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Loath as I am to agree with the burn it down crowd on anything, Feinstein needs to step down from Judiciary. She's had a long and distinguished career and unlike those nuts I'm not trying to oust her from the Senate outright - there are male fossils far more decrepit than her - but there has been a sustained push inside the actual Dem Congressional ranks to remove her from the Judiciary role even before these messy Barrett hearings began, not just from the hair on fire leftists, because they feared she isn't strong enough to handle the role, and it should happen. We cannot afford another four years of hail-fellow-well-met chummy bipartisan Senatorial cliches from 25 years ago, not with SCOTUS and such standing where it is now. These people want to wipe us out and they would've if Trump hadn't been such a blithering incompetent. We have to take the gloves off.







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Messing up a question like that in a farming state is inexcusable and it just might cost her some votes. Farming is literally life for many people in Iowa.

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^ That's for sure.  Many people in Iowa who aren't farmers now are very proud of having grown up on a farm or in farm country. These two are really duking it out on the airwaves. I never hear an ad for Biden or Trump, but we get back to back radio ads for Ernst and Greenfield. Today there were three ads in a row.  We get the ads from Iowa in Omaha because we are so close physically.

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I didn't bother with either of the town halls, but seeing so many extremists attempt to move the refs by treating Savannah Guthrie as if she is Morton Downey Jr (RIP) is really something. They have no shame. The spin is already going in full motion that Trump had a hard time while Biden got a pass. 


Seeing all the rage toward Dianne Feinstein (I do think she should have retired but as much as I despise Lindsey Graham and these sham hearings, nothing she has done has made any negative difference) reminds me of just how high the expectations are among Democrats while Republicans can do whatever they want. 


This sums it up, in a lot of ways.



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