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As soon as Serena lost the first set she was done for....

You could see just how tired she was emotionally from that first set. Even physically she looked sluggish at the beginning of the 2nd Set. Her mom's face spoke volumes as well to me too.

Serena could have easily won that set if not for a few idiotic mistakes on her part. She gave a great performance though in that first set....the stuff of legends.

I'm guessing Nadal is going to advance so I'm off to bed.

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Wow Andy Roddick played almost perfectly last night against Federer....

In retrospect this match kinda mirrored the Serena Williams/Justine Henin match the night before.

Anyways Roddick has nothing to be ashamed about. He played Federer hard for a long time and just got some unlucky breaks. However that new coach of his is AWESOME. A year ago that match wouldn't have even been close.

I firmly believe that Roddick can definitely beat Federer now anytime anyplace.

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I missed the match but yay, Justine!! She totally deserves after between both Williams sisters back-to-back. Oh and I just her backhand......it's so good.

Tomorrow's men's finals should be very good. Djokovic beat Federer just a few weeks ago, but it's not going to happen again.

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The umpire that was at the end of Serena's outburst will be officating at the Australian open, will they cross paths?

She did umpire at the Medibank tournament in Sydney but weren't on the same court at the same time.

But I do have to say WTG Serena on her return comment to a reporter at a press conference when he asked her about how her anger management was going (or something to that effect) she asked him how his writing was going.

Who do you think will win the first Grand Slam event of the year.

On a lighter note Roger Federer organised a fund raiser for Haiti on Sunday.


OZ OPEN fans had an early fix and helped raise more than $200,000 for the Haitian Earthquake appeal with a celebrity exhibition between the world's stars at Melbourne Park today.

Doors to Rod Laver Arena swung open a day early and visitors who had lined up from early morning packed into Melbourne Park.

The match had been hastily pulled together after World No. 1 Roger Federer convinced fellow players to stage a mock tennis tournament in aid of the stricken earthquake victims.

Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Lleyton Hewitt, Aussie Kim Clijsters, Novak Djokovic and Andy Roddick wowed the stadium with their microphone-amplified antics.

Former Australian Open champ and commentator Jim Courier as chair umpire added to the fun.

Fourteen thousand fans had flooded into centre court and hundreds more were happy to watch the action on the big screen in Garden Square.

Each was delighted to pay just $10 to see up to six of the most charismatic and certainly the best tennis talent in the world.

Another $20,000 was raised by tin shakers with Maria Sharapova also kicking in $10,000 of her own after learning of the exhibition fund-raiser.

Federer was delighted with the outcome, espcially given the logisitics of pulling the match together on virtually 24 hours notice.

He called players himself and the numbers grew. "I am happy it was such a wonderful event,'' he said.

The father of two said he had been touched of the plight of the tens of thousands of victims and had been following the story of tragedy on the other side of the world from Melbourne.

When the same players face off on court this week, it will be back to business.

But for Melbourne's tennis fans, it was a brilliant opportunity to see the stars of the game all on court together

Hmm I think this would have picked up anything that was said lol. (Wonder if her mother knows that she went snowboarding yet).


Hands up, who want's to be Kim Clijsters here.


Somehow I don't think that "Triples" will take off.


Here is a link to other photo's


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