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Daytime Emmy Reels


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I actually thought it was adjusted so the half hour shows could submit the equivalent of the one hour shows, hence B&B (and I believe PC) could submit 4. I don't think they could necessarily do that in the acting categories, but in writing, directing, and best show, I'm pretty sure it was allowed.

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Link to complete list of Lead Actress, Supporting Actor and Best Directing nominated episodes:


Lead Actress:

Jeanne Cooper, Y&R, episode# 9009, airdate 10/27/08

Susan Flanney, B&B, episode# 5395, airdate 9/11/08

Susan Haskell, OLTL, episode# 10311, airdate 11/12/08

Debbi Morgan, AMC, episode# 9811(?), airdate 2/18/08

Maura West, ATWT, episide# 13382, airdate 10/24/08

Series Directing:

AMC, episode #9982, airdate 10/17/08

DAYS, episode# 10763, airdate 02/15/08

OLTL, episode# 10281, airdate 10/01/08

Supporting Actor:

Bradford Anderson, GH, 6/5/08

Jeff Branson, GL, 12/19/08

Van Hansis, ATWT, 6/10/08

Vincent Irizarry, AMC, 11/3/08

Jacob Young, AMC, 10/23/08

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At Gold Derby I got picked to judge Writing and Younger Actor so I'll post my thoughts after I view the tapes. One thing that shocked me was hearing just how bad Alicia Minshew's reel was. I never thought she was a great actress, but as much screentime as she gets, I'm surprised she didn't have a meatier reel. Maybe she was right to submit in supporting. It seems more obvious looking at those reviews that many of these nominations came solely off of shows bloc voting together.

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