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That was it? Pathetic. 


The Dorit housewarming party was nice, light fare. And it was pretty obvious Kyle knew that Brandi would be attending the party with Kim. She is not a good actress. Dorit, on the other hand, is a blameless party. She looked both shocked and pissed. I liked that her ending scene was her proclaiming she was fine being an island unto herself. She came into her own this season. For once, Dorit wasn't chasing the pack. She was fine being herself. And I like that Dorit a lot. 


I loved Faye's sequin jumpsuit. She looked amazing. I always remember the late Vanity Fair columnist really liked Faye from his interactions with her from the OJ trial and I can see why. She's charming.


Sutton came dressed like a tablecloth at a Mexican restaurant. Someone needs to steer her away from Dolce & Gabbana - they are doing her no favours. I love that she has the kind of money to secure a private plane. That diamond had better be hers for the taking next season. 


Garcelle looked incredible in that red dress. She was a wonderful addition to the show. However, if she decides to not return and just stick with The Real, I can't blame her and I will miss her. I am so glad the show actually acknowledged her marching in the Black Lives Matter protests with her boys. That is part of the reality that these shows are sorely missing.


Kyle did basically nothing this episode, as she has all season long, except being an a$$hole to Denise, and I really do not see why she deserves to be on this show anymore. She does nothing. She isn't interesting. Even her pandemic footage shows she's a basic dumbass doing Tik Tok videos in her Encino living room like the stupid privileged sow she is. 


Rinna is, in my opinion, a bad person who would spit on the ground and drown her own mother in it if it meant another moment of fame. Is she really that deluded to think she's been at all a decent friend to Denise? If she can be manipulated this easily she should check that she isn't made of play dough (well, we know the lips are silicone injections from the 90s gone awry...)


Erika contributed almost nothing this episode. And I had to laugh that Covid-19 torpedoed most of her Broadway run. Like, it's so absurd the ways this pandemic has impacted things big and small. You almost have to laugh that even the pandemic couldn't spare her Broadway run. While the ending tag said that Erika dazzled critics, I prefer this TripAdvisor review titled "Erika Jayne is a dumpster fire":  https://www.tripadvisor.ca/ShowUserReviews-g60763-d143361-r738898462-Broadway-New_York_City_New_York.html


There's probably another cast member to comment on, but whoever they are, they must be wholly forgettable and unworthy of even a moment of screen time, which is about as much as the Bravo editors ever seem interested in giving. Which speaks volumes. Time to free up some of that budget.


Which brings me to the Denise Breaking the 4th Wall Paradigm that has haunted this season. The producers seem very problematic on this show, stoking fires that don't need to be there. That producer speaking to Garcelle, in particular, bothered me. He seemed to personally hate Denise. 


And then the scene toward the end with Rinna and Denise...lord. That friendship is over. It was clear at the lunch between Garcelle, Dorit, and Rinna that Rinna started to gun hard for Denise and start building the narrative that Denise was going to play the victim, which I can't say she has, not even once. What Denise has done is been smart and managed her exposure on this show.


Once Denise knew that production was feeding information to Rinna, actively working against her, Denise was done. Who can blame her? 


That's what the producers/Bravo/the Coven doesn't seem to realize: the public will be behind Denise because everything she's done is what any of us would do faced with the same circumstances. This franchise is DOA next season if they don't basically wipe out Rinna/Erika/Kyle/Kyle's Stalker and focus solely on Denise/Sutton/Dorit/Garcelle and some new women. 

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@DaytimeFan about to sit down to watch it. And it sounds like I am about to get heated. So Producer came out again to block Garcelle.


Sounds like that teaser at the end of Episode 1 is the OPPOSITE of how this season is ending.


So...production is just getting revenge on Denise a la Scheana with that editor over on VPR this year as well. Interesting. 



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I made the mistake of watching the finale. What a piece of sh*t. IT was worse than I imagined it would be. They so wanted to have a Brandi/Denise showdown but Denise wouldn't give it to them. They even had to pull a producer out to try to gaslight Garcelle. Boy the producers and Bravo just don't get it. Lisa Rinna's act is beyond. I have lost any regard I've ever had for her. I can't even look at her. She disgusts me so much. She has no shame or guilt for what she participated in. Ugh. 

