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Leylah!! What a great match to watch.  That second set was phenomenal.  So many fantastic shots between both players.  This teenager has fight! Down against Naomi, down against Kerber, and just fighting the last two sets in both matches.  She just took down two champions in back to back matches to reach her first grandslam QF.

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That’s what I’m liking about this U.S. Open. Even when the pundits or some of us have given up on these younger or less experienced players—oh, they should have closed it out in straights, the veteran will prevail if this goes the distance (Botic vdS), or they couldn’t possibly beat two champions in a row (Leylah)—they haven’t given up on themselves.

They’ve shown a lot of FIGHT and problem solving, which is fun to watch. 

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21 minutes ago, Soapsuds said:

Its the crowds. I don't see it happening otherwise.

Totally. I hate the USO crowds, especially in the early rounds or when an American plays, but it definitely makes a huge distance.

And I must say Angie often is frosty at the net when she loses (understandably, champions hate to lose, but not always very sportsmanlike), but it was a nice gesture for her walk around the net to give Leylah a big smile and a hug. She seemed to really respect Leylah, clapping at some of her more impressive shots. And I’m sure Angie was flattered when Leylah said she’d been inspired by Angie as a lefty.

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