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16 minutes ago, ChitHappens said:

This is me...

I fear the nastiness that would come Emma or Leylah’s way if they won a Slam so young in this day and age, but they seem likable, confident, and well-adjusted (for now). It would be a great story if either won. I don’t expect it, but it would be cool.

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38 minutes ago, Fevuh said:

I'm happily surprised - I don't know whether it will hold or not, but I'm kind of shocked that Fernandez is in this match, just checked the score.  I really thought she would get blown off the court.  

Svitolina has made some adjustments in this second set. Will be interesting to see what happens if this goes to a decider.

However this shakes out, I admire the guts of these young women. They’re not getting flustered out there.

They’re just going about their business. Very professional.

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Oh my god, it’s 5-5 in the tiebreak and Leylah hits the forehand winner that hit the net to get to a match point. My heart was pounding!!  Throughout periods of the match, she looked so tired but she was able to pull it together to finish off the match.  So happy for her.  What a fantastic match to watch. 

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