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OOOOOOooo...she ain't angry, trick. BUT I sure am.


So...basically this whole season was a setup. And once Denise...smart cookie that she was...figured it out and turned the tables, the producers decided to do whatever they could to SLANDER her. Slander. Slander. A whole company. Now I have to wonder if the cease and desist have more to do with this than just the Brandi rumor. Could it be that once Denise figured it out, she might have sued everyone for that very thing. Slander. Again at the time (and even Stick Figure Fake Face said Denise was doing this re: court for 14 years) Denise was in court again with Charlie Sheen, the producers decided to do what they could to damage her case. Again...things to make you go hmmm. Bravo has definitely proved this year they are not above making someone look bad in bad lighting (I mentioned Scheana earlier...Hannah on Below Deck Med being a druggie when she's not). So petty. And worse because it goes THAT DEEP. So THAT'S what the editing hiatus was REALLY ABOUT. And just want we saw now...Kyle knowing since she is a producer. Producer blocking Denise in Rome. Producer trying to turn Garcelle against Denise tonight. All of this because she has basically outmaneuvered you. There's bad lighting going on. But it's not on Denise. She played her hand well. 


It does make me worry for the reunion though. Given that Denise is the one to call him out, clearly Andy is probably in on it as well. And if he is, he can burn. I also wonder what the papers Denise have in the trailer for the reunion was when she allegedly walks out. I doubt it was over what Fake Wig Hag Trick said about Aaron. But I wonder what receipts Denise brought.


So...I will give it this much. I felt that finale was well paced.  It is a shamed they could not do more of that this season. According to Twitter (and I hope it will be shown in the Lost Scene Episode confirmed to be shown end of September), there was ANOTHER party we missed post Kyle show. Everyone was there and it looked like everyone looked breathtaking, too. Glamourous even. Not low rent Encino. 


Since I don't know where to begin...but where I know I DON'T want to begin...


KYLE. There might have been some people who were surprised that Brandi was at that party...namely Dorit and Garcelle...but you ARE NOT ONE OF THEM. It has been clear the wheels were set in motion when Denise called you out. And if you didn't try to set her up, people would realize how off Mo was. More importantly, they would ask questions. And nice try, trying to bring back up 'your' clothing line in the last episode. It's a shame you could not focus on that. She thought she would be the Queen only to be upstaged. Again. And Kyle always will be upstaged. I do feel the damage has been done. After working BTS for years, Season 1 Kyle came back out...and got checked. The only thing that saved her was production interference. It was clear some producer told her how she was looking. But I will now take that a step farther and suggest the other producers also told her they were on the outs with Denise and it was best for her to use her 'hide the hand' techique to help them while protecting herself. I do feel it will backfire because there has been so much 4th wall breaking moments this season that fans cannot unsee the REAL Kyle. And every move she makes should be met with skepticism.


ERIKA. Honestly? Irrelevant. So much so all she can do is side comments like a kid. And like a kid, I can simply ignore her until she needs the switch to the butt. Next.


GRETCHEN WEINER. I am laughing at you. No matter how many gowns you wear, no matter how many fake tweets you do, and no matter how 'messy' you think you are being...FETCH...IS...NOT...HAPPEN. 


DORIT. Right now...other than Sutton, Garcelle tonight...and even Denise's update at the end...the only person still bringing love and glamour. And she's been giving looks all season, but the Goth in me saw her dress tonight and was just in awe at how beautiful she looked, how she moved, and how she had come such a long way. And the sneak peek running around online of her vs Sutton at the forthcoming reunion where she OWNS and APOLOGIZES to Sutton about how she treated her at Twig's children's event shows real growth. It was like she sat back, took stage of how she looked, and really wanted to work on doing better for her. And it showed. She was a WINNER this season for sure. And it was also clear she was genuinely shocked that Brandi was at her party.  PS. Loved her v.o. update and Phoenix's cooking show. Be an island, dear. A fashionable one at that.  


