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  1. I love this tournament, I would love to see Jankovic win on the women side As for the men, I'd love someone new Either Gasquet Tsonga Fish But I still love my Djoko!!!
  2. I want new blood in the men semis except for Djoko!! I'd love to see Bagdahtis, Gasquet I was hoping for a big tournament for Raonic
  3. Who I hope to see win Men : Djokovic Women : Jankovic Who will win Men : Federer Women : Clisters
  4. So glad Roger is out, go Novak!!!
  5. I love the u.s open I want jelena Jankovic to win on the women's side I want Richard Gasquet to win on the men's side (I know long shot) or James Blake (even tough he beat my Canuck) I love underdogs, please I don't want to see another Venus, Kim, Roger win And Novak
  6. I'm rooting for Venus and Novak!!!
  7. I love tennis I've been to the Canadian Open in Montreal last month and saw all the players that was cool I'd love to see Frank Donevich do well I also like James Blake, Bagdatis and Gasquet On the women side I like Venus, Ivanovic and Jelena J
  8. Oh razor, I totally agree Tracy is the best character on daytime period. I've loved her for the last 20 years and I hope she gets a storyline of her own soon
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