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  1. Agreed. Although I could watch Jessica Lange & Angela Bassett read the phone book and eat it up. I LIVE for Fiona and Marie working together.
  2. They didn't say she was dead. Madison mentioned they hadn't found all the bodies and one of the girls asked if they wanted to go to the morgue and they said no. I suspect we'll find out what happened to Queenie in the next week's episode.
  3. John Brotherton (ex-Jared, OLTL) is in The Conjuring. He plays a local cop.
  4. I think the show's success has more to do with Tyler Perry's large fanbase. They are loyal and will watch ANYTHING he produces.
  5.   Never underestimate the power of Tyler Perry's fanbase.
  6. I guess I'm in the minority because I didn't like it. I thought the writing was horrible. Tika did a good job with what they gave her. I don't get why Candice has to use sex as a weapon. She's smart and in law school there are plenty of other ways for her to get back at the rich folk. Her character reminded me of Sanaa Lathan's in "The Family That Preys" angry and bitter for no reason.
  7. I LOATHED Fitz going back to Mellie. Fitz finally grew a pair and now he's back to square one. I love Olitz but I don't think I can deal with more back and forth. I don't believe they will ever be over but I don't know if I can deal with another season of the back and forth. I figured something bad was coming because they were so happy. Oh and I officially hate the term "gladiator".
  8. I don't think Malina is going anywhere. There is still a lot of storyline potential with David. We have to get the backstory as to how he and Billy ended up working together, whether it was something he was forced to do something he wanted to do if he'll end up blowing things wide open etc. As far as Foley he's only a guest star so yeah he might be back next season but who knows for how long.
  9. I figured David was the one working for the mole. OPA ruined his life. As much as I wanted to buy his forgivness act I knew he was plotting revenge. As for the mole I had NO idea. That was a surprise and a disappointment. How long has it been since we've seen Billy?
  10. LOL! Agreed. The ONLY reason I'll watch is because of Tika.
  11.     One of the best episodes of the show. I enjoyed getting to know more about Huck (a wife! a kid!) and the twist of Charlie being the one who let him live. I'm glad Olivia and Fitz finally talked. I don't think anything will change but it was nice to see them discuss their issues.
  12. I've never seen a man so uninterested in a BJ LOL! Fitz is no joke. He wants those who betrayed him to PAY. I think Oliva got the worst of it. He was wrong for chasing her down, blowing her hair back and dismissing her. The cold shoulder was working fine (I can't remember if they made it clear they hadn't seen each other in 10 months) but he had to stick the knife in and turn it. No clue who the mole is...I want to say the new guy but that's too obvious right?
  13. Me too! I'm glad she realized she was worth more than a throwaway story. She has been working non-stop since leaving.
  14. Word! It makes me smile when I find out black actresses/actors soaps had no use for end up becoming successful in primetime, movies etc.
  15. Just to add Tika has a role in the upcoming Tyler Perry movie A Madea Christmas. Also, she's going to be a regular on a new BET show with Gabrielle Union called "Being Mary Jane" **back to lurking**
  16. Balls of Fury - it was decent. The lead guy is pretty funny, but it's one of those movies you can wait until DVD to see.
  17. Talk To Me with Don Cheadle. Great movie.
  18. Little Children. Really good movie.
  19. I watched Pan's Labyrinth this morning. What a great movie!
  20. I agree with your picks. I can't wait for the finale.
  21. I can't stand Larissa. I was hoping she would get kicked off but since she was part of the winning team she was safe. She's always ready to fight someone and she obviously hasn't learned anything from Charm School. I was cracking up when Shay made her look stupid during the debate.
  22. Goldie is my favorite and I hope she wins. I felt bad for Darra. They knew they were wrong for chosing her as the model. Cristal needed to suck it up an be the model as much as she goes on and on about it. It was her time to shine and she dropped the ball. The feathers on her eyes and feet were a hot mess. I'm sorry if I were Darra I wouldn't have agreed to be the model. I can't wait to see Mo'Nique get on Bootz next week. She's annoying.
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