GARCELLE. I felt all of her reaction were real and in the moment. Basically how she has been all season. Her dress at the party was breathtaking. And I loved that while she owned being hurt and confused by how Denise was acting, she was still ride or die for Denise even with producers trying to whisper in her ear. I heard she took a picture with everyone and cropped Brandi out of the picture. Boss. A solid addition with a storyline already set up for her if she chooses to return next season...THE TAKEDOWN OF FAKE HEFFA HAMLIN'S MISSUS. And I would be HERE FOR THAT. WINNER.


DENISE. Oooooo...you played your hand well. Very well. Now, I am not sure of how truthful Brandi was about texting her she would be at the party. However, it was clear that Denise figured out she might be there. Again, that made me wonder if maybe Denise already was thinking cease and desist by that point or that they were already in motion and send off and she knew producers would come gunning for her anyway they could to make her look back. But she played it smart, upsetting their plans. And we all saw what happened...those heffas had no story among them, but that nasty rumor. And then the next day, she did the right thing, but talking to people she trusted...Dorit, Garcelle, Sutton...and apologized. The fact she did show up for the meeting with Garcelle I feel supports what I said about the producers gunning for her. Thanks to that YT video from that ex RHOA producer who explained some tea about Porsha in Season 10...we know that each producer has a specific HW they follow. Perhaps one of the producers we saw already was going to be there and Denise did not want that. Thus, why we see her apologize to her REAL friends off camera.  


So again...this anti-Denise is the whole production then. If true and I feel it is...I would say unless something happened or there is a twist...it looked like a hostile work environment...something Denise could use. And might be using as I type. And as someone who has been in hostile work environment...until HR or IA investigate, she still had to go to work. Thus, I liked that Denise called out her 'friend'...that Rinna chick. I liked she ignored that fake acting over the phone...and acted a bit herself. And then when she basically had the producers' puppet in her face, Denise did what the puppet could NEVER do...Denise OWNED SHE LIED. She also put RinLips to the friendship test. If that heffa would have only acted like a REAL friend, I felt that scene could have went different. But...Lisa Rinna FAILED the friendship test. It was written all over Denise's face in that last camera frame. I know that look well. That friendship is DONE. She saw Stiff Dancer for who she is now, but she is a strong enough woman to be a woman and defend herself while putting producers on notice. And no matter how the Puppet tried to gloat her (oooo, you so angry. Of course she is...she lost a friend of 20 years...a friend with not a relevant thing going on at that...she is human. Unlike you apparently), Denise did not rise to the bait. Game. Set. Match going into the reunion.


Whether the Brandi thing happened or not, Denise...if she is leaving the show...is doing it with head held high. And her dignity. Which I feel she is if she is currently filming a new tv show in Spain btw. On top of B&B. She definitely has the right parachute. 






How about you give people back Lisa Rinna? You know...the woman with the lips who had them made for talking and that's just what they will do? Have you seen her? Cuz this...thing...that was scared of lasgana at Dorit's? I don't recognize her.  Sitting trying to stir the pot. Trying to turn friends against each other. Trying to ambush people Lisa Rinna called friends. Trying to talk about owning it? Well, my response to that:


9 Former 'Real Housewives' Stars Who Need To Return To The Franchise


You know? The one who is not living with you and mentioned it ON CAMERA. But you don't want that to get out. I don't care how dark one's life gets. That does not excuse being a sucky person. And don't make me get that Lauren Conrad gif out on your flat no dancing backside either. I have never been so furious with someone since Kary over on RHOD. You are fake. You are phony. And a hypocrite that can't OWN her own sh*&. STFU. Regardless of editing, I hope Denise gets you all the way together. With some time passed now (and probably btw why they filmed the reunion early so Denise didn't have more to use against you), I am sure Denise is going to attack you like a woman scorned.


You deserve it.




A few other things...




So Nene might be regretting leaving? Good. I am sure that SLC promo did not help. 





So D'Andra said they are going to address Brandi's video mocking Asians this season.


Really? But you couldn't do that for LeeAnne. Really?


Speaking of which, STOP trying to Single White Female her. Thanks.

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And yes, I sooo didn't like she is the 'face' of RHOD. Ugh.



