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The Tennis Thread

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My favourite Grand Slam is here!! I love it because of the night matches. Hopefully we'll see a lot of 5 setters that end around 12am. :)

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Wimbeldon is my fav.

But I agree, I love the long matches. However, I need to find a player that I LOVE. I thought Roddick might be it, but he's not. Ever since agassi left, there has been no one to really root for. I think I watched almost every match of his. acn you imagine his & Steffi's kids playing tennis?

I love Sharpova though & I love Federer to a point. & of ourse the Williams sisters. They dominate!

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Same here, Tish. There's not one player that I LOVE watching like I did watching with Agassi, Sampras and Graf.

Right now, I do like watching Sharapova and Federer.

I never really liked the Williams sisters, but after Serena's Wimbledon match, I started to like her a bit.

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Johnny Mac & Jimmy conners were the best matches as they always fought with the umps. I loved it. But there isn't tht many rooting players. Roddick is good too, but I just don't feel him like the players of the past.

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I love the US Open, mainly because the matches are actually at reasonable times. Federer is just insane! I love my Andy Roddick though. Yum :)

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I watched some of Federer's match today & he was on fire. He won in straight sets & it was good game. There were some other matches, but none like his, he was good!

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I love tennis

I've been to the Canadian Open in Montreal last month and saw all the players that was cool

I'd love to see Frank Donevich do well

I also like James Blake, Bagdatis and Gasquet

On the women side I like Venus, Ivanovic and Jelena J

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I am a big fan of Tennis. Andy is about to play. How bad has he gotten? His game hasnt improved. I cant believe he just said he has another major in him. What!!!???? Hello...how about trying to be #1? or #2? Instead of crappy #5 and dropping!! Andy's backhand sucks and so does his volleying. He hasnt improved on those two shots especially that horrible backhand of his. :rolleyes:

I am pulling for Djokavic!!

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Andy Roddick needs to do well in this tourney and I'm praying he shows up with his A game and he uses it ALL the way through rather than choking at the most critical point in the match.

Andy Roddick could be #2 or even #1 if he FOCUSED and did the things he does best at a consistent rate.

However assuming he doesn't pull thru for me theres always good old Roger Federer.

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