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Huge Scoop Ryan/Kendall

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Don't kill the messenger but I read this on the abc board stating it came from Soap Opera Digest

I don't have a quote but this is what the poster said they read:

From what the poster states, Ryan and Kendall are called to identify Greenlee's body, see her wedding ring, confirm it's her, and go home and in their grief, have sex.

First of all, why isn't Jack identifying his daughter's body? Why do they confirm it by a ring and not her face, and does Kendall live by grief sex?

Lastly, does anyone else feel that David Hayward sets this up for people to believe it's Greenlee and it's not. Pratt did say they would never find her body, right?

Added this to post that Proteus posted that the R/K scoop is true and it's in the new SOD that came out today.

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and HA!

Not that I really want to see this, I just can't wait to see the Zendall fans squirm. I know thats mean, but oh well.

I would like the David twist - with setting this up - but the Rendall sex, eh. I'm surprised David would do this to Kendall and Ryan - he doesn't have that much beef with them....right?

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