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Edge of Night (EON) (No spoilers please)


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Thanks for the Fran Sharon/Ed Kemmer article. I really liked Fran and thought she did a good job in portraying the fragile Cookie. I thought she was cute too. Not too many women can pull off that haircut. I remember Ed being on Somerset but don't remember much about his character. I remember him better from As the World Turns.

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Ed played Dick Martin, an attorney, on ATWT. I mainly remember him because Dick was Joyce Colman's attorney when she was trying to get custody of Teddy from his adoptive parents. Joyce was one of my favorite characters at the time.

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After Ed Kemmer was written off The Edge of Night, he joined the cast of As the World Turns. Also, Alan Nourse had played Roy Cunningham on The Edge of Night. He too was killed off, and he began on As the World Turns as Otto Martin, father of Dick.

Ed Kemmer was also on The Secret Storm too. I did not watch the show, but I imagine that it was in between The Edge of Night and As the World Turns.

He was later on Somerset in the premiere cast. After being killed off that show, he played briefly on All My Children as someone's doctor (either Anne Tyler or Erica Brent).

When As the World Turns expanded to an hour, he re-joined that show.

On As the World Turns, he was usually paired with Lisa. When he first joined the show, he worked for the District Attorney. He was later in private practice. He, of course, was an attorney.

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