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@DaytimeFan , your post is literally *chef's kiss*   Thank you for posting that epic TripAdvisor review ("awkwardly shaking their boobs at each other for an excruciatingly long time" LMAO). Thanks also for highlighting Vyle's IG stories. Her promotion of mask-wearing etiquette kind of undermined by that non-socially-distanced post-Reunion party she threw for the Coven!  



Early on this episode, the following monologue between Rinna and the Boring One transpired:

Rinna: "Clearly Denise has not been honest. [...] I'm torn because I would like to be a good friend for her and I don't think I've been a great friend, but now I go 'You know what? Maybe I have been a great friend and you're being a shitty friend.' And she's going to have to take responsibility for it. You make your bed, you have to sleep in it..."

BAT: "Yeah.... uh huh... yeahhhh."

Rinna: "And sometimes that bed is f*cking filled with nails and snakes."

BAT: ....... 


This sh*t is something out of a Donald Trump fever dream. The concept that, if you don't like reality as is, you can distort the narrative to make it into the reality you do want. And suddenly it's no longer your fault, you are the victim, and it is the other person's fault. And because it is their fault, they must be punished! Rinna's ending sentence is so nuts that even BAT was like "wut".


When did Rinna's soul up and quit her body? This empty vessel keeps cosplaying LVP with her reunion look. Cosplaying Kris Jenner at Kyle's auction. Cosplaying Yolanda the Momager. Cosplaying Big Kathy Richards with the daughter dating So-and-So's son. Cosplaying a crying human. As @chrisml said, she is beyond


As for Dorit.... I get the Dorit love now. Dorit can see that the Coven is going down in flames. She is reserving judgement on this mess and that is very, very smart. We are also witnessing the dying days of her marriage with PK. They sit miles apart, and he seems antsy and uncomfortable in his own skin. Mentally, they seem on two different continents.


@Taoboi does a pretty convincing analysis of how production has been setting up Denise all along. IMO merely getting rid of the Coven is only a partial solution to BH's problems -- the production team was problematic last year, too. It needs to go. 


I still think Aaron is angry and controlling and a stored up problem-in-waiting for seasons to come, should Denise return to the show.


One last thing. Seeing Kyle's slow realisation that hobgoblin Brandi showed up but Denise didn't (thereby robbing Kyle of springing that ugly trap and then smirking that Denise was 'running away from the truth again" when Denise inevitably walked out) was 

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Honestly, I get why people want Ramona gone, but she is such a perfect HW I understand why they keep her. I personally don’t mind her or how she treats people. From a tv standpoint she works. Especially if Jill returns Id want Ramona to be around. 

Now as for Beverly Hills, that was watchable but a mess. So much was cut from the season and it was edited to be centered around Denise. Based on the Rome episode and this one, you can tell that producer Chris didn’t like Denise and was biased against her. How did Kyle know she had filmed with Camille? Why was he trying to get Garcelle to talk [!@#$%^&*] about her on camera?


Also, why is it a big deal that she missed two events? The season was predicated on her “stopping filming” in December, but what they leave out is that they ALL stopped filming in December. They did a pick up in January of the girls going to see Erika because that’s when she debuted and it was to tie up her story. In the end we see she really didn’t impact filming, she simply refused to be around Brandi which is understandable. If you go back, Kyle and Rinna (and Garcelle) all missed events. Never have they been required to appear at every event. 

You could tell by the Rinna/Sutton/Garcelle scene that Rinna was realizing the fans likely wouldn’t be on their side and that’s where the upset came from. I’m not sure if Denise will be invited back, but she should be. Despite leaving early and missing some events, she CARRIED this season. There is no reason she had to be the focal point of everything to “earn” her diamond. Erika and Teddi were FRIENDS. If you wanna talk, let’s talk about why they still have jobs. Let’s talk about why the first 3 months of filming was condensed to 3 episodes. Let’s talk about why there were 16 episodes when New York filmed less and had 21. This ensemble needs WORK. Garcelle and Sutton were wonderful additions, but they need to get rid of the dead weight (Teddi, Erika) and give it another refresh so the show can have more than one damn storyline. Honestly I’d fire Rinna as well. Teddi/Kyle/Rinna have too much power with producers and it’s become obvious they’re controlling the narrative. That needs to stop. 

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