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  1. Why are they killing a character that isn't even on screen? And rocking the Forresters? She's a Spencer.
  2. Her being his mother is ridiculous.
  3. MS also trashed YR when she went to GH and even said how she and Billy talked about how better GH was behind the camera. I don't blame the YR cast for not wanting her and her mess back.
  4. GT's Phyllis was watchable. MS ugh. Her obsession with JM and behavior behind the scenes with throw bts in turmoil. Great job YR!
  5. They could have done a Phyllis and put her in off screen coma.
  6. Ron would just take him out of spite, to show he can & is better.
  7. Just what GH needs, more plots for Sonny.
  8. They should have wrote her off with Adam. Just go on the run.
  9. Happy for her return. Pretty sure she had left for personal reasons. She was in the middle of being a foster parent. She basically said when she left that she'd return.
  10. I'm excited for this. They never should have been shelved for the Katie and Liam stories.
  11. He gives long answers and explanations, but I liked it. There have been be some weird transitions on-screen over the last several months He knew Dena's stories was bad.
  12. 5 fanbase wars I think is really over exaggerating. Back to same old Liason vs JaSam one with probably the same people, other than that who else? Franco&Liz? And who else? I think GH realizes DAYS has a lot of returns coming up with RC taking over and they'll try and pull something.
  13. Eric seems to like the crazy. Quinn's too sane for him now, time to move onto a crazier extreme Sheila who threatened to kill and almost killed most of his family.
  14. Sad to see a long time character like Kevin go.
  15. Chad & Theo makes me think it's not Rafe.
  16. This Abby story would work better if Adam was on canvas, because they could unite as the outcast siblings. Lauren has an issue with Sharon? Yet wanted her son to date Phyllis? Really?
  17. This is nuts. These kids are younger than Faith. If Lily & Cane's kids are teens, Faith should be in College by now then.
  18. Also the length of a rehab stint. If she had never left DAYS, they tape so far in advance nobody would have knowd for 6 months and she could have been back.
  19. They need to recast. I agree it's a business, they can't keep putting it on hold for her.
  20. I think this is DAYS last chance for ratings & turn it around. RC does have a good track record for getting the ratings up. I hope this doesn't mean though yet another casting cut blood bath.
  21. They're getting rid of people for the same Brooke/Ridge & Liam/Steffy never ending cycle? Pierson I think will choose to leave soon. He's filming a movie & probably will try to spread out.
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