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Bravo's The Real Housewives of....


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21 minutes ago, Gray Bunny said:

Brandi is saying what we here have been dishing for years... 

Sounds like to me someone who didn't mind being used is not getting a diamond to me.



And yet she wants to pick on Camille who does it so much witty and classier?


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RHOP >>>>>>>>>>> Everyone else


Know that!


Tonight's episode was Housewives classic! From T'Challa attacking Wendy, to Karen shading Gizelle's fashions, to Karen shading Gizelle about Jamal, to Karen calling Wendy out, to Wendy v. Ashley... Just Heaven. Get's no better than this. 


I get pissed over the fact that RHOP doesn't get the ratings that it deserves. 

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Yeah, I converted my cousin to love RHOP so we are always clowning about it every Sunday. And I figured she could use more laughs since she just had a daughter. I am just sad that thanks to me her daughter has Gizelle as her new middle name.  


But I'm working on converting her into a Karen fan. I hoped this clip did it.

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Candiace must have felt great with Wendy taking the heat from the ladies off of her for once. 

I don’t think I’ve laughed harder, or rewound a scene as many times, as T’Challa attacking Wendy, with the other ladies cowering together in a corner (and Candiace frozen with a fork in hand for self-defense). 

They are really milking the anticipation for the Michael Darby revelations. They were shown in the previews last week and again this week. (I suppose they’ll actually air next week.)



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