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  1. Nadal will need to pull something out of his shorts, if he is going to make this last longer than 3 sets.
  2. Henry is so funny in these matches
  3. I just wonder had that Semi been Barty v Collins just how much the Aussie crowd would have given it to Collins. Looks like heat policy will come in again 103 right now with it expected to get to 111 before the cool change comes through, an uncomfortable 91 overnight.
  4. Waiting for the day, for when they suspend play due to the player screeching lol.
  5. 3m agoJanuary 24, 2019 Joe Barton Play has been suspended for wheelchair matches due to the heat. And close to being suspended for all other matches. Currently 39 degrees or 102F, Expected to get to 84 overnight with a high of approx 105 - 110 tomorrow. TO update 5m agoJanuary 24, 2019 PLAY SUSPENDED Joe Barton IT'S officially too hot to play. The tournament referee Wayne McKewen has officially deemed that the head stress scale has reached 5.0, meaning play on outside courts is suspended and the roof of Rod Laver Arena is to be closed. Petra Kvitova and Danielle Collins are waiting in the shade until the roof is fully closed, which should only take a few minutes. All play on outside courts has been stopped. Gee reading the updates, someone is not happy at all. 2m agoJanuary 24, 2019HIGHLIGHT Collins fumes as roof closed due to heat Joe Barton The heat stress reading has hit 5! That's a suspension of play on all outside courts, and it will lead to the roof being closed on Rod Laver Arena. A smiles comes over the face of Petra Kvitova, because this will certainly advantage her now. Collins was thriving in the heat, and she's probably the only person at Rod Laver Arena who not happy about that one. There's a huge cheer from the crowd, but Collins
  6. Back at the Tennis and watching the Cilic v McDonald game. My 3rd day will be Friday my time.
  7. Question. When I upload my photos from the Aussie Open and I make the album public, I would be able to share the link here?
  8. Watching Anderson live, it is pretty warm out here. Thank god for the shade.
  9. Checking in from Melbourne Arena formerly Hisense Arena, first up is Kevin Anderson. Gonna be a hot day. May do some Facebook Live.
  10. From our daily paper. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/tennis/andy-murray-confirms-he-will-retire-from-tennis-at-wimbledon/news-story/be78861a27f681042e2532974ceff4bf Andy Murray confirms he will retire from tennis at Wimbledon Leo Schlink, Herald Sun 11 minutes ago Subscriber only Andy Murray concedes the Australian Open could be his last tournament after outlining plans to retire. The former world No 1 fought back tears as he revealed he has decided to quit the sport because of chronic hip soreness. Struggling with the pain on a daily basis, Murray said that while he could well call time at the conclusion of his Melbourne campaign, he hopes to make it to his home grand slam at Wimbledon and end his career in front of a home crowd. The Scot, 31, broke down emotionally when asked about his fitness after barely surviving a practice session with Novak Djokovic yesterday. “Not great,” he said before excusing himself and leaving the interview room. When he returned, the dual Wimbledon champion and US Open winner said: “So I’m not feeling great. “Been struggling for a long time, I’ve been in a lot of pain for probably about 20 months. “I’ve pretty much done everything I could get my hip feeling better. “I’m in a better place than I was six months ago but I’m still in a lot of pain. “It’s been tough.” Murray agreed the Australian Open, where has lost five finals (2009-10, ’13, 15-16), could be the last of his astonishing career. The baseliner said he could still “play to a level, but not a level I’m happy about.” Murray told his team during the off-season of his plans to bow out at Wimbledon. He said he could undergo further surgery this year but that would be to help him post-career. Murray is due to face Roberto Bautista-Agut in the first round at Melbourne Park.
  11. Seeds for the Aussie Open https://ausopen.com/news-media/seeds-are-set-australian-open-2019
  12. Can he be any more of a flog, so hoping I don’t get either one as a match at the Aust Open. https://www.foxsports.com.au/video/tennis/tennis/bernies-bizarre-match-point!713740?nk=4746b5d1a76db1af7b3533ed5ca529c9-1547015724
  13. Got my three day ground pass for the Aust Open. Now hoping that I watch where I walk and don’t end up in the hospital.
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