- Okay, the Ford family reunion is not doing it for me. I'm rather afraid that OLTL has gone and created yet another two-dimensional, melodramatic, mustache-twirling villain with whom the viewers cannot sympathize or relate in any fashion. Why waste a name actor on such a role? Why create a role like that at all? Oh, right - to try to make us root for the Ford triplets. I feel manipulated. And that can backfire because I may just start rooting for Eddie to beat up his sons. And that ain't right. But they are on my nerves.

- Ethnic Emergency Alert: Today, Inez magically became a Latina character. So the Ford boys are... Latino? Meaning, the Ford boys are... "minority characters?" Okay, great - then can we get rid of the sad remnants of the Vega clan and call it a day?

- Wow. Eddie physically assaulted one of his sons on his FIRST day on the show? Great, they've already painted him into a corner. Next.

- I loved watching Todd, Tea, and Dani make the rounds and touch base with everyone in town regarding their party. How rare to see characters do so much intra-show traveling. How refreshing.

- I really do feel manipulated by the writers regarding the Ford newbies. Every time there is a Ford scene now, we're expected to be in suspense: Will Eddie beat the poor Ford boys up? Will Bobby step up and be the hero Langston needs him to be (pass the brown bag)? Will Inez save her sons and redeem herself? I'm sorry but I'm honestly just not interested in any of the above.

Tuesday, 11/9

- Jessica is the most pregnant woman I have ever seen in my life. And she's not due until February. Wink, wink.

- Starr is so DUMB. She thinks Cole will "get off" and "come home" with her? What is she smoking and where can I get some?

- I really wish Viki had been in the scenes where Natalie told Jessica about the things Marty said.

- Am I the only person who has been wondering to himself.... "Is Kelly Cramer a lesbian?" No... seriously.

- I cheered the judge on during Cole's hearing. Starr was being ridiculous. Cole is lucky he did not receive the death penalty.

- Why did Cole react as if he was shocked and upset by his sentence? He signed a freaking confession. What did he think would happen? Dumb ass. Cole actually seems like he kind of wants to go to prison. Makes you wonder.

- Marty's bombshell that Natalie had the amniocentesis was so good...and it wasn't even the end of the episode!

Wednesday, 11/10

- Since when is the steam room not unisex? Haven't we seen mixed gender scenes in here several times? And how can Kelly possibly not know if it's the men's or women's steam room? Wouldn't there be a sign? And wouldn't it be accessible through the dressing room? Personally, I think Kelly is stalking Rex.

- Gigi is exactly the kind of American tourist that Parisians would roll their eyes at.

- The Starr/Cole break up should have been SO nuanced and complicated. It should have been Emmy-reel material. Instead, it only proved why they needed to break up and why Cole needed to leave. I'm sorry, but it was bad. Cole should have struggled to say what he had to say. But Brandon Buddy just said everything matter of fact, with generalized emotion. So much was missing here. Buddy's final performance was like a rainbow made out of only one color - gray. It made me sad.

- HOLY SH*T ALERT: John just told Natalie to "SHUT UP" like she was a five year old. Now this is vintage Jolie.

- So Kelly realizes she is in the men's steamroom...then decides to stay for another half an hour.

- I am prepared to make a verdict on the Eddie character: It's a fail. They should have made him seem like a really nice guy...who snaps and hits people. When will they realize that cartoonish monsters are not interesting?

- Where is Blair? She didn't go to Cole's hearing and she wasn't around to support Starr when Cole was leaving. That's not like her.

- I'll miss Markko, but this last visit felt pointless. And Lord knows he is better off far away from Languid.

- I liked Fierce Momma Inez today. I mean, I don't really like her, but I kind of did today. I don't know, I'm confused. Ask me next week.

- Eddie, upon seeing Inez, says, "The years haven't been kind" to her. Huh? She is the mother of a guy who is at least 25, and she looks 35. How have the years not been kind to her? If anything, they've been too kind.

- The Starr/Cole flashback montage was nice. It made me sad. I couldn't believe how different Brandon Buddy looked a few years ago. It shocked me, really. The only thing I didn't enjoy about this montage was the ultra-cheesy song.

- I actually wish they would have shown some other Cole moments in the flashback - not just gooey Starr stuff. I wanted to see the Matthew car accident, both beat downs with Todd, and the drug withdrawal. Just snippets to remind us of everything the character has been through. You know we'll be seeing Cole well before ten years is up.

- No Marty/Cole goodbye? That's too bad, really.

Thursday, 11/11

- Ooh [!@#$%^&*] - Vivian caught Marty in her office. Note to Vivian and all soap opera doctors: You might want to consider a couple of things. One, have your office in an office building instead of in the actual hospital. Two, try locking it once in awhile. Three, ever heard of security cameras?

- Well it's about damn time Blair paid attention to Starr. But I was actually hoping Starr would be a little angry with Blair. If Blair hadn't brought yet another psychopath into Starr's life, chances are, Cole would not be in jail.

- Gigi has never been so annoying as she is in these Paris scenes. What better way to highlight everything that is bad about Gigi than to show her in a Parisian cafe, punching a beautiful woman just because she had the balls to call her out. Why does Gigi speak like a baby and hit like a boy? Is she supposed to be Betty Boop on steroids or something?

- Shouldn't Blair feel a little guilty about what Starr is going through? Blair didn't take any of the blame for Eli? And why have the writers never wised up and had Blair go to therapy? She needs it probably more than anyone on the show, aside from Todd. But Todd wouldn't respond to therapy. I think it would really help Blair understand herself better.

- As for Kelly wondering whatever happened to her old, fun self: Amen, sister.

- Viki is downright obsessed with Echo. Like, OBSESSED.

- The Clint/Echo scenes are amazingly delicious. But I'm surprised Echo hasn't considered going to Bo to help keep Rex out of jail. I mean, Bo is the police commissioner.

- Blair didn't go to Todd and Tea's party? Hmm. I guess she signed up to be Starr's mom for one day.

- Added benefit of Markko and Cole leaving the show: Starr can move back to La Boulaie - where she freakin' belongs.

- Kelly Missal is a good singer, but this is just cheesy.

- I can't believe Kelly shoved her mouth onto Rex's mouth the way she did. That was aggressive. Okay, maybe she isn't a lesbian.

- Evil Marty is my hero. It's time for a huge Marty/Blair public fight, where Marty is actually a bigger bitch than Blair for once.

Friday, 11/12

- David Fumero is back to his post-lobotomy style of acting. He and Farah Fath together are like the worst couple I think I've ever seen. I'm not even sure they are trying, though.

- Dorian to Ford, regarding Langston still having feelings for him: "Did you put something in her drink?" No, Dorian - when are you going to realize that Langston is STUPID and unworthy of the Cramer name? I wish Dorian would divorce Langston.

- James is boring. Right? Is it just me? He's just a boring nice guy who says all of his lines the same way. Yes, he's cute and likeable. But he's boring. He's like the next coming of Cristian Vega.

- Viki is getting a little broken record over Echo. She needs to be more up in Jessica and Natalie's business, and she should be involved with the Marty/Natalie feud.

- First there was Party Marty. Then there was Mommy Marty. Now we've got Hot Mess Marty!

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I saw Monday the 15th's ep live, but I just watched DVR'd Friday the 12th's a few hours ago... Rex and Kelly are SO much alike (they would be perfectly cast in Twelfth Night), I'm beginning to think that Clint knocked up Melinda too. :ph34r: We've never gotten the real deal on Kelly's dad unless I missed something.

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