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Something very interesting that I picked up on when I watched an episode from November 1986. Frannie Hughes, while in London, was having a conversation with a PhD candidate in child clinical psychology, Dr. Hildebrand whose focus, among one other speciality, was autism.

I wonder whether this was there earliest reference to autism in a daytime soap?

The quality of this episode is poor, so, at times it can be hard to make out some bits, here and there but Dr. Hildebrand was definitely clear on autism.

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Normally, I avoid these gossipy blogs and vlogs but I actually recognized the subjects in this particular video. When the host described the situation as a soap opera and then proceeded to yell "Soap opera music!" And OMG, guess what theme music was used at the :22 second mark??

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Actually, the music begins around the :16 second mark.

My God, he's petty though!

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Well, count me in as someone who had no idea that Hensley sang.

The men on the show didn't often sing as much or as often as the women did. There were a few exceptions, like Bob's duet with Kim at their wedding reception. This seemed to be in contrast with some other '80s soaps that had seemed to have their fair share of singers (Michael Damian, Rick Springfield, Jack Wagner).

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On 11/18/2021 at 11:10 PM, allmc2008 said:

Marland's typewriter is shown here.


This is a similar model on ebay


The Lily paternity reveal in the barn looks hilarious without dialogue...Fichtner's reaction looks like it came from a silent movie (of course, the Snyders and their barnyard incest antics were my least favorite part of the show...)

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54 minutes ago, j swift said:

I know Richard Backus from Ryan's Hope and For Richer or Poorer wrote on ATWT (per IMDB), but I was under the impression that he played Jason Benedict, the guy who Iva married - is that false?




ANOTHER WORLD             Ted Bancroft             1979

RYAN'S HOPE                     Barry Ryan         1980-81

BARE ESSENCE                Alan             1983

AS THE WORLD TURNS        Dr. Russ Elliott   1984-85

                                   Attorney Karl Eldredge           1991-93



Agent  Jason Benedict   John Hutton        89      

 [District Attorney; tried to prosecute Paul Stenbeck; later married Iva Snyder]

                                       Jonathon Hogan   92-93           


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10 minutes ago, j swift said:

Much appreciated @slick jones, I wish your thread had its own tab because it is should a valuable resource and so much more specific than IMDB


Do you have info on his ATWT characters?  Was Karl related to the other Eldredges?  Was Russ involved with Iva?  And was Richard Backus a writer or is IMDB incorrect?

 Karl was Scott's lawyer cousin. 25 mins in.


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